Online Programs Scholarships at Liberty University, USA, 2018


The Liberty University is making available at the Online Programs Scholarships at Liberty University, USA, 2018.

Students pursuing an online degree through Liberty University can explore various scholarship opportunities, to gain financial support based on academic or other achievements and affiliations

The Liberty University is a private, non-profit Christian research university in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States.

Scholarship Type

Offers are available for pursuing online degree programs.

Field of study:

Scholarships are for the study of the subjects in the university.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Canadian Student Discount: A 15-percent discount beginning in Spring 2018 (U.S. dollar amount).
  • Emergency Response Personnel Discount: 25-percent tuition discount (student must pay for books, materials, and the current technology fee per term).
  • Heroes Fund Scholarship: offer is for service members and honourably discharged Gulf War veterans (1990– the present day which includes Desert Shield, Desert Storm, OEF & OIF) pursuing their first Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree. Students approved for this scholarship will be awarded an amount to cover all remaining tuition and fees once financial aid and military aid have been deducted from the total amount of tuition and fees charged.
  • International Mission Board (IMB):100-percent tuition (student must pay the $50 administrative fee per term).
    Liberty Advantage: 15% off tuition only.
  • Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV): 100-percent tuition (student is responsible for all fees and a $50 administrative fee per semester).
  • Word of Life Employees: 50-percent discount on tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs only (student must pay the current technology fee per term and a $50 administrative per term).
  • West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists (WVCSB):100% tuition (Student is responsible for all fees and a $50 administrative fee per semester)

To be taken in(Country):


Scholarship Number :

Not Specified

Eligible Nationality:

Canadian and US students are eligible to apply.


Each scholarship has unique requirements and deadlines.

Application Deadline:

25th April 2018

Application Procedure: 

The mode of applying is online.

You can begin the application by clicking on Scholarship Link

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