100 Kenyatta University OVS Scholarship Opportunities-kenyan undergraduates


Over 100 Kenyatta University OVS Scholarship Opportunities

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Kenyatta University OVS Scholarship – Kenya university scholarships: Kenyatta University lays emphasis in the societal development of an individual and as such has established the Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) Scholarship fund to cater for the less privileged but deserving persons to pursue higher education at Kenyatta University.

Through the OVS Scholarship Fund, Kenyatta University has set out to make a difference by investing in the education of the orphans and vulnerable students to enable them take up their rightful places in the future and for posterity.

The goal of the OVS Scholarship Fund is to increase access to university education at Kenyatta University for orphans and vulnerable students through a scholarship endowment fund.

The specific objectives of the Kenyatta University OVS Scholarship Fund are:


  • To enhance access of OVS to higher education
  • To invest in the OVS who have high potential.
  • To support OVS to accomplish their life ambitions by attaining higher education.Orphans and Vulnerable Students OVS Scholarships (80) Kenyatta University is offering EIGHTY (80) scholarships to the orphans and vulnerable students OVS from Kenya seeking to pursue undergraduate degree at KU.The OVS scholarships are also available for continuing students pursuing various degrees at KU. The scholarships will target students who are geographically marginalized orphans, partial orphans, poor students and other disadvantaged students.

    Sport Scholarships (10) In order to build capacity in Sports and Games, Kenyatta University will offer TEN (10) scholarships for exceptionally talented sportsmen and sportswomen to study bachelor degrees in:

  • Recreation science
  • Sports management
  • Exercise and sports scienceThose selected under this category can study for the courseslisted or any other degree programme as long as they continue to pursue their interest in sports.Scholarships in Performing Artists (10) In an effort to enhance artistic talents among our youth, Kenyatta University will offer TEN (10) scholarships to exceptional students in creative and performing arts to study bachelor degrees in music, fine art and theatre arts.

    Students who have excelled in any of the performing arts areas qualify for the scholarship.

    Very good students in drama and music who did not study in high school will also be considered in this category of scholarship to study music, performing art or any other degree programme as long as they maintain interest in drama and performing arts.

    Kenya University: Scholarships Eligibility:

  • Be enrolled into a full time degree programme at Kenyatta University or its constituent campuses.
  • Be twenty-five (25) years or below
  • Meet the required cluster points for the programme applied for.
  • Be in genuine need for financial assistance.
  • Sustain high academic achievement.
  • Be a Kenyan citizen or permanent resident of Kenya.
  • Update the Financial Aid Office with academic performance at the end of the year.
  • Maintain high level of discipline while under the scholarship.
  • Complete an application form for Kenyatta University Student Aid by the set deadline.Kenyatta University: Scholarships for Continuing Students There are ten partial scholarships for tuition for students already in session at Kenyatta University.The scholarship will cover 25% tuition costs beginning the academic year for students with proven high performance and genuine of financial assistance.

    Kenyatta University Internal Bursary Internal bursaries for students already enrolled into Kenyatta University programmes and are awarded based on the need of vulnerable students.

    The application should be supported a letter from the principal/head teacher, chief or pastor.

    Note: The application is made through the Dean of Students.

    Kenyatta University Postgraduate Scholarships The University will give sixteen postgraduate scholarships to cover tuition for the masters’ programme.

    The scholarships will be awarded to graduate students admitted in September of the academic year and will be based on proven high academic performance.

    Scholarship Application Procedure All interested applicants must submit the following to the Kenyatta university, Financial Aid office:

    • Application Form
    • Admission
    • Download
    • Scholarship Application
    • Image
    • Internships
  • Filled application forms,
  • Copy of KU admission letter (those without KU admission letters can apply for admission to KU and their considered application will be fast tracked),
  • Certified copies of relevant certificates/transcripts and reference letter by school principal.Interested applicants for these scholarships should visit the Kenyatta university website (see links below) to downloadthe application forms or collect application forms from the financial aid office on Malagasy Crescent, office no 16, main campus or at all satellite campuses of Kenyatta University.


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