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Current and future students at Iowa State University are often concerned about how they can finance the high cost of their studies. If you are studying in the state of Iowa, you can apply for scholarships in different ways to finance your studies.

One of the best ways to find free money for college is to complete the FAFSA app. This form can be completed fairly quickly and tells you if you are eligible for federal or state funding. In addition to the FAFSA form, the state of Iowa offers many scholarships that are only available to students attending their university.

As a result, these awards may be less competitive than external awards. Some of the scholarships in the state of Iowa aim to attract incoming or transferred students, while others are available to returning students.

About Iowa State University

Iowa State University is a public, land-grant university, where students get a great academic start in learning communities and stay active in 800-plus student organizations, undergraduate research, internships and study abroad. They learn from world-class scholars who are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges — feeding the hungry, finding alternative fuels and advancing manufacturing.

See the list below for some of the rewards available in the state of Iowa.

Muchemore, G. Robert Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students who have completed high school in the state of Nebraska. Only students who have an average of at least 3.0 points and who are interested in full-time education in the state of Iowa will be eligible for this award.

The award gives a lucky winner a $15,000 scholarship to cover higher education costs. Students are selected for this scholarship because of a combination of financial need and academic value.

To be eligible for this scholarship, a FAFSA application is required and must be completed no later than December 1st.

More information on this scholarship can be found on this site. Scholarship Link

Boyack Scholarship, Helen Memorial Scholarship

US citizen students and graduates from East Union High School will be considered for this scholarship. It is only available to newcomers entering the state of Iowa. With the award, a winner will receive a prize of $ 2,000 to reduce tuition.

Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and have a financial need. Each candidate must complete the FAFSA application before December 1st to be taken into account.

More information on this scholarship can be found here. Scholarship Link

College Scholarships

Each college runs some of its own scholarships. Students will find application forms for the Social Science Fellowship here. Students considering studying outside the humanities can search for links to scholarships offered by their university department on this website.

The amount of departmental scholarships, conditions and application deadlines vary. Scholarship Link

If you are still looking for additional scholarships through the FAU, visit the Grants page, which is here. For example, you will find on this site a list of scholarships available for the transfer of students. The website also offers many other awards for current and future students.

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