LIST Of Full Scholarships for African Students to Study In USA (HOT)


LIST Of Full Scholarships for African Students to Study In USA

Do you want to study abroad in the USA on Scholarship? A number of American universities and organizations offer Masters or PhD and undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad. Some of these full scholarships for african students are offered specifically for international students from Africa.

Every year there is this influx of students from Africa into the US who either want to start schooling or those who wants to continue their studies.

Ask a typical African Student a question “Where do you Like to Study?” With no hesitation, the Answer becomes “I will love to Study in the USA“.  Finally, such a person ends up Studying in one of the Local Universities in their various Countries.

Scholarships for African Students

Here is the Problem!

The African Students devotes less time to carefully follow and Study Scholarship trends and maximize every opportunity at their disposal. This problem has caused many students the opportunity to study not only in the USA but in other parts of the world. Most of the time the opportunity we need to make our Living a worthwhile is that simple information we have neglected

World Scholarship Forum for african students has made it so easy for you to get through the stress of waiting for USA scholarships  for African Students one after the other.

Most of us are victims of this challenge. If you’re such a person, this post that contents a comprehensive list of Full Scholarships for African Students is designed for you.

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If you an African student and looking for scholarships for African students to study in U.S. There are many scholarships available for African students, These are available as full scholarships for African students or undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad, which can be funded as government scholarships, Foundation scholarships, or University scholarships.

Full Scholarships for African Students

Our list for scholarships in USA for African students named as MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, the Imomoh Scholarship, ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program, the Inclusive Education Scholarship Program, the African Water Association, etc.

undergraduate scholarships for african students to study abroad


Scholarships in USA for African students are available to help the undergraduate, graduate students, high school students, Ph.D. students, and master students to study in any college or university as mentioned.

These full scholarships for African students can help them in many ways such as educational purposes, tuition, fees and books, housing, food, living expenses, and health insurance etc.

Students form Which African Country is Eligible to Study in the USA

This question has been asked by many students from different African Country. “Please is my Countries Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship in USA?”

Every country in Africa is eligible to Apply for any scholarship meant for African Students. The Special cases seen in this scenario is that some institutions, government establishments clearly specify the Eligible Countries for the USA Scholarship.

Some of the donors specify whether the Scholarship is designed for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research. Students.

Whenever a scholarship is termed specifically for African Students, then you’re Eligible to Apply

What do I stand to Gain If I Apply for Any scholarships in USA for African Students

There are a lot of Scholarship benefits for Students to win a USA Scholarship. These Include:

  • A Student VISA,
  • All Expense trip to the USA
  • Free Tuition fee
  • Feeding
  • Accommodation
  • Books
  • Stipends 

All these Scholarships for African students benefit are all dependent on the Scholarship Provider. The Scholarships come as either Fully Funded or Tuition Waiver Scholarships. First, you must get an American VISA.

With this, I want to leave you with the opportunities available for African Students to Study in the USA. Grab this opportunity now and don’t wait till the deadlines!

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Undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad

Well, not forgetting the essence of this article in the first place, Below is a comprehensive list of Full Scholarships for African students to study abroad offered yearly. starting with some specific scholarships in USA for African students.  These scholarships for international students were offered last and previous years at the time of publishing this list.

If the deadline has passed, you can take note of them for future application. These Scholarships cover undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad and masters scholarships for African students and Ph.D. scholarships as well.

Full scholarships for African students

Nigerian are always on the lookout to find opportunities where ever they can. scholarships in USA for African students is one of those opportunities, which you cant let elude you. If you are a Nigerian looking for scholarships for international students here are some scholarships you can search for that can help you in your studies in USA.

  • Stanford University MasterCard Foundation scholarship For Nigerians
  • Fulbright scholarships for Nigerians
  • Hubert H.Humphrey fellowship for Nigerians
  • 7up Harvard Business School scholarships for Nigerian students

The George M. Pullman Educational Foundation Scholarship helps ensure that exceptionally promising students with financial need can earn a college degree without the burden of severe financial debt.

Pullman Foundation Scholarship providers have brought to the understanding of people that hard work and passion in pursuit of one’s goals can land him or her a scholarship.

This is a scholarship that is focused on rewarding individuals who has the ability to overcome challenges and become relevant in the society.

Be More Scholarship is an ongoing scholarship program that is opened to all college students and high school seniors who live or perhaps attend school in the Texas State and will have a chance to earn as much as $2,500 for their college tuition fee. It is sponsored by BOUNCE ENERGY.

The IFT Feeding Tomorrow Scholarship is available for freshman, undergraduates, graduates, and interns who wish to obtain degrees in varying sciences related to food in any university or college in the country.

The Scholarship is taken and hosted in the United States.  If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in the United States

4Lynn University Merit Scholarships for Undergraduate Students USA, 2019

Watson Institute at Lynn University in USA invites applications for its Lynn University Merit Scholarships for Undergraduate Students USA, 2019.

The Merit Scholarships for the 2019/2020 academic session is selectively offered to scholars with exceptional track-records in the social impact space and ground-breaking ventures and venture ideas.


Through generous scholarships and innovative financing options, they are committed to ensuring finances are never a barrier to learning…APPLY for SCHOLARSHIP

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University for master’s students is open to students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree at an African university and are residents or citizens of an African country. The scholarship provides comprehensive support for the completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The four cover-travel costs, Visa and SEVIS fees, Tuition and other MSU fees, Housing, food, and living expenses, Health insurance. Program Scholars are also provided with a laptop and a backpack.

Provided by: Michigan State University (MSU)
Course: Bachelor’s degree
Eligibility: Graduate students
Award: Varies
Deadline: February 1,
Apply Now:


6World Youth Alliance (WYA) Africa Vanessa Cherese Scholarship, USA

Applications are currently available for World Youth Alliance (WYA) Africa scholarship,  for committed, and dedicated WYA member from Africa who will represent WYA Africa in the first batch of WYA Global Internship Program (January-April) and 15th International Solidarity Forum (March) in New York City. Successful completion of WYA’s Certified Training Program and Regional Internship Program in the WYA Africa regional office in Nairobi, Kenya are prerequisites to apply. Applicants are advised to adhere strictly to the .listed eligibility criteria to ensure consideration for the program…APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP

South African AFS Full Scholarship in USA

AFS Intercultural Programs (or AFS, originally the American Field Service) is an international youth exchange organization. It consists of over 50 independent, not-for-profit organizations,

Applications are now been submitted at the AFS Intercultural South Africa and they are offering a full scholarship for South African Students. The primary objective of this scholarship is to strengthen the bond between South Africa and USA…APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP

Fully-Funded Elim’s Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students in USA, 2019

The Elim Bible Institute and College are giving away a full scholarship to one eligible student through a random drawing for the 2018-2019 school year. Elim Bible Institute is a Bible college in Lima, New York, USA, offering a three-year program intended to prepare Christian leaders and workers for revival ministry.

Application Deadline: The application deadline is January 15.

Application Link


At University of California, Berkeley, the Program will provide comprehensive financial, social, and academic support up to 118 students eight-year program from 2012 to 2020, and is open to both undergraduate and professional Master’s students. MasterCard Foundation Scholars receive a comprehensive scholarship equivalent to the costs associated with earning a Bachelors or Master’s degree, which includes travel, tuition, Berkeley student fees, visa and SEVIS fees, housing, food, living expenses, and cohort signature programs which will focus on leadership topics.

Provided by: University of California Berkeley
Course: Bachelors or master’s degree
Eligibility: Both undergraduate and professional Master’s students.
Award: Varies
Deadline: Undergraduate-November 30th& graduate application deadlines vary by program.
Apply Now:


The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is administered by binational Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies. The program is open in the USA for 4,000 Students (Masters and PhD) who are citizens of more than 155 countries worldwide, including countries in Africa. The number of awards varies per country, but approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year.

Provided by: Binational Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies
Course: Masters and Ph.D. degree (also non-degree postgraduate studies)
Eligibility: Masters and Ph.D. students
Award: Varies
Deadline: Varies per country
Apply Now:


The SPE Foundation is now offering “Imomoh Scholarship” to Africa Region’s students who are pursuing a master’s degree in petroleum engineering.  The foundation will provide USD 2,000 to 5,000 but the funding must be used for educational purposes such as tuition, books, living expenses, etc.

Provided by: The SPE Foundation
Course: Master’s degree in petroleum engineering
Eligibility: Students from the Africa Region
Award: USD 2,000 to 5,000
Deadline:12 PM (midday) 15 April, Central USA (UTC-5).
Apply Now:


The Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) at Georgetown University began offering a full-tuition scholarship for a talented graduate student from sub-Saharan Africa. MSFS is a two-year, full-time graduate degree program in international affairs. Students will take courses in international relations, international trade, international finance, statistics and analytical tools, and history.

Provided by: MSFS at Georgetown University
Course: Two-year, full-time graduate degree program
Eligibility: Graduate student
Award: Varies
Deadline: January 15,
Apply Now:

As part of its Research and Capacity Building Program, the African Water Association is setting up a research fellowship for young water and sanitation professionals in West Africa. This program, funded by USAID West Africa through the AfriCap Program (WASH – African Water Association – AfWA – Capacity Building Program –AfriCap), will provide young graduate students at the graduate level (Master II) with research scholarships. Each grant, amounting to $ 1,000, will reward each selected project in accordance with the budget.

Provided by: The African Water Association
Course: Graduate degree course
Eligibility: Graduate students
Award: $1,000
Deadline: February 28,
Apply Now:

Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. is offering LAWA fellowship program for applicants from any African country. The fellowship is available for those who pursue the master degree program and be a women’s human rights lawyer from Africa in order to be considered. Candidates who are admitted to the LAWA Program must be prepared to cover the costs of all additional expenses (such as their visas, travel, housing, utilities, food, clothing, health insurance, books, etc.), and must be able to demonstrate to the U.S. Embassy for visa purposes that they have the funds available to cover those expenses (approximately $27,085).

Provided by: Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.
Course: Degree program
Eligibility: Any African country’s candidate
Award: Approximately $27,085
Deadline: Friday, January 13th.
Apply Now:

The Inclusive Education Scholarship Program is offering by the Open Society Foundation to African students who have an excellent academic record with a bachelor’s degree in teaching, public administration/policy, anthropology, social work, psychology, or related field degree. The Program offers awards to individuals from China, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and selected countries in Africa and Latin America for an 18-month master of education degree.

Provided by: The Open Society Foundation
Course: Master of education degree.
Eligibility: Graduate students
Award: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Apply  ://

At the University of Cape Town, the Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership Program is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in any of the six Faculties of UCT. While it is expected that the majority of scholars will be citizens of South Africa, candidates from other sub-Saharan African countries are also welcome to apply. The scholarship offers full financial support to the value of R120,000-00 per year, intended to cover tuition fees, accommodation, meals and an allowance for books, stationery, and transport.

Provided by: The University of Cape Town
Course: Degree program
Eligibility: Undergraduate students
Award: R120,000 per year
Deadline: Varies
Apply Now:

15The ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program

Institute of International Education (IIE) is offering the ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program to African students who will hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math or Geography. Recipients will receive full tuition for the completion of a Master’s Degree in Geosciences. The program also provides a stipend for housing and living expenses and includes medical insurance, textbook and computer allowances, transportation to the U.S. at the inception and conclusion of the program, visa and academic support, and an intensive orientation program.

Provided by: Institute of International Education (IIE)
Course: Master’s Degree
Eligibility: African students
Award: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Apply Now:

If you are a native of Michigan or plan to study in Michigan or an international student, there are a plethora of college scholarships available to help with the cost of your higher education. There are a number of scholarships available and you can even apply for more than one at a time. Here are 20 scholarships in Michigan in 2019.

17Bervin Hall Memorial Scholarship

Awarded by American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), the Bervin Hall Memorial Scholarship is awarded to college juniors or graduate students, especially from the US states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming, who have been enrolled for a degree in occupational safety and health, or a cognate discipline.

Deadline: December 01.

Scholarship website

18LAEF General Scholarship

The Latin American Education Foundation has, since 1949, awarded over 6,000 scholarships to US Citizens of Hispanic origin or who are actively involved in the Hispanic community. The LAEF General Scholarship is open to all Colorado residents – regardless of U.S. permanent legal residency status or U.S citizenship; the eligible applicants comprise of High school seniors, college undergraduate, and graduate students.

Scholarship website



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    1.How to achieve full of success and happiness in life?
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  22. My name is Emmanuel i am in China i study medicine in China by self support
    I think these scholarships may help me also for my remaining years in my
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      I am Emmanuel Umunnakwe, I got all my required grades in my Senior Secondary Certificate for Education in Nigeria. My mother has no money for me to further my life ambition career in Mechanical Engineering. May you please grant me a scholarship particularly in the US where I can study and learn real practical engineering. That will enable me help my family and my community after graduation. We are really neglected and poor and have no help. When I return to my country, I will like to establish my own company to offer employment to members of my community as there is no such infrastructure to engage the youths. That will also help to better our lives and our old parents.
      I will be immensely grateful for an offer and I look forward to your kindness.
      Yours sincerely
      Emmanuel Umunnakwe

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    Veuillez Mr recevoir mes sincères salutations, en espérant une suite favorable à ma demande.
    Cnotact:78 2626516

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    • Congolaise de Brazzaville de 20 ans , je m’appelle PANDY KAYA Olchy Louange ,je rêve de devenir médecin , j’ai déjà mon bac D et je recherche une bourse pour m’inscrire en médecine dans une université aux USA.

  57. Bonjours ,je suis Grady Bazego TebakwaTebakwane de nationalité congolaise. Je suis en 1er graduat en polytechnique à l université de kinshasa.J aimerai étudier aux États-Unis mais faute de moyens,c’est pour cela que j ai besoin de cette bourse pour continuer mes études et de devenir un bon ingénieur Nom:Bazego Prenom:Grady Genre:masculin Lieu et date de naissance :30/10/1997 à Kinshasa en République démocratique du Congo gmail:[email protected] numéro de téléphone :0814314377

  58. Bonjour je suis Benedith Bazego Dangako de nationalité congolaise. Je suis à la fin du premier cycle en droit à l université catholique du congo. j’aimerai étudier aux États-Unis mais faute de moyens c’est pour cela que j’ai besoin de bourse pour continuer mes études Nom:Bazego prenom:Benedith genre:feminin
    date et lieu de naissance :19/10/1996 à Kinshasa en République démocratique du Congo Gmail :[email protected] num:0814123165

  59. Bonjour je suis Grady Bazego Tebakwane de nationalité congolaise. Je suis en 1er graduat en polytechnique à l université de kinshasa. j’aimerai étudier aux États-Unis mais faute de moyens c’est pour cela que j’ai besoin de bourse pour continuer mes études et devenir un grand ingénieur civile Nom:Bazego prenom:Grady genre:masculin
    date et lieu de naissance :30/10/1997 à Kinshasa en République démocratique du Congo Gmail :[email protected] num:0814314377

  60. salut moi c’est FASSINOU Auxence du suis titulaire d’une Licence en Sciences bourse d’etudes m’interesse vraiment ..Car cela me permettra de poursuivre mes etudes en Biotechnologie Vegetale..Merci..

  61. Please am a Ghanaian, and an HND holder in Marketing, who have completed Takoradi Technical University, please l need your help so that I can further my education.

  62. lam JUNJU,I completed my advanced level but,lam academically vibrant but lacking finances to continue ,lam I need of a scholarship, thank u

  63. Hi,I am called BISANUKURI Samson, a young graduate Rwandan passionate to work hard and learn skills that could help me to give my effort and contribution to the development of the world.

    I need masters scholarship to achieve my goals .

  64. Please I’m Klinogo Anthony Delali from Ghana and I really need a scholarship to help me pursue a course in one of the universities in USA

  65. Hi,
    I’m Etiendem Dieudonne Nkongmic a Cameroonian. I have a diploma in town planning engineering please I need to continue with my studies and I need u help me with a scholarship program please anyone I will go in for.

  66. Hi my name is Gakwavu David and I’m Rwandan i completed my high school in option of pcm( physics chemistry and mathematics) so i get high score in my exams so please help me to get scholarship in bachelor degree my email [email protected] and my number +250780349916

  67. Bonjour moi on m’appelle DJOMAKI chabèl je viens d’obtenir mon Bts en communication d’entreprise.. Faute de moyen pour la suite j’aimerais bien avoir aussi votre bourse pour continuer les études merci

  68. Hello I am AJAVON Ayikoé Mawussé Johanés student in Transport Logistics Transit I would like you to bring me this aid in grant me this scholarship for more knowledge in the matter and for the development of my developing country thank you mawusse02 @ gmail .com

  69. Je répond au nom de HOUNSOUNNOU SENOU GECONIAL ENOCK. Je suis béninois et j’ai 18ans. Je viens d’avoir mon BAC série A2 et je pense fait le droit et relations international et solicite votre aide à m’accorder une bource d’études à l’extérieur

  70. Bonjour .mon nom est Gbedo Gilles.j’aimerais obtenir une de ses bourses d’études pour pouvoir être uun expert en commerce international.j’ai eu mon bac B cette année avec mention assez bien

  71. Hello my name is Sharon I am Kenyan I’m currently a bed arts student here in Kenya but I would like to complete my degree abroad and also masters to as to achieve my dream of developing me and my country thank you.

  72. My name is Stephano, i`m from Tanzania; a student at University of Dodoma (UDOM), BED SPED
    I wish to have my master degree from abroad.

    I also invite you at the University Of Dodoma: Other people call it UDOM but we call it HOME: The home of knowledge, welcome to our home.

    • I am Ssali Andrew from Kampala International University .I wonna study Medicine and Surgery out side Uganda, I am looking for assistance.

  73. Bonjour. Je suis technicien en analyses médicales. J’ai fait une formation de 03 ans et j’ai 26 ans. J’aimerais obtenir une bourse pour approfondir mes études au États-Unis d’Amérique. Merci
    mail : [email protected]

  74. Bonjour. Je m’appelle IRAKOZE Bella, une burundaise de 21 ans j’ai obtenu mon diplôme des humanités Général Section Scientifique A et J’ai réussi à l’examen d’Etat. Je vous prie de m’aider pour que je puisse continuer mes études. Je vous remercie !
    Mes coordonnées sont les suivant : e-mail est : [email protected]
    Tél : +257 75739 812 OU +257 75 276 739

  75. Bonjour. Je m’appelle HESSOU Jocelyne, une béninoise de 21 ans j’ai obtenu mon diplôme de licence en communication. Je vous prie de m’aider pour que je puisse continuer mes études de master en communication. Je vous remercie !
    Mes coordonnées sont les suivant : e-mail est : [email protected]
    TEL: 0022997668183/ 0022965517157

  76. Good evening my name is OTCHE Euloge, I am a Beninese residing in Cotonou. I just got the BAC C and I want to embark on technology, but my country does not have those kind of schools where you do the theory and practice at the same time. I want to do my heart study at home. I picked you up from me. THANK YOU

  77. Bonjour. Je m’appelle DJETTA T. Brice Mendel,je suis béninois de 25 ans j’ai obtenu mon BAC serie D en 2013 et je suis aussi titulaire d’un brevet de techniticien supérieur (BTS) en management des ressources humaines. Je vous prie de m’aider pour que je puisse continuer mes études. Je vous remercie !
    Mes coordonnées sont les suivant :
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Tel: +229 66592628/ +229 61029016

  78. bonjour j’accepte par le nom de Dieumerci Baguma je suis un licencié en gestion des entreprises je voudrait me spécialisé dans ce domaine merci pour loyauté

  79. What an opportunity thank God for people like u may God richly bless u it will be an honour if I can be granted such an opportunity I wish to have a degree marketing or management am from Cameroon thanks

    • Am called Nanjeru mariam, am aged 24years,am agraduate with abachelor’s in business( finance and banking) i need a scholarship to scholarship to study in CGPA is 3.9,am aged 24years ,am a ugandan.thanks.

  80. Odile AKANDE je suis titulaire d’un bac en série D. Mes parents n’ont plus de moyen pour financer mes études. Aidé moi pour l’obtention d’une bourse d’étude car je veux continuer en sciences sociales merci

  81. Bonjour, je me prénomme Sandra âgée de 23ans et de nationalité Camerounaise ,je fais la licence en géographie. J’aimerais beneficier de votre bourse d’étude car j’aimerais partager mon savoir avec la société et j’aime particulièrement les Etats Unis d’Amerique.Merci pour votre compréhension. Je répond au ( +237 ) 697740733

  82. I’m from Nigeria, I have a Hnd in business administration and management from federal polytechnic Auchi.. Wish to study abroad please help me..

  83. m’appelle evodie makabu ,une congolaise de 28ans je obtenu mon diplôme de lincence en englais et cukture africaine .je vous prievde m’aider pour je puisse continue mes etude de master en enseignement .je vous remercie.mes coordonner sont sont suivant: email: [email protected] , numero: 243 821312435

  84. My name is Faouziatou YACOUBOU, i ‘m from Benin and I wish to have a degree marketing.I just got the bac A2.Tel:+22966760896/+22995745322

  85. Slt je m’appelle Sonia j’ai 27ans je suis camerounaise j’ai une licence en comptabilité contrôle et audit et j’aimerais poursuivre mes études a l’étranger parce que au cameroun Nos écoles ont deux volets: administration et formation. Mais on accuse beaucoup de lenteur du à des procédures administratives longues. Or chez le blanc on sait quand on commence l’école et quand es ce qu’on finit ça permet à l’étudiant de bien ménager son agenda et de réaliser facilement ses projets dans le temps.

  86. m’appelle Claude de nationalité Burundaise et j’ai terminé l’Université du Burundi en faculté des sciences de l’ingénieur, département Génie Mécanique et j’aimerais continuer le master aux USA. Mon numéro est +25771364544

  87. My name is Victor Sunday from Nigeria an orphan… I just finished my first degree in physics.. I would like to further and be a solution to the world….. I would be grateful if granted a scholarship to continue my Education. My number is +2348025330833

  88. je m appelle joel Bakumbo Bafike de nationalité congolaise. j etudie à l université de kinshasa en République Démocratique du Congo,je suis en premier graduat en polytechnique.j aimerai étudier à l étranger mais faute de moyens,c’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai besoin d une bourse pour etudier à l étranger et devenir un grand ingénieur
    Nom :Bakumbo
    Postnom :Bafike
    nationalité : congolaise
    Date et lieu de naissance :29/11/1995 à Kinshasa
    e-mail :[email protected]
    num de téléphone :+243810459591

  89. hi my name is bayakhouba frome cote d’ivoire i truly need this scholarship to improove my chances in profetional word after i had get a great experience because of this scholarship then to be another for my cuontry in his developement am 20 in first college year

  90. bjr
    je répond au nom de rodias Rochon suis de nationalité béninoise âgé de 26ans,titulaire d,un baccalauréat en deuxième années des sciences désire continuer mes études aux USA pour plus de perfection de compétence et d,assiduité. juste après avoir finis mes études en conformité avec cette bourse je rentre aux pays pour servir ma patrie.

    prénom:rodias rochson
    âge : 26ans
    sexe :masculin
    email : [email protected]

  91. Hi, am Quarshie Florence.I come from Ghana, I will be completing my nurse assistant programme in November 2017 and I will like to work and study abroad through your scholarship programme. thanks

  92. Hello my name is Claude TEKO AGBO. I’ve got my BAC in togo and i wana suscribe to africans scolarship in USA .

  93. Je suis rassuré car j’avais toujours comme rêve d’entreprendre des études supérieurs . pour cette raison aider moi.

  94. Je me nomme ETOUNDI MANGA ROGER IDRISS je suis camerounais âgé de 22 ans, étudiant en géologie niveau 3 à l’université de Yaoundé 1;je voudrai une bourse afin de poursuivre mes études à l’étranger et être un geologue(pétrochimiste) de grande renommé : Je répond au +23793219171

  95. Hi, good afternoon, I am Gizachew Derib fromEthiopia. I am badly looking for scholarship from abroad to specialize in areas of social sciences(PSIR, Diplomacy, Crisis Management, Foreign Policy and Governance). So far, I pursued my graduate studies from Addis Ababa University in Social Works and International Relations and Diplomacy June, 2017.

  96. Bonjour à vous ! Je me nomme mbaïre parfait, âgé de 23 suis de la nationalité tchadienne. Je viens d’obtenir ma licence en Informatique-télécommunications . j’aimerai pousuivre mon Master en informatique mais faute de moyen raison pour laquelle je viens demander votre aide en octroyant cette afin de réaliser mon rêve.
    Mon contact :+23563941027
    email: [email protected].

  97. Je m’appelle Jiroux AKPATCHEME je suis un béninois âgé de 25ans je suis étudiant j’ai eu ma Licence en Biologie à la faculté des sciences et techniques (FAST) à l’Université nationale et internationale du Bénin (Université d’Abomey Calavi ) . Je désire continuer mes études en Master aux USA pour plus d’avoir de savoir , le savoir faire et savoir être dans les nouvelles avancées des sciences biologiques et santé . Veillez bien m’accorder cette faveur .

  98. Bonjour
    Je m’appelle ASSOGBA Euloge , titulaire d’un cycle II (master II) en Gestion des Marchés Publics à l’Institut International de Management Appliquée et je désire vivement continuer mon Doctorat en Droit des Marchés Publics ou toutes autres sciences similaires à ma formation…Alors je viens tenter ma chance par l’obtention de cette bourse que vous êtes entrain d’octroyer au étudiants Africains.
    Merci pour cette faveur

  99. bonjour! moi c’est Josias OSSENDZA, de nationalité congolaise (RC) et âgée de 20ans, je suis étudiant et je suis en Licence II de la Faculté des Sciences Humaines à l’Université Marien NGOUABI de Brazzaville. j’ai toujours rêvé étudier hors mon pays pour exploiter mon talent et de monter ma valeur dans mon pays. je pense que vois êtes pour moi une porte pour un nouveau départ . 242066434397 est portable. merci.

  100. Bonjour !mon nom est DJOUFFO DJUIKOU keziah stella , de nationalité camerounaise ,âgée de 21 ans et étudiante en deuxième année biologie humaine et santé à l’université de Douala mais actuellement je fais une formation en comptabilité-matières à yaoundé Pour pouvoir élargir mon champs de connaissance dans les deux domaines.Je souhaite de tout coeur continuer mes études en biologie humaine et santé aux USA pour être une excellente biologiste en santé.c’est pourquoi j’aimerais que vous m’octroyez cette

  101. I am Okimo David Caesar from south Sudan. It is really very unfortunate that South Sudan is not among the list of eligibility for scholarships funded by MSFS. I am a graduate of University of Juba South Sudan and i have the interest to apply for this scholarships but i am tied up simply because South Sudan is not on the list. So please come to my rescue

  102. Hello, I am Phillip Banda and am from Malawi. I am a college graduate Agriculture major and am looking for a full Masters scholarship from all around the World. Anyone willing to help find one in the same field(Agriculture or Rural/Community Development) will be greatly appreciated. My email address is [email protected] . Thanks in Advance and will be in touch

  103. am purity from Kenya mostly l had wished to do masters degree but due to financial constrains l couldn’t am certain that here comes the opportunity that l have been looking for eager to join the university soon

  104. J E mapelle YODA Roufieta,suis etudiante en science economie et gestion au burkina Faso.jaimerai continuer ms etudes aux USA afin daquerir plus d connaissance surtout pour une meilleure gestion et bon developpement d bourse sera grand opportu.ité pour moi.merci

  105. Bonjour je m’appelle Diaga NGOM etudiant en LICENCE 3 PHYSIQUE CHIMIE a l’universite Cheikh Anta Diop de DAKAR (SENEGAL).J’ai besoin d’une bourse etrangere pour continuer mes etudes .ù

  106. Bonjour Je me nomme ADAM AMADOU Oumara je suis Nigerien agé de 23 ans et tutulaire d’une licence en Topographie. Je souhaiterai poursuivre mes etudes de master et je besion de votre aide pour réalisé cela. Mon numéro est le suivant : + 22798317399
    Email : [email protected]

  107. Bonjour he m’appelle Diabri Hassane Balkissa he suis étudiante end science biomedical 2eme année et j:aimerais une bourse pour allé aux états units d’amerique pour continué mes études aprés LA licence. Je suis de nationnalitée Nigérienne Mai’s j’étudie a Ouagadougou

  108. Boujour messieurs
    Je vous pris de bien vouloir m’accepter parmi vous. Ju suis titulaire d’un bac technique en serie gestion. Je suis de nationalité sénégalaise et j’ai 19 ans.
    Veuillez agréer, mes salutations les meilleures

  109. Hi am Coulibaly Djibril Mickael Ivorian student, I have a senior technician certificate in finance accounting I wish to have a scholarship in the field of finance

  110. Je m’appelle Marius TSATSA étudiant en niveau Licence Sciences de Gestion avec pour spécialité l’Organisation et la Gestion des Ressources Humaines à l’Université de Lomé au Togo….je suis de nationalité Togolaise et je suis interessé par cette bourse d’etude…mon email c’est [email protected]
    Tel +228 92-64-01-88 (whatsapp)
    +228 92-02-63-24

  111. Bonjour chères Monsieurs je me nome Kpèhounton Maurille.Je suis titulaire d’un bac technique de spécialité (production Animale),je suis de Nationalité Béninoise et j’ai 26ans je voudrais une bourse pour allez au États Unis d’Amérique pour continuer mes études.

  112. Bonjour! Je me nomme Kpèhounton suis titulaire d’un bac technique spécialité (production animale),je suis de Nationalité Béninoise et j’ai 26ans.J’aimerais continuer mes études en Santé animale aux États Unis d’Amé vous pris de m’accorder cette bourse pourque ceci soit

  113. Bonjour! Je me nome Kpèhounton Maurille âgé de 26ans,de Nationalité béninoise et je suis titulaire d’un bac technique en production animale. Je désires continuer mes études aux



  116. Salut ! Je suis Dieu le veut Nianga, je suis congolais de Kinshasa. Je souhaite une bourse d’étude en sciences de l’ingénieur, je n’ai pas assez de moyen, c’est pour cela je ceux une bourse pour réaliser mes rêves.

  117. Hi my name is Nkurunziza John from Rwanda I want this scholarship to improove my chances in profetional word after i had get a great experience because of this scholarship then to be another for my country in his developement , Thanks to understood my applement

  118. My name’s VIDEGLA Kodjo Délali,I am in Togo.I have my bachelor and my diplome or my testimony in computer and networking and please I want to continued my study in Canada. Plaese I need everybody who have the desire to help me for the scholarship in Canada.My E-mail is:[email protected] and my phone number is:(228)93-89-59-58.

  119. Je suis étudiant camerounais en deuxième année en science économique.
    Je suis vraiment intéressé pour aller étudier au usa

  120. Hello,my name is TONGSI KAMWA JUDICAEL.I am 18 years old.I am a cameroonian,holder of a baccalaureat”C” with honors session 2017.I come to you to ask you to grant me a scholarship for the USA, because i would like continue my Higher studies in the USA in the aeronautical and space sciences this has always been my childhood dream but unfortunately my parents can not afford it. Please help. Thank you.My phone number is 673512624/670379107/699537921

  121. bonsoir je suis nouveau bachelier 2017 et mon rêve c’est l’étude en science juridique je suis nigérien. Je voudrai étudier aux Etats Unis parce que c’est un pays dans le quel regorge le savoir.

  122. Bonjour je me nomme René Ndiana Faye je suis étudiant en licence 3 au département d’histoire spécialisé en archéologie à l’Université cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. Je suis sénégalais désirant de poursuivre mes études à l’étranger. Dans l’attente d’une suite favorable veuillez agréer l’expression de mes sentiments les plus respectueusement dévoués

  123. Hi am Django Cheryl Axel, an ivorian student in master and I wont to continue my studies in USA. So a scolarship will be very good..

  124. My names are isezerano Olivia I live in Zambia ,I completed high school in 2016,but couldn’t further my studies to the university due to financial problems please help me , thank you my mobile number is 0972270760

  125. Bonjour
    Je vous prisde bien vouloir m’accepter parmi les suis titulaire d’un bac litteraire .j’ai 20ans et je suis togolaise.
    Merci pour votre aide.

  126. My name is babacar diop. I’m from senegal west africa, I’m a student in licence 2
    I would really like to study abroad

  127. Bonsoir je m appelle fatou ba fall étudiante sénégalaise en licence L3 en cours en soins infirmiers et obstrical j aimerai obtenir cette opportunité de pouvoir bénéficier de la qualité des études a l étranger mais aussi de pouvoir réaliser mes projets d études et mes projets professionnels

  128. Hi, I’m Mutoka Gloire Kayeya, I wish to study un USA, so this oportunity is very important for me. I’m a student un DRC

  129. Hello, I am Muhenda Charles from Uganda. I am a college graduate doing mathematics, Economics, Geography and computer.
    I would Wish to get a scholarship in the field of computer.
    I want to do computer engineering course at the University.

  130. Bonjour Mr je m’appelle ADEDJOBI Lucresse je suis Béninoise et je réside au Bénin. Je suis titulaire d’une licence en Technique Commerciale et Marketing et je désire continuer mes études en Master aux États-Unis veuillez bien vouloir m’intégrer à vous merci .mon numéro est le suivant :96991617

  131. Salut je suis ngah Liliane Carine j étudié la linguistique niveau 2 j’aimerais poursuivre mes études aux US jaij besoin d une suis de nationalité camerounaise.merci

  132. Je suis Virginie zoubere…j’ai une licence en communication marketing….je désir ivoire une bourse pour poursuivre mes étude

  133. Bonjour monsieur, je me nomme KAVIRA MUVUNGA AGNÈS de Kinshasa ; je suis gradué en informatique de gestion j’ai un niveau très bas j’aimerais continuer mes études aux USA pour améliorer mon niveau.j e vous remercie.

  134. Hi am Stephen uduak from Nigeria and i have a Bachelor’s in computer science an is been my dream to study abroad please with this great opportunity link me up an God bless

  135. I am delighted with this scholarship scheme…I will be happy to partake in it…
    am a you Gambian who is willing to learn but no help if am giving the opportunity i will take the full advantage of it

  136. I would like to study medicine and surgery in the US. I’m from Zimbabwe and I really need a scholarship. I obtained very good grades at A level last year. Please help.

  137. Am Loveth Agu from Nigeria, really want to study in USA.
    Am a Bachelor’s in animal Sci.will really want to make a difference in my society.
    Contact No:08165515835

  138. Hi, I’m Gérard Gbebode. Beninese student. I would like to benefit from the scholarship for my studies in the United States. here is my phone number 0022995481706

  139. Am Sandra from Ghana an undergraduate student studying business management hoping to obtain your scholarship and study abroad if given that chance
    Thank you

  140. Je suis El Mehdi , âgé de 20ans , j’habite au Maroc , étudiant à la fac d’économie 2ème année, et je suis intéressé par cette bourse , merci.

  141. Hello my nema is yahye abdirizak jama i life in somalia Please help me, I really want to go further with my studies.
    My mather is deait my father is not have a job please help me i need free scholarship please My namber is +2527968167

  142. Hi am violet Kerubo from Kenya
    I finished my KCSE in the year 2017 and I passed well,
    I would like to do BSC in education science.
    But my parents can’t afford to take me to the university due to lack of finance.
    If I get the scholarship to farther my studies in the USA
    I will be the happiest person ever, kindly help me.

  143. Slt moi c’est dadjo aimerence j’ai une licence en biochimie et j’aimerais bien bénéficier de cette bourse

  144. I am Joycelyn Kuatsikor a second class upper degree holder in B.A Theatre Arts and i majored in Technical theatre(Scenic Designing) and i have a certificate course in public relatiions. I will love to further my education but due to financial issues am not able to continue. I will be very happy if i get a scholarship to further my education Thank you. My number +2330541827100

  145. Am Love Amoako, I really need a scholarship to continue my education. I really want to be a neurosurgeon to help my people. With no money,I am now in the house…..

  146. Hello, I am Salome Kirimi . A bachelors degree in commerce, accounting.

    I would wish to get a scholarship in the field of accounting and finance.
    It’s my hope to further studies through your help…

  147. Hello! My name is Boubabacar Fall. I am senegalese. I have a master’s degree in private law. I wish to enroll in these universities to benefit from the quality of your teaching for the year 2018-2019. Please grant me a scholarship to allow me my dream. Thank you in advance!

  148. Hi. My name is nelson from cameroon I graduated from high school in 2015 from the technical department in electricity I will be glade to have a chance to study in USA .I stop schooling cause I have no money

  149. Hi I am nelson Lenyah from cameroon. I study electricity and am a hight school graduate. I will be so much delighted to further my study in the field of electricity. I would love and cherish it if am awarded the scholarship of UNDERGRADUATE to continue in the field of electricity .
    Email: [email protected]
    AMEN! I love to study but my financial state is down.

  150. Hello my name is kaddijatou jammeh a Gambian by nationality holding diploma in gender and development want to pursue my programm in USA

  151. Good day sir please I am Stephany from Cameroon I am pleading on your behalf to obtain a scholarship to study in the US God be my helper.It has always been a dream of mine to go to the US one day now I just obtained my advance level certificate which qualifies me to go to the university but now my parents can’t afford all the requirements to send me to the US so I really need the scholarship. Thanks very much I will be hoping to hear from you while I put my request in prayers. Thanks again.

  152. Hello, my name is Aderemi Bisola. I’ll like to study in USA, i want an undergraduate scholarship… I ll be grateful and thankful to you all.

  153. i am eyong abire emelda wanting opportunity to study in usa by scholaship .i am a nurse but i want to specialised in anesthesia

  154. My name is Casandra a holder of the higher national diploma in logistics and transport management. I was born and raised by my single mum and I am presently a single mum of a 7year old boy. I will be highly privileged to benefit from the fully funded scholarship in order to make things better for my son and I. Thank you.

  155. My name is Casandra a holder of the higher national diploma certificate in logistics and transport management. I was born and raised by a single mum and i am presently a single mum of a 7year old boy. I will be highly privileged to benefit from the fully funded scholarship in order to make things better for my son and I. Thank you.

  156. I am Mark M. Gbarlea, I am a high school graduate and I am whiching to extend my education but i done have money now, I will like to do study computer science abroad.
    I am kind asking for help to study my career goal. If you will like to contact me this is my contact [email protected]/[email protected] and +231886114282/775297348 please help me.
    Mark M. Gbarlea

  157. I’m Eyambe Martin I’m a graduate of psychology. I would love to do my masters in child psychology. I’m from Cameroon

  158. Hello
    My name is Maxamed
    I ask this network to help me for scholarship in the next year 2019.

    I live in Somalia i want to start bachelor degree university.

    I’m low income and my family do not covers university fee, so i need financial support.
    My phone +252634990577

  159. This is an amazing program. I’m Shantal Gweshe holder of Early childhood diploma from Zimbabwe.lm really craving for a scholarship to further my studies.Due to financial problems m not able to persue my degree

  160. I am James Hilaly Mbellah from Tanzania holding a bachelor degree of architecture looking for internationalscholarships for master degree of science in construction management

  161. hello, my dear
    I am seid Mohammed
    from Ethiopia
    I have a bachelor degree in physics
    I want to get fully funded scholarship
    would you help me?

  162. Good afternoon, I am Nametso from Botswana. I hold Bachelors Degree in Digital Film& Television. I kindly ask this network to help me find scholarship for next year(2019)
    I am currently on internship here and i come from a middle income family whom cannot be able to help me with school fees hence i need financial support.
    I want to study master in mass communication or public relations or any business related courses.

  163. Good afternoon, I am Nametso from Botswana. I hold Bachelors Degree in Digital Film& Television. I kindly ask this network to help me find scholarship for next year(2019)
    I am currently on internship here and i come from a middle income family whom cannot be able to help me with school fees hence i need financial support.
    I want to study master in mass communication or public relations or any business related courses.

    Thank you…..

  164. My name is Biru Dechasa, I live in Ethiopia I want to start PhD degree
    I want to thank you for the opportunity I would like to study in USA at Canada how to go and apply about it please?
    I need scholarship for this years ,thanks
    My phone +251940609312 please contact me by this phone number

  165. My Name is Bamlaku Enemayehu..I live in Ethiopia ..I have BSc degree in Mechanical engineering ..I am interested to study please contact me +251931489353

  166. My name is Fami Abdela.. i’m from Ethiopia and i have BSc degree in mathematics and I’m interested to study,so contact me with +251920920251

  167. Hello,am Gloria Mvula… I live in Zambia. Completed secondary School in 2017 and I am interested to study please contact me +260962201010

  168. I’m glad to hear such opportunity,thanks! My name is Garedo Tesfa,from Ethiopia! I have BSc degree in Plant science! so, please help me how i can participated and get this opportunity!

  169. am yidnekachew assefa from Ethiopia, I have first dgree in accounting & finance. I want study in America , my phone number +251938013767 please info me.

  170. Hi, my name is tah perez from Cameroon, stopped going to school since 2016 due to the socio political problems that rocking the two English regions of my country. I wish to go school to highest level, I am a holder of Advance Level Certificate (High school). And will really love to study in USA, please help me get a full fund scholarship in USA so I can be to move to the USA and continue studies after years of no school . Please, life is on unbearable in this country right now. I want to live. Here is my number /WhatsApp +237683761862
    Email : [email protected]
    Thank you very much, God bless you.

  171. Comment: i am Tolesa Debushe from ETHIOPIA. I want to study and graduate in Accounting and finance for free through applying in scholarship opportunity. Thank You!!

  172. I am a graduate in one if he best University of Country Cameroon , I graduated on Geographical Studies ,in the Faculty if letters and social sciences University of Dschang Cameroon , I am the lone educated child of in my Family with my father of blessed memory , I struggles for my own and with the help of my Uncle to to go theough my university studies , I wish to be given the the Scholarship so I can study for the betterment of my Family and those Around me, please my contact is +237670082970, this number is as we my wattsapp number , which I can be easily contacted at , once more thank for my accepting my application .

  173. I wished my Application be granted so I can be offered the scholarship to further my education at master level , I have a bachelor degree in Geography and specialise my on Environmental studies , and the lone child of my poor mother , please I wished my application be granted so I can help improve the living standard of my family and those around me , thanks

  174. Hi greetings I’m Ngam Philimon Song from Cameroon. I really wish to continue my education I have Advance level and it’s not easy for me to continue my education because of financial problems.. Please I really wish to be selected amongst those who will be selected for fully funded scholarship..
    My email address is [email protected].

  175. It’s nice to also remember africans interms of rewarding scholarship
    I could like also upgraduate, i have adegree in wildlife and forestry managment from Nkumba unversity Entebbe uganda so i request if i can be helped.

  176. my name is LUAL CHOL from south Sudan I would like to study there I completed my diploma in business administration and management some three years back my 0921813247

  177. I am Nkumbe Anna From Cameroon. I am a third year student at the university of Buea studying Botany and plant physiology. I want scholarship to study medicine in USA

  178. Hi,my name is Joy Winnie am from Kenya.I finished my high-school education this year and am 17years old.please am kindly looking for a scholarship to study abroad.If possible please email me at [email protected] thankyou.

  179. My name is Habtamu Ashete from Ethiopia. I’ve BA degree in political science and international relations. Now, I want to continue MA degree in international relations and related program.

  180. My name is Nyok Deng Nyok. I am a South Sudanese, I would like to study there and have achieved certificate of secondary education. +211916409366.

  181. I am ogwal Christopher from Uganda I need a scholarship so I can become an architect.this program is good and thank you for supporting Africa.

  182. My name is Nyok Deng Nyok, from South Sudan. I would like appreciate the scholarship team for benefiting those who are not able to pay their school fee.
    Therefore, I have achieved certificate of secondary education and did not pursue my
    education due to lack of financial difficulties. Thanks, +211916409366

  183. Dear
    I am Somalia, i am a young student who was finished high school, i am i looking for fully funded international scholarship to study bachelor accountancy pls help me out

  184. Dear
    I am Somalia, i am a young student who was finished high school, i am i looking for fully funded international scholarship to study bachelor accountancy pls help me out.

    I am one of the african citizens who every time thinking to study in developed countries.

  185. Hello am Adidja aged 21 am soon finishing my bachelor’s degree in business administration in Uganda and am kindly looking for a masters scholarship

  186. I am Rashidatu Ibrahim ,a degree holder .Please I would be happy when given the opportunity to continue my education abroad.Thank you

  187. Hello, am looking for master full funded scholarship in the field of construction. also looking for how to get my ISLETS. I am a Tanzania

  188. Please my name is Fatawu Alhassan. An Agribusiness student in the university of Cape Coast Ghana. I want to be inform about any schorlaships available for Agribussiness students or any other Agriculture opportuninities. Please, am highly in need of of it.

  189. My name is Fatawu Alhassan. A level 100 Agribusiness student in the university of Cape Coast Ghana. I desperately want a schorlaship to study in Europe. Agribussiness

  190. Hi Manager,

    I am Amos G. Suah who hills from Liberia (West Africa), a college dropped 8out since 2015 only because of financial support.
    I was reading Information Technology (IT) which i have more interest.

    Sir or Madam, if i am opportune to found part of your scholarship program i will be so happy to complete my career dream so as to work improve and also provide job upportunities for my country and the world technological system at large.

    By His grace waiting to hear from you sooner….

  191. Hello
    I am Wol Wol Ngor, a south Sudanese secondary leaver. I would want to go for further studies, but due financial constraints I could not make it.
    I am looking forward to be favoured with the reply.

  192. Hello dear! I am Dereje Tefera from from Ethiopia, I have BA degree in sociology and social anthropology, I want to study second degree or MA degree in Anthropology, so please give me opportunity. Am looking forward to you for the response of my letter

  193. Hello dear! I am Habtamu Days Darebo, from Ethiopia, I have bsc in civil engineering. I want to study second degree or msc degree in any structural,geotechnical,highway,railway,or any related fields.
    So please give me opportunity. I expect Good responses

  194. Hello dear! I am Habtamu Daka Darebo, from Ethiopia, I have bsc in civil engineering. I want to study second degree or msc degree in any structural,geotechnical,highway,railway,or any related fields.
    So please give me opportunity. I expect Good responses

  195. Comment:Hello.I am Vincent Omondi from Kenya I have concluded my secondary school and would like to further my university studies in the states I kindly request for your dearest assistance

  196. Hi, Mmoloki Moloi from Botswana, kindly assist in getting a scholarship to study a masters in Health Economics. I am a pharmacist by profession, completed a postgraduate diploma in Health Economics

  197. Hi i am Liulseged im graduate of 2018 in Accounting and Finance from Bahir Dar University with CGPA 3.26 so i need to continue my M.A by your chance that u offer so please contact me with my email.

  198. am RIFOR MARVELOUS KAJOH from Cameroon am an accounting student level two at national polytechnic Bamenda and I really want to study aboard in U.S.A

  199. So helpful! Please I will be happy if I can be one of your next admitted students. Am an NCE holder studied biology/ inter sci want to study nursing.

  200. Am an NCE older, studied biology and integrated sci. I will be glad if this scholarship can be of help to me to study nursing in usa thanks… So helpful!

  201. Hello,
    how do I apply for the shorlarship to study bachelor degree nursing? Am an NCE holder biology/inter sci in USA .

  202. hello how do i apply for the scholarship to study bachelors degree in Economics?I finished my High School in 2017.Am from Zimbabwe.

  203. hello, how do i apply for the scholarship to study bachelors degree in Economics.I finished my High School in 2017.Am from Zimbabwe?

  204. Hello,
    I occur to the problem the site need ID but i dont have any ID to login please give some information about it.

  205. I’m Tolane Alemayehu from Ethiopia. I needed to study a master but now I study chemical engineering 5th year at bule hora university.please contact me

  206. Hi, i do appreciate this browser , it’s so useful and hope through it i will get my fully funded scholarship
    of Master’s and PhD programs in the US.

    Please keep me updated on my email given below.

    God bless


  207. Comment:my name is Misgana male. nationality Ethiopia.educational level Bsc.GPA 3.48. i am interested to learn msc at your university. phone num +251916539424

  208. Hi, am Abdulai Kalawa Conteh, am a Sierra Leonean,i have finished high school but I don’t have any financial support to continue my education, I want to achieve my dreams please help me with your scholarship, I will be grateful if you offer me this scholarship,
    E-mail:[email protected]

  209. Comment: I am Gideon Ihemamma a music Student in university of Nigeria Nsukka. I need a scholarship to help further my education and musical career.

  210. Hi, I’m from Ethiopia. I wanna to get this scholarship,because this is way to develop myself,and my country.
    I want to reach my goals, and dreams become truth. Thanks for this opportunity for us.

  211. Am Ellen Ruth Nyirenda ,from Malawi I hold a Bsc in Nutrition and food science, I want to study Msc in Nutrition and food science in the USA

  212. My name is Franca Julia Nwabueze.
    I wish to study abroad and achieve my dreams.
    I will be so grateful if I will be offered a scholarship to Study abroad.
    Thank you!

  213. Good day. I am Cameroonian citizen.i have a bachelor’s degree in electrical technology.
    I wish to grab a fully funded scholarship so as to pursue my studies .
    I need your help please..

  214. Hi, am call Yvan yaya am in Cameroon ,i am in first year university studing rifing and petrochemistry i would like to have a scholarship in the end of my Bachelor degree to continuer in master level thanks

  215. Salut !
    Je suis Doctrové Ngouma, jeune congolais de Brazzaville
    En faisant des recherches sur Internet pour des bourses d’études étrangère, votre structure a bien retenu mon attention et je souhaiterai bien recevoir toutes les conditions qu’il faudrait pour être éligible à vos bourses.
    Souhaitant, recevoir une réponse favorable, je vous prie de croire, à l’expression de ma profonde considération.

    Doctrové Ngouma

  216. My name is okoli Tracy Gedion
    I am a Nigerian really need this scholarship and I know am destined to get it. thank you very much for this site it’s been helpful

  217. Je m’appelle ATSAYO TSASSE ROOSVELT Originaire du Cameroun j’ai un baccalauréat en Mathématiques et sciences de la vie et de la terre et je suis actuellement en première année à la faculté de génie industriel et je souhaite obtenir une bourse d’étude . Je réponds au numéro +237 675742450 mon email : [email protected]

  218. Hello!
    I am kapou santos and I want to apply for an application scholarship in electrical engineering. I want to have informations about that.

  219. Hello am tekleweyni and i want to study abroad Ph.D in biochemistry. Because in Ethiopia there is political instability an internal displacement and i want to have information on the application thank you!


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