How To Get Quality Tertiary Education in Holland


How To Get Quality Tertiary Education in Holland

If what you’re looking for is a country that offers high standard tertiary education with affordable tuition and living expenses, then you should consider studying in Holland. Holland is the generic name commonly used to refer to the Netherlands. The Western Europe country is made up of twelve Dutch provinces that shares border with Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea. Holland also shares borders with France, berlin and the United Kingdom.


Holland is one of the European countries where you can get quality tertiary education without putting a hole in your pocket. Whether it’s an undergraduate or post graduate program you seek to run, Holland provide a wide range of cost effective universities. The country’s universities are ranked twelfth in the world, with a conducive study environment for all students. Little wonder the large number of international student studying in the country; Holland has recorded overninety thousand international students. It is said that majority of the student in the country are from different countries.

In this article we shall explain all that’s required to study in Holland: the tuition fee, cost of living, choice of university, admission requirements, how to apply and many more.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee for universities in Holland are far cheaper than what you would find in most English speaking European countries. For EU students on part-time studies, the tuition fee is set around one thousand, seven hundred and six Euros, while full-time EU student pay a tuition fee of one thousand, nine hundred and fifty Euros per year. On the other hand, if you are a non-EU student studying in Holland the tuition fee per annum is between six thousand to fifteen thousandEuros for undergraduate students and eight thousand to twenty thousand Euros for post graduate students. Furthermore, you get to pay an application fee of fifty to one hundred Euros depending on the university and course/program you are applying for.


Cost of living

This is another area where you are at an advantage as a student in Holland. The cost of living is relatively low. From experience, most student in Holland spend approximately between eight hundred to one thousand and one hundred Euro on monthly basis. As a student, the cost of living comprises of cost of housing, food, books, transportation, cinema, clothes and other necessities.

Another factor that determines the cost of living in Holland is your city of residence. For instance, student who stay in large cities like Amsterdam get to pay more housing cost as compared to those who stay in smaller cities. However, with a proof of your student identity card you can earn some really cool discounts from restaurants, bars, cinemas, and museums etc. these discounts go a long way in reducing the cost of living.

The basic cost may include:

  1. Housing: three hundred to six hundred Euros per month (depending on the area).
  2. Food: two to ten Euros per meal.
  3. Transport: bus ticket cost just two Euros.

Admission requirement

Admission requirements for studying in Holland may depend on the particular institution you intend to apply to. The requirement also varies for undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs.

Most universities in Holland will require you to present a secondary school diploma or any other relevant qualifications before you can be admitted for an undergraduate program (Bachelor). On the other hand, if you intend to run a master’s program in Holland you will need to provide an undergraduate degree diploma (Bachelor’s).


Language requirement

English is the language of instruction in most universities in Holland. Therefore, you will be required to have a good command of reading, spoken and written English. The test design to prove English proficiency include: TOEFL, where student must have a minimum score of five hundred and fifty (paper based) or two hundred and thirteen (computer based) and IELTS, where students must score a minimum of six. Other English test may be required as specified by individual institutions.

How to apply for admission

Most universities in Holland will not conduct a separate entrance test for new students beside the documents they are required to have. You are required to visit your preferred university’s website to get specific details on the application procedure.

Generally, the application starts by submitting relevant documents to the international office in your home country, after which some institution will require you to register for your program via studielink tool (others will require application directly through the school’s website).

The next step will require you to use your login details from studielink tooltoaccess the school application portal and apply for admission. Upon submission of application and relevant documents, the school will notify you of acceptance if you have meet all the requirements.


Required application documents

  • Secondary (High) school leaving certificate along with list of subject for undergraduate programs
  • Bachelor degree certificate along with list of subjects for master’s program
  • Result of relevant English tests (TOEFL, IELTS), this applies to students from non-native English speaking countries.
  • Result of Dutch language test NT2, this only applies to students who intend to study a program in Dutch.
  • Other relevant documents include: reference letter, Curriculum Vitae, letter of introduction with background information about the applicant and reasons for decision to study in Holland.


Intake period/deadlines

The intake period for new enrollment into universities in Holland are fixed by the institutions. Generally, enrollment is done in February (spring semester) and September (fall semester). The intake period covers the time you would need to apply for the admission and process the required documents until when academic activities kick off.

Most institutions will start enrollment for non-EU students two to three months before enrolling EU students. This is to provide the non EU students enough time to complete the application process and get settled in the country. If for any reason you miss a deadline or intake period, you will have to wait for the next intake period (semester) before you apply.

List of Universities in Netherlands

  1. Delft University of Technology, Delft (South Holland).
  2. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam in South Holland.
  3. Leiden University, Leiden in South Holland.
  4. Maastricht University, Maastricht in Limburg.
  5. Nyenrode Business University
  6. Breukelen (Utrecht).
  7. Open University Heerlen (Limburg).
  8. Radboud University, Nijmegen in Gelderland.
  9. Tilburg University, Tilburg in North Brabant.
  10. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam in North Holland.
  11. University of Groningen, Groningen.
  12. University of Twente,Enschede in Overijssel.
  13. Utrecht University, Utrecht (Utrecht).
  14. VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam in North Holland.
  15. Wageningen University and Research Centre Breda, North Brabant.
  16. Universities of Applied Sciences.
  17. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam in North Holland.
  18. ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Zwolle, Overijssel.
  19. Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda, North Brabant.
  20. Business School Netherlands Buren, Gelderland.
  21. Business School Notenboom.
  22. Codarts, University for the Arts, Rotterdam, South Holland.
  23. Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven (North Brabant).
  24. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (North Holland).
  25. HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences, Hertogenbosch (North Brabant).
  26. Utrecht School of the Arts, Hilversum (North Holland).
  27. HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen (Zeeland).
  28. Hotelschool The Hague Den Haag (South Holland).
  29. NHL University of Applied Sciences.
  30. Rotterdam University, Rotterdam (South Holland).
  31. TIO University of Applied Sciences.
  32. University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Leiden (South Holland).
  33. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague Den Haag (South Holland).
  34. Webster University – Leiden Campus Leiden (South Holland).
  35. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Apeldoorn in Gelderland. Protection Status



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