GLG Social Impact Fellowships for Individuals and Organisations Interested in Social Work 2017



GLG Fellowships is awarded to social entrepreneurs  to tackle social challenges which are part of their organisation’s goals. The fellowship also allows fellows be involved in tailored learning opportunities include phone consultations with subject matter experts, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions, teleconferences, and workshops.

Eligible Countries: Fellows and organisations in Countries in Africa: South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda

To be taken at (country): Fellow’s Home country and USA

About the Award: The GLG Social Impact Fellowship leverages GLG’s learning platform to help top social entrepreneurs answer their organization’s critical strategic and operational questions, at no cost. Through the two-year Fellowship, ambitious and visionary nonprofit and social enterprise leaders learn in tailored interactions with experts across GLG’s membership and with each other.

Type: Fellowship

Eligibility: Fellows are leaders with strong records and visions for their organizations. They have great teams and do something innovative that’s likely to scale. They are personally committed to learning, excited to grow professionally, and articulate ambitions for their organizations’ growth which GLG is positioned to support.

Selection Criteria: Characteristics critical to the success of the Social Impact Fellowship programme which will be used as criteria for selection are:


  • CEOs/Founder that is committed to leading the organization during the fellowship.
  • S/he understands the value of GLG, can articulate use cases, and is open to a thought partner in GLG and its experts.
  • S/he is relentlessly seeking big impact through their organization, is curious and excited about learning, is open to feedback, and has developed a team and habits to allow for strategic thinking and pursuit of the next phase at the organization


  • Eligible Organizations
    • Nonprofit organizations with minimum operating budget of $1M and maximum of $12M
    • Mission-driven for-profits with annual operating budget under $500,000
    • Hybrid organizations of comparable size
  • At an inflection point
    • Organizations that are a good fit for GLG’s Fellowship are no longer in early stages of development and leadership team members are ready to pursue ambitious growth plans. They have proven the concept of their impact and implemented their program in an initial (set of) site(s). When they come to GLG, they are looking to scale significantly, launch a new product based on the core principles of their initial model, or otherwise iterate on the impact they’ve established to date. Think of it as an organization’s move from 2.0 to 3.0.
  • Average 3-5 years in operation
  • Minimum 5 full-time staff
  • Established leadership team supporting key strategic planning and execution

Number of Awardees: Several

Value of Fellowship : The Fellowship begins with an in-person convening October 16-18, 2017 in Austin, Texas., where Fellows learn how to use the GLG platform. Fellows then work with GLG to identify the top challenges facing their organizations and set learning objectives to meet those challenges.

Duration of Fellowship : Two years

Application Deadline: 17th July, 2017

How to Apply: Visit Fellowship page to apply

Visit Fellowship Webpage for details

Award Provider: Gerson Lehrman Group


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