10 Best GED classes in Spanish 2022 | Online

The best GED online classes in Spanish for 2022 help Latino students develop the abilities to pass the official GED test and receive a High School Equivalency Diploma, positioning them for academic and personal success.

As the Spanish GED test demands extensive preparation like its English-language equivalent, there is a demand for seasoned tutors, consistent classes, and reliable study materials for the test-takers.

So, this article will discuss some of the best Spanish language GED test preparation classes (online and physical) and how to enroll in any of your choices.

About the GED test in Spanish

The GED in Spanish was initially for exam takers in Puerto Rico. Over time, the Spanish GED version was permitted in other US regions. Now, native Spanish speakers or instructors with at least a bachelor’s degree in the language grade the writing module in Spanish.

It is also often necessary for students looking to take the GED in Spanish to take an ESL (English as a Second Language) exam. However, you should contact your local GED test centers for details as not all offer the Spanish GED.

Then again, the GED staff members are unaware of the regulations related to immigration status.

While most states do not require you to have a social security number (a valid photo ID may suffice), several states have differing views on the extent of the rules. So, it would be best if you got these answers before registering.

It is yet unknown how applicants with a passport and consular registration will be approved in some states when registering for the GED exam via phone or online.

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Are there GED Spanish classes?

Yes. There are some of the best GED classes in Spanish for Latino students in 2022, including

  • USAHello
  • Spanish GED 365
  • Ged.com
  • Alamo Colleges District, St. Philip’s College
  • SED Center Adult Program
  • NYC Department of Education – Queens Adult Learning Center
  • GED Classes in Broward County
  • City Tech Continuing Studies Center Adult Learning Center
  • Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center
  • ALCO Online Academy.

Best GED classes in Spanish

1. USAHello

The USAHello website provides the best free GED classes and practice exams for those who wish to prepare online for 2022. To use it, you must first register and set up an account on the lovely and well-structured platform.

Then, visit the online classroom to learn more and sign up for the free Spanish GED training offered by USAHello.

For GED and citizenship preparation, the website also provides the course in English and translates the lectures into other languages. While the GED classes are available in various languages, the tests, videos, and diagrams are only available in English.

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2. Spanish GED 365

Students preparing for the GED exam can take free online classes in Spanish language lessons at this website. Rest assured that all four subjects’ Spanish lessons and several practice exams are available.

Passing the GED test gives you a certification that places you at the academic level of an American high school student. You can apply to most institutions and pursue better employment and higher salaries.

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3. Ged.com

GED.com has been live for quite some time since 2000, providing consistent GED classes with expert GED tutors and practice tests for Latino students in Spanish. Its services cost $65 for four months, with a $10 monthly renewal fee.

You can also schedule any GED tests in Spanish with your GED.com accounts.

Also, you should have access to a quiet room, a computer with a webcam, sound, microphone, and a steady internet connection to be eligible. You will also need a GED Ready “Green” score within 60 days.

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4. Alamo Colleges District, St. Philip’s College

You may enroll in one of the best online GED classes in Spanish for 2022 from the comfort of your home or any location with internet access and enjoy the preparation resources.

The online GED preparatory registration is simple and available in English or Spanish.

It would be best to start by registering and choosing the language you want to study. Then browse the website and enter your credit, debit, or Prepaid card information on the last page.

After you finish the online registration, the Program Director will get an email allowing you to register for the online classes.

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5. SED Center Adult Program

The SED Center Adult Program offers GED classes, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and computer training to most Latino students. SED provides three sessions per year.

The ten-week sessions are used for ESOL classes, while the 10-week Spanish GED and 8-week computer training programs are also available.

The programs are at five levels at 120 hours per level, giving 600 study hours. You will receive a textbook, workbook, and other in-house-produced study resources. Weekday, weeknight, and weekend classes by qualified professors are available.

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6. NYC Department of Education – Queens Adult Learning Center

Queens Adult Learning Center offers free GED, ESL, vocational and technical education, and literacy training. These classes are available in Long Island City, Sunnyside, Astoria, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Flushing, among other locations around Queens.

They also offer courses in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Adult Basic Education, Pre-HSE (Preparation for the TASC exam), Citizenship Preparation, and basic technologies.

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7. GED Classes in Broward County

At Broward Community School, the General Educational Development/High School Equivalency, GED® Prep curriculum equips you for academic and personal success. You’ll learn the tips to ace the GED® test and earn a high school diploma from the State of Florida.

For more unique opportunities in the economy or to continue your education in Florida, the school offers the best GED Prep classes in Spanish for Reading/Language Arts (RLA), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

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8. City Tech Continuing Studies Center Adult Learning Center

You can join any GED classes online for free in Spanish at City Tech’s Adult Learning Center to help you achieve your academic objectives.

However, you must meet the minimum test requirements and be 19 years old. The classes are in the daytime, evening, and on Saturdays.

Three days before the start of an online course, you will receive a zoom log-in at the email address you registered. You will also receive the class location information for in-person classes about three days or fewer before the start date.

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9. Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center

The Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center offers the best GED classes in Spanish to help folks transition successfully into relevant, excellent work prospects.

They also provide free ESL, vocational and technical education, and literacy training at locations above 119th Street and throughout Manhattan.

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10. ALCO Online Academy

You can enroll in any highly engaging GED online classes for free in Spanish. Nationally acknowledged tutors teach these classes in quick, bite-sized curriculums explicitly tailored for you.

After finding the class you want, select Enroll Now and select the Start Date. Then type your email address, pick a password, and continue to pay for your course.

You can return to the ALCO Online Academy and select the Classroom link when your course begins. Log in using your email address and the password you chose when enrolling to start your study.

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Why should I prepare for the GED in Spanish?

The Spanish-language GED program eliminates the language barrier that occasionally prevents refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers from accessing educational opportunities and furthering their studies.

Even if you know English, enrolling in a GED course in your mother tongue might boost your self-assurance and chances of passing the test.

You may have more prospects for employment and higher education with a GED certificate, feel better equipped to assist kids with schoolwork, and feel accomplished for having earned the equivalent US high school diploma.

Is the GED test in Spanish common?

Learning English effectively enough to get a high school diploma is often quite difficult for many kids who are from Spanish-speaking countries. So, the Spanish-language GED (General Educational Development) exam is a fantastic opportunity.

An estimated 6% of all high school equivalency exams are in Spanish, and some jurisdictions, like California, do not list the language of the exam on GED diplomas.

All states, employers, and higher education institutions regard the GED certificate or diploma as equal to a typical high school diploma.

The Mexican Secretary of Public Education (SEP) also accepts the GED diploma as being on par with a high school diploma.

How do I register for the Spanish GED test?

To register for the Spanish GED test, you will notice English is the default language when you sign up for the GED exam.

To ensure that you can take the test in Spanish, always choose the Spanish language testing format when scheduling a test module (you can take one subtest at a time if you’d like).

With the Spanish GED test, adults who did not finish high school have a second chance to get a certification comparable to a high school diploma.

The exam is totally computerized and has four modules covering math, science, language arts, and social studies.

FAQs on the best GED classes in Spanish in 2022

Can I take the GED test in Spanish?

You can take the GED test in Spanish, French, or English. 

What subjects are in the online preparation classes?

The four current test subjects for the GED are language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

Can I access the online GED preparation classes from other places?

Any computer with an internet connection can support the online GED preparation resources. If you don’t have access to the internet at home, you can visit a public library or use a computer on our campus as a community member.

How long do GED classes take?

An online exam preparation course lasts between 8 and 16 weeks, approximately four months on campus, 2-4 hours per day, 3 to 5 days weekly.


With the best GED classes in Spanish, there are no more language barriers to improving your academic or professional status in 2022. You can enroll in any classes above and begin your GED journey.



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