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IT@School: 2017-18 Prematric Scholarship Fresh & Renewal

IT@School: Prematric Scholarship 2017-18 Fresh & Renewal

Pre-matrics is the scholarship for students from minority communities. The scheme will form the foundation for their educational attainment and thus provide them a way into the competitive employment arena

For processing the scholarship large number of student records is to be maintained and processed. Manually processing of the records is a difficult and cumbersome process. Hence the department of general education decided to automate this process for effecting quality delivery.

Applicable State : Kerala
Application Deadline : 31st Aug 2017 (Fresh) & 31st July 2017 (Renewal)

IT@School Project:
** The system developed by IT@School Project, provide facility for data entry at DEO level, thus making the data entry part error free. The data entry part is done offline and then the data is integrated into the online system.

** Once the offline data is uploaded to the database, the DEOs would verify the data in a meticulous manner. System also provides data security by limiting the access of each user to the data they require.

Operational Guidelines For National Scholarships Portal:
1. Online submission of application form can be done through the Website http://www.scholarships.gov.infrom any of the internet access points.
2. Click on “STUDENT LOGIN” on Home page.
3. Click on “REGISTER”
4. A new web Page requesting to Enter the preliminary data as required for the Registration is displayed. Fill all the details corresponding to the titles/Labels appearing on the page.
5) After entering the details corresponding to titles 4A to 4L. Click on the “SUBMIT” Button. Note-Check the details entered in titles 4A to 4L very carefully as changes will not be allowed after clicking submit button.
6.)WebPage displays TEMPORARY Registration No. of the Applicant. Click “PROCEED” Button to move on to the next Page

Helpdesk: 0471-2328438

Website : http://www.education.kerala.gov.in/
Notification : http://www.scholarships.net.in/uploads/13981-Noty.pdf
Application Form: http://www.scholarships.net.in/uploads/13981-Form.pdf
Apply Online : http://www.scholarships.gov.in/
More Updates : http://www.scholarship.itschool.gov.in/

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