Top Tips on How To Find The Right Student Accommodation in the UK

Students from all over the world are choosing the UK as their preferred study destination due to its academic prowess, thus, the need for students to know how to find the right student accommodation in the UK.

It’s no news that the UK is home to some of the best universities in the world. With an increase in the number of students entering the country to study, a lot of new student accommodations in the UK have popped up across the country. 

The kind of accommodation that you choose for yourself can make or break your student experience, so make sure you put some effort into finding the right one for yourself. 

If you’re new in the country, the process of hunting for accommodation for students in London will have you overwhelmed. There are several factors that one must consider before beginning your search.

Finding student rooms in London is a journey that will get you familiarised with many parts of the city.  Since London is a huge city, it’s nice to learn how to get around it sooner. But it’s still possible to end up in a place that is not right for you. 

To avoid that from happening, we have put together this comprehensive list that will help you in your quest.

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How To Find The Right Student Accommodation

Here are top tips on find the right accommodation as a student in the UK;

1. Begin Your Search Early

As they say, you snooze, you lose. So, ensure that you’re on your feet as soon as you get your acceptance letter from your university. Start your search online to end up with the right accommodation for students in London.

The best ones are the first to be sold out, so you have to keep an eye out. The best time to start your accommodation search is around 6 months before you want to move in. You can also get in touch with your peers to learn about which properties and areas are the best ones to live in.


2. Do Your Research

True for any task, research is vital to finding the ideal student rooms in London or anywhere in the UK. So, you must do thorough research on the place you’re interested to move in. The first thing you must ensure is whether the area that you’re choosing to live in is safe or not. 

Another important thing you must ensure is whether the property has good transport links or not. You may also be able to find a hidden gem if you do your research well! 

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3. Define Your Budget

One of the first things one must do even before starting your accommodation-hunting journey is to define your budget. Your rent is not the sole expense you will be born while you’re at university. Other expenses like food, tuition, and bills also need to be kept in mind. 

It’s pointless to look at properties that are priced beyond your budget. So, ensure that you filter out the ones that you cannot afford, to save up on time. 


4. Use The Internet

The internet is a great tool to search for an ideal student accommodation for yourself. In case you do not have the option to physically check the place out, you can always rely on the internet to do your job for you. There are plenty of websites that offer student accommodation at affordable rates, depending on your budget and preferences. 

Best Student Halls is an excellent portal that offers quality student rooms in London at steal prices. Don’t forget to read the reviews and check with the property staff on phone before finalizing anything. 

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5. View Student Accommodation By Visiting Them

When in doubt, you can always rely on old-fashioned ways to make the right choice for yourself. It’s always satisfying to view a property before making a decision, as you have to live there for a long time. You must check the condition of the property and whether the living conditions are right for you.

So, even if you have a few options that you have found online, deciding against viewing the property would be the wise thing to do. You can also ask for a virtual tour of the property if you cannot be present there.


6. Check The Safety

This should be your priority when you move out of your home. Since you’re going to be living all alone in a new city, you have to ensure that you’re safe at all times. If the area is dominated by students, chances are that the area is a safe one.

But one must still check to be sure of it. Also, check to see if the property you’re interested in has CCTV coverage, locks, and burglar alarms.  Do all of these so you and your parents can sleep peacefully at night. 


7. Proximity to The University

Your student accommodation must be located in proximity to your university. If the property that you’re interested in is located further away from your university, you will end up spending a lot of time and money on the commute every day.

London is a well-connected city, so you will not have any problems finding your way around it. But the drawback is that being a big city, there are chances that you may get stuck in traffic too. So, go for accommodation for students in London that is close to your university.

8. Check About The Bills, Internet, And More

Many student rooms in London follow an all-inclusive policy, so you will not be required to pay any bills. At Best Student Halls, all the bills and utilities are included, making it easier for you and your pockets.

Paying bills when you’re already paying rent becomes a huge expense, especially if you are a student. Another thing you should ask for is whether the place has Wi-Fi or not. As a student, you will be needing Wi-Fi to work on your assignments or stay in touch with your friends and family back home. 

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Last Thoughts

We hope this list will be of help when you set out to find the perfect student accommodation for yourself. 

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