Glints Scholarships Awards 2018



Glints is glad to announce its Glints Scholarship award  2018.The aim of the scholarship is to help talented college students of Indonesia.

Looking for a way to pay for college? Want to buy books for your undergraduate thesis material? Think about doing a research but don’t have enough money?

here is the chance you’ve been waiting for, If you’re a university/polytechnic student, there is a scholarship opportunity worth Rp 5.000.000,- waiting for you to claim!

A common belief in our society is that college scholarships are only available for the most brilliant and talented students. But that is not the case here. Glints believes in passion and hunger for self-development. They believe that each and every one is unique and has their own way to reach the top of their career, only sometimes they stumble into a funding issue.


Glints are an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform headquartered in Singapore. It is a platform for young talent to build up their career readiness through internships and graduate jobs; developing skill sets required in different careers.

The company was founded in August 2013 by Oswald Yeo, Looi Qin En and Seah Ying Cong. The website was launched in January 2014. Through the website, users can apply for internships, full-time, part-time or project based positions with partnered companies. The website targets job hunters aged 16 to 26.

Some major companies registered with Glints include Adidas and Puma. Glints is looking to expand operations beyond Singapore to other countries in the region and the larger US market


Yes, the  scholarship is for any college students from any university or polytechnic in any major. Your grades and GPA aren’t the points because you’ll be evaluated on your motivation and attitude. By applying for this scholarship, you’ll be one step closer to establish your dream career. What better time to start it than today?


The scholarship is available for undergraduate students to pursue any major in any university or polytechnic in the country.


This scholarship is to be taken in Indonesia in any of the country’s university or polytechnic


The scholarship is open to INDONESIAN NATIONALS


The scholarship opportunity is worth Rp 5.000.000 , which can cover for your tuition fees , book allowance, accommodation allowance and others.

 Glints Scholarships Awards Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Area college student in Indonesia, any year and major acceptable;
  • Are registered as Glints’ talent;
  • Have uploaded CV and profile picture, as well as completed your profile;
  • Are active in career development activities—through co-curricular activities in college, seminars, workshops, or other organizations;
  • Apply for this opportunity.

HOW TO APPLY FOR Glints Scholarships Awards

The scholarship is easy to apply for  just follow the steps listed  below. tips for your chance to win Glints Scholarship bigger.

The first step, of course, create a Glints account and complete your profile .

And this includes uploading profile photos. Write down all experiences related to self-development and career. Do not forget to include your role / position in the activity. All activities can be related to the campus, or not. Include in the description section what influence do you get from the experience. The most important thing is how these activities contribute to your personal development or career later, not how many lists of activities.

Introduce yourself and write your motivation to apply for this scholarship .

When you click the Apply button, you will be redirected to the page to fill in the introduction and cover letter fields . Well, do not let these two parts emptied yes. You have already completed your profile information. However, we also need to know the reason you want to be a winner of this scholarship. For example, what do you think can differentiate you from other applicants and plan for the use of scholarship rewards.

Create an interesting and effective CV, then upload it in the requested field .

Not a few candidates who have applied for not upload CV. Though your experience is already written in Glints profile, CV also needs to be uploaded . Not attaching a CV is tantamount to giving up this scholarship. Of the various activities you have followed, how do you write an interesting and effective CV ? However, if you apply for a job later, CV is the first thing seen by future employers. So, better start preparing from now, right?

Include portfolio if you have one .

This is a plus point for you who have skills and experience in areas such as IT, design and writing . Especially if you are not too involved in organizational activities, the portfolio will be a significant consideration.

Finally,  ouble check all your data before click Submit .

Not a few applicants Glints Scholarship who ask whether or not their applications are edited. The reasons vary. Someone forgot to write a cover letter, forgot to attach a portfolio, forgot to add one more experience. To avoid errors like this, double (or even triple ) check all data and supporting files . Do not let anyone behind or typo, because the applications are already di- submit can not be edited. Better to delay 1-2 days for your application to be well prepared rather than click Submit now but the information writing is still not appropriate.

Now, do you know what needs to be prepared in Glints Scholarship registration? Applicants with the most impressive self-development experience will receive this scholarship. Well, if you’re looking  for additional funding  to support you in building your career,  sign up for Glints Scholarship soon !

Glints scholarship Application deadline

June 30, 2018

Winner announcement date: July 2018

Don’t procrastinate. Apply now to skip the queue and increase your chances.

P. S. Want to know how you can win this scholarship? Check out the tips here



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