Study In France: How to Apply for a Visa to Study in France (READ AND SHARE)


Study in france: How to Apply for a Visa to Study in France

If you have just been given an admission to study in a French University, you might be wondering how you can apply for a visa to study. In this post, I will show the steps involved in applying for a student visa to study in France. Please note that citizens Andorra, Vatican, Switzerland, San Marino, and Monaco do not need a visa to study in France.

To start your visa application, you will first need to register with Campus France. Click here to access their homepage.

Step 1

Register online and acquire an ‘attestation’ from Campus France.

Step 2

Once you’ve registered online and have compiled all the required documents, you will need to schedule an interview. You can do this by contacting the nearest Campus France office and request for an academic interview. This interview could be done through phone or e-mail. In the interview, you will be asked to explain in detail you reason for chosing France as your study destination. You will also be asked why you chosed the institution where you got the admission. Make sure you go to the interview with all mandatory documents.

Step 3

The next step now is for you to schedule an appointment with VFS-France. You will need to submit photocopies of your documents together with the original passport. The interview can be fixed online or by telephone.

Application period

The visa processing time varies from two weeks to a month and is dependent on the time of the year the application is made. It is advisable that students apply for their visa months in advance to avoid refusal.

Working in France with a student visa

Yes, it is allowed! International students who are studying in France can take up part time work to support their study in France. This law permits the student to work for 964 hours in a year which amounts to nearby 60% of the full time employment of the Year. Protection Status



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