Getty Conservation Institute Guest Scholar Grants in USA , 2018


Getty Conservation Institute in USA , is delighted to invite applicants for the Getty Conservation Institute Guest Scholar Grants in USA , 2018 and all application submission will be on-going till  November 1, 2017. Only eligible persons will be considered for this program.

The Conservation Guest Scholar Program at the Getty Conservation Institute supports new ideas and perspectives in the field of conservation, with an emphasis on the visual arts (including sites, buildings, objects) and the theoretical underpinnings of the field.

Level: Grants support research

Field(s): Grants are available in the field of conservation, with an emphasis on the visual arts (including sites, buildings, objects) and the theoretical underpinnings of the field. Grants scholarly research in an interdisciplinary manner across traditional boundaries in areas of interest to the international conservation community.

School(Institutions/ Country): | USA

Funded By: Getty Foundation



Have what it takes to avail conservation guest scholar grants ?

  • ‣ Applications are welcome from conservators, scientists, and professionals who have attained distinction in conservation and related fields.
  • ‣ Applicants should have at least five years experience in the field of conservation and should have an established record of publications and other contributions to the field. Grants are not intended to fund research for the completion of an academic degree.
  • ‣ The GCI will consider proposals that require use of the GCI Science laboratories; however use is dependent upon availability of lab facilities and staff time and cannot be guaranteed.
  • ‣ Applications are welcome from researchers of all nationalities.


Scholarship Application Method

Applicants are required to complete and submit the online Getty Conservation Guest Scholar grant application (which includes uploading the attachments detailed below) by the deadline.

For the best user experience, we strongly recommend use of the Google Chrome browser. You may also use Firefox or Safari. The Internet Explorer (IE) browser is not fully compatible with our portal.

Begin a New Application

Create or update your account and password, log in, and begin a new application.

Please note: Once you have created and saved an application form, you may return to your work at any time by visiting the portal at the link above and logging into your account. However, once you have started and saved an application, you must return to work on the same form by selecting the “Applications: In Progress” link to return to your saved application. Otherwise, you may inadvertently create multiple versions of the same application.

This application will require the following attachments:

1. Project Proposal
Each application must include a description in English of the applicant’s proposed research (not to exceed five pages, typed and double-spaced). The proposal should include the following distinct sections: (1) project description (please specify which of the project’s components would be pursued while in residence at the Getty); (2) methodology; (3) expected outcome; (4) project contribution to the advancement of practice in the conservation field; (5) applicant’s qualifications to execute project; and (6) benefits to project from resources at the Getty.

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Selected Bibliography
(not to exceed two pages, typed and single-spaced):

Cite scholarly works, other than your own, that are important to the project and place the project in its intellectual framework.:

4. Supplemental Material (optional):

Applicants are welcome to submit a single writing sample in support of their proposal. Such material should not exceed twenty pages in length.

Please address written inquiries to the following:

Attn: Conservation Guest Scholar Grants


.‣ Scholarship Applications are due on 5:00 p.m. (PDT) on November 1, 2017.

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

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