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In June 2015 the United States and Pakistan established an Education, Science and Technology Working Group (ESTWG) under the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue. During the official visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to meet with President Obama and other US officials on October 22, 2015 the two leaders discussed the proposal to establish US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor and directed their respective governments to intensify their cooperation in this important framework to achieve the ambitious priority targets of developing high level human capital envisioned in Pakistan’s policy document Vision 2025.

2nd Meeting of the ESTWG was held in 29th February 2016 in Washington DC to develop a joint action plan for operationalizing the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor and its salient elements. In general US agreed to support Pakistan’s efforts to strengthen its University system by jointly increasing the number of Pakistani faculty who obtain their Ph.D. in the US universities.

According to the Plan, ten thousand (10,000) Pakistani scholars will join US universities in next ten years as an effort of the Government of Pakistan to train its faculty resources in identified subject areas.

​As Phase-I, 1500 scholarships will be financed through Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and the project has been approved in ECNEC, held on Jan 25, 2017.

Pakistani citizens/nationals with strong academic histories, committed to returning and serving Pakistan are welcome to apply. Applicants are especially encouraged in these priority fields defined on national need basis: the broad categories are Arts & Humanities; Design & Media; Water Resources & Energy, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business Sciences, Agriculture & Food security, Veterinary Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Emerging Technology, Nano-Technology, Computers, Medical & Allied Health Sciences, Bio-Technology, Telecommunications, Human-made Materials, Robotics, Microelectronics.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be Pakistani citizen/national/AJK nationals who meet other criteria.
  • Have MS, M Phil or equivalent degree (18 years of formal education) from an accredited university/institution approved by Higher Education Commission, prior to this program, relating to selected fields for the PhD Degree Program.
  • Have a maximum age of 40 for regular faculty members and researchers of public sector universities/R&D organizations, subject to NOC issuance and  for all others maximum age of 35 at the time of closing date of application submission.
  • Have an active commitment to serve the universities/R&D organizations in Pakistan after the completion of studies under the scheme. All selected applicants are required to sign a bond to return back and work in Pakistan for a minimum of five years upon completion of degree program.
  • Individuals who have availed/availing any other HEC scholarship are eligible for this scholarship program subject to approval by Steering Committee, US-Pak Knowledge Corridor, HEC.

Academic criteria:

  • The scholars who have already secured admission or enrolled in PhD program in top 200 QS ranked US universities (Overall Ranking), in the above fields may also apply for scholarship. Preference will be given to those applicants who have obtained tuition fee waivers from ranked US universities.
  • Have acquired the valid GRE/GMAT/GRE Subject & TOEFL scores required for admission in US universities. Under the new scoring system, minimum scores of 138 in the verbal and 136 in the quantitative sections are required. However higher scores will be required than the minimum threshold for admission in top 200 QS ranked US universities.
  • Academic merit based on HEC-AEF calculator will also be applicable.
  • Have maximum 2 Second Divisions throughout the academic career.
  • Have no 3rd Division or grade D in his/her career.
  • Not less than 50% marks in academic career.

The grant will be offered for maximum period of 5 years on the basis of academic merit, & US university acceptance letter. The grant will not cover the tuition fee.  HEC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the grant at any stage.

Please note that HEC attested documents are not required with the application. Only send the print of online application form, duly signed before the deadline, at the HEC address given in the advertisement. Hard copy of the pre-requisite documents will be required after initial shortlisting & PMU HEC will intimate successful candidates accordingly.

Plagiarism in an application can lead to disqualification at any stage of the program.

Please fill out the application form according to the following instructions:

  • Questions must be answered completely and carefully. Please make every effort to limit your responses to the space provided.
  • Before you begin this application, you should make sure that you are aware of all deadline dates and requirements.
  • If you do not hold a valid Pakistani passport, apply for one immediately after initial short listing.
  • All successful candidates will be required to sign a contract /bond with HEC that binds them to return to Pakistan immediately after their program completion in the U.S. and serve the country for the number of year’s equivalent to the length of their scholarship program. This contract is redeemable on a year-for-year basis after returning to work in Pakistan, so that as long as a person fulfils the service requirement, he or she will pay nothing. Otherwise, a grantee will be legally liable for the cost of his or her scholarship program in the U.S. on a year-for-year basis. No grantee will be required to pay anything as long as they fulfil​ their contractual/ bond obligation.

A complete application has the following components:

Item —Name: It is very important that you list your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport.

Item—Education: Mention the field of study most appropriate to your study objective. Institutions: Please list all post-secondary institutions attended in reverse order (putting the most recently attended first).

Item—Work Experience: Please select the position title which best describes the activity in which you are currently (or most recently) involved and all previous experiences.

Item—Study/Research Objective: The study/research objective description that you provide is an essential and highly important part of your application. You should take great care to write a clear and very detailed description of the program you want to pursue.  Clearly identify the area(s) within your field of study in which you want to specialize or concentrate. If there is a specific research that you want to accomplish, please describe it

Item—Personal Statement: The personal statement is a narrative statement explaining what is special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story. It may include details of your life (personal or family problems, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals), explain your interest in the field you propose to study, and demonstrate that you are well suited to this field. It should also touch on your career plans and your purpose in applying for study in the U.S.

Item—Additional Information:  Attach your curriculum vitae here.

University Preferences/Direct Admissions: You are required to state the university preferences, but if you would like, please complete this page as fully as possible. Do not just list the name of a University in which you are interested. Be specific. Provide the name of the department and the specific program within that department in which you are interested; how that program is linked to selected/advertised subject fields; if you have been in contact or correspondence with a faculty member, please provide the name and contact information for that individual.  If you have applied to a U.S. university within the past three years, please list the programs and the results.  If you have letters of admission, letters of invitation, or other correspondence from a school, especially a preferred program, please forward a copy (not the original) of this correspondence to HEC.

​SUPPLEMENTAL FORMS/DOCUMENTATION (required after initial short listing):

a. Letter of Reference/Recommendation: You must have three letters of reference (or recommendation) submitted on your behalf. Letters of reference are extremely important. All letters of reference should be written by teachers under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in work related to your proposed field of study. Letters of reference should not be written by persons related to you either by blood or marriage or by personal friends. At least one academic and one professional or work related letter should be included among the letters. The letters should be written in English.

Your recommenders can submit their letters in the following way:

  •  ​You can print out the Letter of Reference form and forward to your recommenders who will then complete the forms and mail to HEC.

b.   Academic transcripts: These documents must consist of:

One attested official record (transcript) from each university or post-secondary institution you attended, the transcripts should list the subjects you studied and the grades you received during each year of your enrollment.

After the initial selection you’ll be responsible to provide the copies of all degrees obtained & transcripts, attested by HEC.

 c.   Score reports of standardized test: All shortlisted applicants will be required to submit the following score reports

  • GRE (Graduate Records Examination):  The GRE is required by U.S. graduate schools and/or departments for candidates in most fields other than Business Administration and Law.


  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): TOEFL is an admission requirement at U.S. institutions for applicants whose native language is not English.

a.  Optional tests, depending on your academic subject

  • GRE SUBJECT TESTS are required in certain fields. If you are selected for the Scholarship in this field, you will be asked to submit the GRE Subject score report.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test):  GMAT is an admissions requirement for applicants proposing to study Business or Management, as well as any fields which may fall within the scope of offerings of a Business school or department. If you are selected for the Scholarship in this field, you may be asked to submit the GMAT score report.

Scholarships Deadline: 10 March, 2017

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