Hungarian Government Bilateral State Scholarships for International Students 2017/2018- Apply Now


Last updated on July 28th, 2017 at 09:33 pm

The government of Hungary is offering Bilateral State Scholarships for eligible international students who wishes to study in Hungary. World Scholarship Forum Team is glad to announce to you that the scholarships currently ongoing, just follow the instructions & Apply. Good Luck.


Bilateral state scholarships are based on scientific and educational cooperation agreements signed by the governments of two countries. Similarly to the foreign partner, the Hungarian side offers scholarships for foreign students, researchers or lecturers in higher education institutions or in scientific or art institutions. Each foreign partner has a national scholarship office which is responsible for nominating potential outgoing scholars to foreign partner(s), as well as arranging their and the potential incoming foreign applicants’ application process. These offices work within or related to the particular ministries of education. In Hungary, the national scholarship office is Tempus Public Foundation, a background organisation of the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources (EMMI).

Scholarships can be applied for in two ways:

1) Being nominated by the home country

In this case, applicants first submit their applications to their national scholarship office, as required by the office. (The national office assesses them along a number of criteria and prepares a nomination list of the successful applicants.) The scholars also need to submit an application into Tempus Public Foundation’s online system. Tempus Public Foundation receives its foreign partner office’s list of nominated scholars.

2) Submitting an individual application

If not being nominated by the home country, applicants simply need to submit their applications into Tempus Public Foundation’s online system.

In both of the above cases, after submission, applications are assessed by the Hungarian side: first, a formal eligibility check is made, then Tempus Public Foundation’s external experts score the applications along several professional criteria. As a result, applicants (and in the case of country nomination, the national offices, as well), are informed about the decision (acceptance/rejection) directly by email. Tempus Public Foundation also sends other necessary information in order to help organise and start the stay in Hungary.

Calls for application

You may read details about the general application conditions, provisions, documents to be submitted, etc. within the Calls for application:

Workplan template

List of summer course organizer institutions and course descriptions

Online application guide (in English)

Partner countries

Applications may be submitted by citizens of the relations listed in and depending on the specific conditions of the Calls for application: Calls for application

Available scholarship types

  • bachelor or master or doctoral semester/partial studies (3-10 months)
  • full degree bachelor or master or doctoral studies (36/24/36 months respectively)
  • short or long-term research (3 days – 10 months)
  • summer courses (2-4 weeks)

Deadlines for application:January and march yearly


Applications are made online.

In order to apply, you need to register on the website for applications at

Before starting your application, please, read carefully the online application guide (in English).

Should you need more information, you may contact your bilateral state scholarship officer according to your country of origin.

For information about bilateral state scholarship types available in Hungary please, click HERE Protection Status



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