Hawaii Pacific University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living, 2019


Hawaiian Pacific University is often referred to as NSU, a non-denominational university in Honolulu and Kananoq, Hawaii. though its tuition is one of the most expensive in the country, it has various scholarship opportunities and financial aids to support the students in their pursuit. check it out.

HPU is the largest private university in the Central Pacific and is famous for its diverse student population of about 5,000 students from nearly 65 countries. The best academic programs in school are business research, nursing, biology, diplomacy, military science, and social work.

The Marine Research Institute, HPU Research Center, is located at Macapuu Point. HPU is also represented as a military site in Oahu.

About Hawaiian Pacific University

HPU was founded in 1965 as Pacific College of Hawaii. Low, Eureka Forbes, Elizabeth W. Kellerman and Roar. Edmund Walker. Four prominent citizens and ordinary people who are looking for private liberal arts courses in Hong Kong presented a charter for creating a non-profit organization called Hawaii Pacific College. On September 17, 1965, Hawaii released a chart for the Pacific region of Hawaii.

September 1966, Honolulu Christian University (College of Honolulu College) which was established in 1949 enrolled in Hawaii. University of Pacific received a new certificate in Hawaii. 1967 James L. Mayder became the first president of Hawai’i Pacific College.

This institution conduct a training program in the humanities and cooperative education. Hawaii Pacific College of Business Administration was established that same year Chat G. Wright became the founding dean of the Hawaii Pacific School Business Administration.

In 1973, the college received full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools Colleges.

Scholarships in Hawaiian Pacific University

At HPU, they know that college is one of the most important investments in your life. Therefore, they recommend that you familiarize yourself with the benefits that you will receive. HPU offers scholarships, and other needs as part of the admission process.

New participants and automatic students will consider all scholarships for registration without a separate application. FAFSA must estimate prices based on demand. All scholarships and grants require regular registration (12 hours per semester) in order to receive a reward.

Scholarships and grants are not paid until students start at least 12 hours of crediting. These prices may disappear if you do not follow the records of the previous semesters.



There are annual and talented scholarships funded by the donor, as a rule, for students who continue/return through the application form during the school year. The Financial Assistance Department notifies all continuing school students by email when the application process is open and the deadline expires.

This process is usually conducted at the beginning of the spring semester. There are also several scholarships for annually for students. By completing the application through this new HPU Annual/Stipenkom scholarship, you can get an HPU scholarship for almost a year and receive an annual / talented scholarship profile.

The completed application is sent to various selection panels to select the winners.



As the largest private university in Hawaii, they believe their mission is to find ways to return to the community around them. At HPU, Kouleana is one of our core values.

With this scholarship, they strive to support Hawaiian professionals who need to combine high-quality faculties with flexible schedules according to your schedule in order to continue your education in Hawaii.


  • A postgraduate student who wish to register for only six credits per semester
  • Students must be in the curriculum.
  • This scholarship is valid for two semesters in the fall and spring, and not in the summer.
  • It is required that an applicant must complete a new application for each school year.

AY 2018-19 scholarships are estimated at $ 1,260 per semester.



Graduate Assistants (GA) support part of the training for up to four semesters, excluding summer conditions. Assistants must receive an academic education (at least 9 points per semester) in academic, or administrative semesters beyond research requirements and 10-19 hours per week (for a price).

The bachelor’s assistant works with teachers and educators in the field and assigns activities that add value to the development of the student as a program development manager. Auxiliary teachers can be extended to four semesters if their academic performance is good. Helping local and international students.

Assistant diploma includes training only. Tuition, books and living expenses are borne by the student. Priority will be given to newly registered students.



For an academic year, undergraduate tuition & fees at Hawaii Pacific University is $24,550. The latest tuition fees for undergraduate 2018-2019 is estimated at Hawaii Pacific University which shows that a student would have to pay $25,713.

This cost is evidently estimated based on the cost change rate of last year.

YearTuition & FeesOn Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses
Change % 2017-20184.74%2.64%


 Tuition & FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs



The campuses of Hawaii at the University of Pacific consists of business schools, colleges of humanities, medical and social colleges, universities of natural sciences and computer science and colleges.

HPU offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in their respective faculties. The university also has extensive distance learning and online platforms for many programs.

The University of Hawaii is accredited by the Association of Western Schools and the Association of School Regional and Colleges (WASC) (WASC) M. Ed. Accreditation programs for teacher training agencies. BSN and MSN’s nursing service level were approved by the School of Health Council in Hawaii and accredited by the Collegiate of Nursing education. BSW and MSW social security programs are accredited by the Social Learning Council.


According to an international business program review conducted by thebestsochools.org  in 2014, the University of the Pacific in Hawaii is recognized as one of the best MBA programs in the United States.

  • HPU first ranked 18th among 25 online MBA programs in international business. HPU is the only Hawaiian school.
  • In the American colleague and the 2014 BEST COLLEGES World annual report, the University of Hawaii Pacific is one of the best universities in the western region.
  •  University of Hawaii is ranked 10 in the latest US newsletter.
  • The University of Hawaii Pacific is rated by the Institute of International Studies (IIE), one of the leading universities in the world for global diversity. As an issuer of open doors.
  • IIE is considered the main source of international registration – annual publication for international registration of US universities. IIE grades depending on the type of institution.

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