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It’s always a good idea to say thank you to an employer after completing an internship as part of their sponsorship. It’s a way to show your appreciation by sending a post internship thank you letter to the organization for the opportunity and continue your relationship with them.

If you play your cards right, it could even set the stage for the internship to become a full-time paid job. Expressing your appreciation is so important after an internship program, as it is ideal for creating further connections for future purposes.

After completing your internship, be it a face-to-face or virtual experience, it’s a good idea to send one (or more) thank you letters. By sending a thank you note, you can express your appreciation for the opportunity.

Plus, this polite note will help you end your internship on a strong, positive note.

Most people know to send a thank you letter after an interview, but many fail to send one after an internship.

Why write a post internship thank you letter?

That is why a post internship thank you letter is important:

The main goal is to thank your employer and the people you’ve worked with for the opportunity to develop your skills, gain work experience, and learn all they had to teach you.

Your appreciation is polite and helps you make a good impression on the people you met during your internship.

Before you write your note, think about which method you want to use. If you’d like to send a personal message, you can give your internship supervisor a handwritten card or a typewritten letter. If you just want to send a quick note, you can send an email.

It is appropriate to send a thank you message to everyone who has helped you. You can send a team-wide email, but you can also consider sending separate notes to each individual who worked with you during your internship.

It sets you apart from your colleagues. Since many interns don’t bother to send a thank you, the gesture makes you stand out from the crowd.

It leaves a lasting, positive impression. This is beneficial in asking the sponsoring organization to serve as a reference when you start looking for a job.

It could open doors. Saying thank you formally strengthens a relationship that can lead to vacancies, mentoring, and the chance to become part of the recipient’s trusted network.

If you go down this route, make sure you send different notes, not variations of the same letter. People are unlikely to compare, but it means more when you send a real thank you, rather than just a form letter.

Who should I send a post internship thank you letter?

You can send a post internship thank you letter or an e-mail to your line manager, to the internship program manager or coordinator, and to all colleagues who were particularly helpful or involved in your daily work during your internship.

If your career office helped you set up the internship, a thank you is a great way to let staff know about your summer experience.

Should a post internship thank you letter be handwritten or by email?

As long as you write and send a thank you, the shipping method is a matter of personal preference. An email has the benefits of speed and spells checking, while a handwritten note adds a more personal, unexpected touch.

How to write an internship thank you letter

There are some standard items that you should write about in your internship letter. Follow these steps to write a memorable internship thank you letter:

1. Start by expressing your gratitude

Start your thank-you letter with a sincere thank you to your supervisors and colleagues for teaching you new skills and helping you grow personally and professionally.

There may be other valuable things you are grateful for from your internship experience that you should include in your internship thank you letter.

2. Mention what you learned from the experience

Include specific examples of your internship experience in your cover letter. You can mention specific moments from projects you’ve worked on that helped broaden your mind, deepen your understanding of the industry, or any other value you received from the internship.

3. Be concise

Try to write a clear and concise message instead of a long one. The people you are sending the message to are likely to be busy, so choose your words carefully when expressing your appreciation and desire to keep in touch.

As you write your letter, focus on specific examples and calls to action that will help you build a good professional relationship.

4. Remember to include your contact details

You would like to provide your contact details to keep in touch with those with whom you have worked during your internship. However, a thank you letter should never be used to directly ask for a job.

There are other ways to turn an internship into a job. It is acceptable to ask to connect on work-related social media platforms to keep in touch.

If you send separate thank you letters to several people you met during your internship, make sure that your letters are all different and unique to your individual experience with each person.

5. Choose an effective way to send your letter

Handwritten notes can add a personal touch to your internship thank you letter. However, if you know that the company you were interning with doesn’t use traditional mail often, it might be best to email the letter.

You need to think about what the people you are sending it to appreciate most before creating and sending your thank you letter.

What must not be included in the letter?

Asking for a job right away: Your thank you letter can certainly set the stage for a job offer down the line, but you don’t want to look like you’re just saying thank you for something else.

Use this note to keep the connection strong and to express your gratitude. When mentioning future vacancies, do so with a sure instinct.

Don’t be negative:  Use the letter to let off frustrations or express negative feelings about the company, its employees, or the experience. If you have had problems with any aspect of your internship, this is not the time to bring it up.

Adding anything that isn’t real: False compliments will seem false even in the hands of a skilled writer. Hopefully, there was something about your internship that you appreciated, even if your experience was less than 100% positive. Talk about it and leave the rest aside.

Excessive Length: While trying to say exactly what you learned during this experience, keep your message short. Your email or letter should probably be 3-4 paragraphs or less.

The most important things to include are your appreciation, some details about what you learned from the experience, and your contact information.

Templates for Writing a Post-Internship Thank You Letter

Sample of post internship thank you letter (Text Version)

Carrie Rodriguez
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

May 22, 2020

 Ray Lee
Manager, Marketing and External Affairs
XYZ College
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

 Dear Mr. Lee,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as a Marketing Intern in the Marketing and External Affairs Office of XYZ College. In the past six months, I have gained valuable insights into the marketing industry.

Since you have given me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, I’ve had the opportunity to observe numerous aspects of college marketing, from publishing magazines and brochures to creating email newsletters to maintaining a college Websites.

You and your staff were very friendly and helpful and gave me great career tips.

This internship definitely piqued my interest in a career in marketing. I would like to keep in touch with you and maybe talk to you about steps I should take in the future to embark on a career in marketing. Thank you again for a great six months.


Your signature (on paper)

Your entered name

Sample of a post internship thank you letter by email

A thank you email is very similar to a thank you letter. However, instead of putting your contact information at the top, you’ll be putting it at the bottom of your email signature.

When sending a thank you email message, include your name and “Thank you” in the subject line of the message so that it is safe to read.

Subject: Your Name – Thank you for the opportunity

Dear Mr. Ms. surname,

Thank you for three rewarding months as an environment, health, and justice intern at ABC Nonprofit.

I really appreciated your willingness to have all departments of the company explored. I’ve been able to attend board meetings, organize fundraising drives, collaborate with campaign staff on environmental policies, write content for your website, and much more.

You really allowed me to see from the bottom up how a nonprofit environmental organization works. I acquired skills in campaign research, social media content writing, and event planning.

I look forward to going back to school and completing my environmental science degree. This internship only reinforced my desire to work for a company like yours in the future.

Thank you again for all of your support and for all of the opportunities you have given me.


first name Last Name

Phone number


LinkedIn profile url (optional)


Being able to write a sincere thank you is an important element in any professional tool kit, regardless of what professional field you are pursuing or what level you are at in your career.

Make sure you read everything you need to know about writing thank you letters, including who to thank, what to write, and when to write an employment-related thank you letter.


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