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Ethiopia is the second-most populous African country and one of the oldest countries in the world. Some of the oldest traces of human life can be found in Ethiopia. As such civilization kind of has some of its route from the country.

As an African student there often no much opportunity to a good education which is why the WSF team have put together a list of Ethiopian Scholarships to study abroad. 

Various college-base Ethiopia Scholarships and Grants are available for the students of Ethiopia and other countries worldwide. These Ethiopian scholarships are available to pursue international education and also for higher education in Ethiopia or Abroad.

Thus, this article informs about various offered scholarships for Ethiopians and other international students to study abroad or in Ethiopia respectively.

sometimes it is difficult to find scholarships specifically for your own country, that is why we  have put together this list of Ethiopian scholarships

1.Makerere University Full Mastercard Scholarships

Makerere University entered a partnership with MasterCard Foundation to offer scholarships to 1,000 academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to study at Makerere University from 2013 to 2023. This is a project worth US $ 20,989,965.15…APPLY NOW

2.JFUNU Scholarships for MSc in Sustainability Programme for Developing Country Students

The Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU) Scholarship is available for outstanding applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance and who are admitted to the Master of Science in Sustainability Programme at United Nations University – Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)…APPLY NOW

3. UEA International Development Scholarships for International Students

The University of East Anglia is offering one full fee scholarship for international students towards Masters Degree courses offered by the School of International Development…APPLY NOW

4.Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program 

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at Japanese universities as research students under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2017 as stipulated below…APPLY NOW

5.Westminster International Fully-funded Scholarships for Developing Countries

The University of Westminster is inviting application for scholarship awards aimed at aiding the tuition fee of students from a developing country intending to study a full-time Masters degree at the University…APPLY NOW

6.Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship offers a number of outstanding prospective students the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in a selected number of fields at Utrecht University...APPLY NOW

7. The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) is open to women and men Japanese nationals who are mid-career professionals whose work is dedicated to the alleviation of poverty and enhanced shared prosperity in developing countries…APPLY NOW

8. Fulbright scholarship for international Students-USA

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program enables graduate students, young professionals, and artists, from abroad to study and conduct research in the United States. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program operates in more than 155 countries worldwide. Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year…APPLY NOW

9.Glimmer of Hope Foundation Scholarships for Ethiopian

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation is an international foundation that is having a significant impact on rural communities in Ethiopia and at-risk youth in inner cities…APPLY NOW

10. DAAD Sub-Saharan Countries Postgraduate Scholarships at Addis Ababa University Ethiopia.

DAAD is offering scholarships to citizens in Sub-Saharan African countries to pursue MSc studies in Electrical Engineering for Railway Systems at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT). Scholarships are available for up to a maximum of two years (Master). The scholarship will be initially granted for one year and may be extended upon individual request and receipt of a complete application by using the provided form…APPLY NOW

11.Australia Awards Africa short courses 

The Australian Government is glad to announce the Australia Awards Africa short courses in 2019. These Australia Awards Africa short courses are for Africans who wish to take the short courses listed out for their respective countries.

Australia Awards Africa short courses are Australia Awards scholarships for targeted short term professional courses that are undertaken in Australia and/or an African country. It is an international scholarship opportunity for Africans…READ MORE

12.Australia Awards Africa Post Doctoral Fellowships 

The Australia Government are glad to announce the Australia Awards Africa-Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2019. The Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides financial support for African academics.

Australia Awards Scholarships are postgraduate scholarships that lead to an academic qualification from an Australian university. The objective of the Awards is to provide high-quality education and training to talented Africans who will be in a position, on their return home, to make an important contribution to national or regional development…READ MORE


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Opportunities are now available for Ethiopian students. Check & apply for any of the List of Ethiopian Scholarships To Study Abroad and explore the chances

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  1. My name is Aklilu Zawga Muche from Ethiopia. I have 3 years of work experience on nursing diploma.
    Now i want to study my Bsc degree on any health related fields if available at you.
    Other ways i am interested to study any degree program if i selected please call me on the following address:
    +25192885387 +25190962332904

  2. Am Desalegn Jebesa(Dr.) from Ethiopia. I have graduated from Haramaya University with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 . So I want further masters program in any field related to health. If there is any opportunity please inform me with the following addresses. [0921201746, [email protected]]

    your sincerely!

  3. my name is Bamlaku Enemayehu ..I live in Ethiopia ..I have BSc degree in Mechanical engineering….I am interested to study in mastere program please contact me +251931489352

  4. my name is Riyad Abdi from Ethiopia
    i have BSc degree by computer science
    I am ask you kindily this chance please contact me by +251910587521

  5. I am yonatan yibrah from Ethiopia i have Bsc degree in electrical engineering having 2 year work expriance i would love to study my masters in abroad with my field so please contact me in +251941249876 or [email protected]
    your sincerely.

  6. My name is Etefa Yadessa Hundesa,I am from Ethiopia i studied BSC in Management Information System (MIS),I would like to study in Msc in MIS or related fields like Technology (Information science)

    I want to thanks you to give this chance especially,for growing countries like Ethiopia who do not have the ability due to economy.

  7. My name is Tsigab Gereziher. In am from Ethiopia.
    In have bsc degree in Hydraulic And Water Resource now I want to study masters.

  8. My name is TsigabGereziher. In am from Ethiopia.
    In have bsc degree Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering now I want to study masters.

  9. hello are you fine gayes? I will link with your campany and try to develop my knouledge and business to diffferent afairs…. may be you can call me 0923149433

  10. my name is Tinsea Tesfaw .now I have studying industrial engineering in bahir dar university for the next year I would like to study MSC ,so please try to give me a chance.

  11. Hello, my name is Sena Asratu,Now am studying Geology or Earth science at Addis Ababa University ,but I need to learn a broad .please help me to get a free scholarship by this field.

  12. I am Bosha Tesfaye Buche and I live in Ethiopia. I graduated and certified with MA in TEFL and I want to join PhD in language study areas if any fields related with it. For your further information contact me with my cellphone +251-906530647/+251-920986140

  13. Hii
    I’m Dutinho John Joseph from South Sudan
    I have completed my high school
    So I’m interested to apply here

  14. My name is Asash Arega nationality of Ethiopia and i have Bsc degree in public i want to study Msc any related health field so you inform to me this phones 0912755629/0912749184

  15. My name is Obsinan Garoma . In am from Ethiopia. Still i have learning 4th year electrical and computer engineering IWant to study BSC degree in this .

  16. My Name is Kuli Ayele Jiru I am from Ethiopian.I have BA degree in Biology Science From mettu University and I want to study masters programs.I am very interested please contact me by my cellphone 0915968095.

  17. My name is Habtamu Alehegn from Ethiopia.I have Ba degree in Horticulture with 4 years work experience .I want to join masters in any related field of study if you help me please contact by 0921788903

  18. Hi, I am Abdurahman. I am from Ethiopia I am high school student grade 11 I want scholarship would you help me please please please

  19. My name is Desalegn Masa. I am an Ethiopian. I was graduated in 2017 with LLB in law. Now, i need to study Masters or LLM in law. Please, help me!

  20. Hello.I am Mekonen Yetesha from Ethiopia. I have studies B.Sc. degree in Hydraulic Engineering. I need to continue education to up grade my knowlage status. Know i am highly interested to study masters program in water engineering and any related field.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hello. I’m Bereket Mehari from Ethiopia. I wanna get a scholar from grade 12. I have good academic result. Many scholars are for graduates. Please inform me if there is any….This is my score documents link
    thanks my sister…..this is also my documents link,
    thanks in advance….

  22. I am Kidus Hailemariam from Adis Ababa Ethiopia. I have graduated law /LLB/ from Mekelle Universty and I have about 7 years work experience. Now I am working as a public proecuter under the Ethiopian Federal General Atorney. I need to study LLM in Europe, Australia or USA through full scholarship. The meduim of instraction in my career was English but i dod not have taken TOFL or such like exams. How, where and when can i get full scholarship oportutunity?

  23. It is me Abase Abdu(Tropical Agriculturalist) from,Werabe University. ETHIOPIA. I have secured MSc in animal science plus different expriance and traning . I want to continue my PhD study with you . Thanks!

  24. Comment: My name is Markos Hamiso. I’m from Ethiopia. I want to study Software Engineering. please contact me by +251916787149

  25. My name is Bikila Shibiru and am mechanical engineering undergraduate student and am very clear student and am very interesting student
    Please contact me(+251938462263)

  26. Comment: thank u! Iam interested to studies my masters degree in hydraulic engineering. But for now iam fresh graduates from madda walabu university by water resources and irrigation engineering , the points i scored is 3.4 GPA. So, I ask yours organization to get scholars chance with me via this phone number +251923168713

  27. I am from Ethiopia I have BA degree in mechanical engineering and graduated from Bule hora university. I wants to get MS in mechanical engineering.

  28. Name. Hatamu Tadesse . I am from Ethiopia I have degree at constructiontechnology and management of engineering in college of Engineering . I want to study masters in thise relatd field.

  29. I am Fitsum Amare from Ethiopia and I have Bsc degree in Environmental science and graduated from Haromaya university. I
    wants to get MS in Environmental science.

  30. My name is Sineshaw I am from Ethiopia and I am undergraduate student from Debretabor university.
    know I am studying Computer Science in BSc program
    and I want to continue my study in any foreign universities.

  31. Comment:Hello dear my name is Abrha Tuemay I have BA degree in Forestry . I was graduated july 08 ,2018 from wollo university. I need to learn in abroad my master to increase my knowledge so, contact me 0943731854/ or email [email protected]

  32. Comment:my name iz tsegaye bitsate
    i hv BSC in chemical engineering
    i have 1 yr expriance in pharmaceutical industry in team leader
    i was graduate in south gonder debre tabor university 2009
    if i get a chance i have learn masters promme in chemical engineering by process stream
    contact me +251966720270 or
    e mail [email protected]

  33. Comment: my name is wendmenh maru i have drugist 1year work experiance i was graguat harar healthe science college i gate a chance lern degree masters pleas give chance my contact adress 0923957184 ([email protected])

  34. Hello!! my name is Rabiu Nasir. I am from Ethiopia and I have BSc(first degree in PlSc.) from Arba Minch Univirsity. I want to study My MSc at abroad. if u have free scholarship in Ecology and Environmental Conservation am interesting one. please help me..

  35. My name is Belachew Nugusa and I am from Ethiopia.I was graduated from ADAMA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY by BSC .Civil engineering in 2015.I have 4 yrs experiences by the above field.Now I want to learn my Masters abroad so contact me by ,phone no.+251917713608 and email [email protected].

  36. I am from ethiopia my name is Embaye Hagos I have BA Dgree in managment .I have four years work expriicen so if u have scholarship am eager to apply

  37. Hi i am kasahun tadesse i have tow degree civil engineer and chemistry i am from Ethiopia and also i am 36 years old and i am really need scholar ship please help me, promise i will do my best .

  38. My name is netsanet tegegne i am from ethiopia i am gradguated electrical and computer engineering but have no finance assistance so i need free scholarship please help me.

  39. I am habtamu and graduated in Bsc clinical pharmacy I want to study Msc in clinical pharmacy and related filed.I need free scholarship b/c I haven’t finace please help me. From Ethiopia.

  40. My name is habtamu I am from Ethiopia and graduated Bsc in clinical pharmacy I want to get free scholarship to study clinical pharmacy in Msc

  41. My name is Nesjma Abdu,I live in ethiopia and i have aBsc dgree in civil engineering.Now i would like to study aMsc dgree by this related course.

  42. Am Gezahegn Teferi from Ethiopia. I have
    graduated from Arba mich University with in the filed of water resources and irrigation engineering in 2017 . So I want
    masters program in any field related to hydraulic engineering. If there is any opportunity please inform me with the following
    addresses. [0920789866
    [email protected]]
    your sincerely!

  43. Hi I am Maryem from Ethiopia and I am a second year accounting ,undergraduate.Any information about me please contact me with my phone number +251968767832 and with my email.

  44. Hi I am Maryem and I am from Ethiopia. I am secomd year student in accouting department(undergraduate).I am interested on your scholarship. Any information about me please contact me with my phone number +251968767832 and with my email.

  45. First all I say thank for your kindness by giving such change and that is indicates education is the most powerful weapons to change the world. I have 1st degree in physics (educ.) and I want to continue in MSC in physics in any of them.

  46. Dear Sir,
    My name is Dugasa Yadeta. I live in Ethiopia. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications. I am a lecturer at Dambi Dollo University, Ethiopia since November 2017. I want to pursue my Master of Arts Degree in related fields at any available international university.
    Please inform me. Thank you.

  47. Hello.I am Meskele Dubusho
    from Ethiopia. I have studies
    B.Sc. degree in Statisticies. I need to continue
    education to up grade my
    knowlage status. Know i am
    highly interested to study
    masters program in Economics and any related
    Thanks in advance. Tell=0946325110

  48. my name is Sileshi Tarekegn ,I live in Ethiopia and I have Bsc Degree in computer Science form Haramaya University and also LLB in law from Oromia State University so I would like to learn masters program in one of the two field place contact me with the following E-mail Address if there is an opportunity
    [email protected]

  49. tanx all,my name is mastewal melkamu live in ethiopia l have bsc degree in agricualture.i want to study msc related coures

  50. I’m dejenu damenu from Ethiopia.
    Iam interesting very well to get this great chance.for now iam BA studying accounting in wollega university.if I got zs I will get my MSc in yours.

  51. Comment:My name is Nimona Motu from Ethiopia. really I want to study in abroad.Ihave abachelor degree in Accounting and finance

  52. I am an Ethiopian MBA/MPA holder Adult, living at Kombolcha town. I an eagerly searching a full funded Scholarship to abroad for my PhD Program. if possible please inform me using [email protected]! Thank you…

  53. i am tesfaye. i am from Ethiopia, i was graduated Msc. in chemical enginering one years ago in Addis Ababa university. Now i want to study PHD ( Doctorial degree) in related field of study.

  54. Comment: l am Mekonnen Terefe from Ethiopia l have Bsc Degree in Agricultural Economics now l am looking for full fund scholarship masters program in Agricultural Economics or related filed please help me.

  55. I am yeroshet waktole from Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in construction technology management and I want to do my masters!

  56. My name is Awel Abdo .I am Bsc in midwifery from Ethiopia. I have two years work experience and Intellectual I am active .I have good points at my degree learning 3.60.currently I want to expand my study field directs to optiming childbirths experience.

  57. My name is Diriba Lube Beyene from, Ethiopia. I have BSC in Environmental Health with work experience of eight years. And now I am interested to study second degree in any of health department at your University/College.
    Please help me in the way which leads me gaining the chance

  58. hey Thise is shehubeza from Ethiopia.I graduted from civil engineering.I want to study master degree with in apropriet course.please contact me by any information which needs of can contact me by phone nummber 0945587806

  59. hey I am Mebrahtom Leake from Ethiopia. I graduated in water resource and irrigation engineering. I want to study my master program on water engineering and related fields. so could you help me …….


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