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Application Description

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic (MEYS) annually offers scholarships to foreign nationals within the framework of intergovernmental exchange programmes arranged with the following countries:


Scholarships can only be granted to candidates officially recommended for the award by the appropriate authorities in the eligible countries, which collect the applications, set the closing date for applications and organize the selection procedure.

Applications sent directly to the MEYS by individual applicants cannot be processed.

Who can apply:

Scholarships of this type are designed for university/college students or graduates and Ph.D. candidates(exceptionally for university researchers/teachers) who wish to undertake study or research visits to one of theCzech public institutions of higher education.

The scholarships are not intended for summer language courses; a separate notification of scholarships for participation in the Summer Schools of Slavonic Studies is published at:

Eligible recipients and period of scholarship:

The categories of eligible recipients are specified separately by each of the exchange programmes arranged with the countries concerned. Detailed information on the entry requirements, in particular the minimum academic qualifications, can be provided by the authorities collecting applications in the eligible countries.

Type of course / conditions of enrolment:

Scholarship-holders usually attend courses that do not lead to the award of a degree (non-degree study courses) or pursue an independent research activity (research visit), depending upon their academic qualifications and preferences.

Enrolment in standard degree study programmes, especially Ph.D. courses, for the period of scholarship is also possible. The feasibility of this option depends upon the host university.

The terms and conditions of admission and requirements concerning the language of tuition are stipulated autonomously by host universities which take independent decisions whether or not each applicant can be accepted within the framework of the MEYS’ scholarship programme.

Access to art academies can be somewhat limited because the applicants must meet demanding requirements and demonstrate their talent. Samples of artistic work, e.g. photographs, video/audio recording of a musical performance etc., must be attached to the application forms of fine/performing arts students/graduates.

Language of tuition:

The primary language of tuition is Czech. Scholarship-holders can be admitted also to some English-medium courses, though it should be noted that not all courses with tuition in the English language are open to scholarship-holders.

Letter of invitation / preliminary acceptance letter:

Prospective applicants are advised to contact the preferred university directly and request a letter of invitation from the respective department. A letter of invitation is usually not listed among obligatory attachments to the application form. Nevertheless, its submission is recommended, even if not explicitly stated in the exchange programme concerned as a mutually agreed condition, since it can simplify and expedite the admission procedure. Applicants are required to point out to the prospective host universities that they intend to apply for the MEYS’ scholarship.


Nominations and application dossiers must be submitted to the MEYS by the appropriate authorities of the eligible countries. Applications sent directly to the MEYS by individual applicants will not be processed.

Closing date for applications:

The closing dates for applications are set by the appropriate authorities in the eligible countries; the deadlines differ in individual countries, but are usually fixed for the very beginning of the calendar year in order to meet the subsequent schedule of admission procedure. 

All applicants should indicate the preferred period of scholarship in their application form. The MEYS reserves the right to change the requested term of scholarship and/or place any applicant onto a course and/or higher education institution different from those indicated in his/her scholarship application form, if admission to the course requested by the applicant is not possible.

Each application dossier must comprise 2 copies of a completely and legibly filled out application form:


and the following required attachments which are also submitted in duplicate, unless the respective bilateral exchange programme stipulates otherwise:

A. for a study/research stay up to 30 days

  • curriculum vitae;
  • list of publications (if applicable).

B. for a study/research stay exceeding 30 days

  • curriculum vitae;
  • list of publications (if applicable);
  • medical certificate (only for non-EU/EEA nationals);
  • two letters of recommendation from academic supervisors or employer;
  • photocopy of diploma (if applicable);
  • certified transcript(s) of records.

All documents must be written in or translated into Czech, English, French or German.

Fine arts and performing arts students/graduates are moreover required to attach a sample of their artistic work, e.g. photographs, video/audio recording of a musical performance etc.

Incomplete application dossiers and/or inadequately completed application forms will not be processed.

Advice and further information can be provided by the Czech Embassies in eligible countries and/or the appropriate authories implementing the exchange programme concerned (please see above the list of eligible countries).

Application Deadline:

The period of scholarship usually ranges from 2 to 10 months. Scholarships may be awarded repeatedly to the same recipients, provided that they submit a renewed application for the following academic year and are selected by the appropriate authorities in their home countries. Protection Status



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