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Gambia Police Force Recruitment | APPLY

The Gambia Police Force Recruitment for 2021-2022 is currently ongoing and we have outlined all you need to know about How to Apply for Gambia Police Force Recruitment 2021 Application.

The safety of the lives and properties of every country is one of the primary responsibilities of the government and as such the Gambian government is known to continuously seek better ways to improve the security of the state.

One of the ways to secure the lives and properties of a country is to ensure the recruitment of suitably qualified personalities into the police force and as such the Gambian Police force has opened its application portal for the recruitment of qualified candidates.

This page contains vital information on How to Apply for Gambia Police Force Recruitment 2021 Application but before we go into the details about the recruitment process, let’s take a brief look at the history of Gambia police.

History of Gambia Police              

The Gambia Police Force dates back to 1855 during the pre-colonial era when the affairs of the country were under the auspices of by Majesty’s Government.

Then, the Police force went by the name ‘The River Police’ and the body had the responsibilities of maintaining the established law and order as well as suppressing a rebellion by some tribes in the country.

The police force was also charged with preventing smuggling into the country both inland and at the sea.

In 1870, police in the country experienced some transformation when the imperial troops departed the country and the West African Frontier Force (WAFF) which was made up of 100 man soldiers became responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the country.

The main duty of the West African Frontier Force was to defend the territorial integrity of the Gambia as well as providing escort to the Governor. The WAFF also had the responsibility of suppressing a rebellion in the country.

During its formative years, the Gambian police constituted of Brits and citizens of the Gambia with the formal occupying all the high ranking positions in the Police Force.

After several years of British rule in the police force, the mantle of leadership eventually got to a Gambian citizen in the person of Harry ford Evans who became the police head in 1966 and two years later, Harry Ford became the Inspector general of Police of the Gambia.

The transformation from River police to Gambia Police Force

During the Colonial era, the Gambia and Sierra Leone were under the supervision of one governor and the policing of the regions was overseen by the same police force with the headquarters located in Sierra Leone.

Prior to 1888, the country was overseen by a Lieutenant governor when the British government separated the Gambia form Sierra Leone and the two states developed separate administrations.

After the Separation, the river police transitioned to the current Gambia Police Force and the major responsibility was to protect the colonial masters. Shortly before independence, the police duties gradually underwent transformations and it began to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

The Gambia police force has since undergone several transformations in line with her Vision Statement – To be a highly professional Police Organization dedicated to the delivery of security services in tandem with modern and democratic standards.

Gambia Police Force Recruitment 2021/2022

This section details how to apply for the Gambia Police Force Recruitment 2021 Application. The GPF hereby invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who wish to become members of country police.

Prospective applicants are to read the following steps carefully as stipulated by the Gambia Police Force.

Application Requirement

  • Interested persons must be citizens of Gambia
  • You must have not have been involved in any prior criminal activity
  • The application is open to both males and females
  • The minimum height requirement for males is 1.60m and 1.55m for females
  • Must be physically and mentally fit by the police standard
  • Due to the continued yearn by the public for improved policing in the country the Gambia police force has raised the minimum requirement for application into the system. To be considered for application, you must hold a minimum of four credits in the WASSCE with a compulsory credit in English
  • Application is also open to professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, ICT, electricians etc are welcome to apply for positions in GPF


The Screen exercise would be carried out by a committee set up by the Gambia Police Force. The committee would be tasked to ensure that all the set guidelines laid down in the advertisement are met by applicants in order to ensure fairness and equity to all applicants.

All applicants who do not conform to the recruitment guidelines would be disqualified and would not be invited to take part in the final training process


To ensure the recruitments of high-quality personalities, prospective candidates who pass the screening process would be invited to take part in an examination to determine their level of academic capabilities.

The exam would include the following subjects – English Language, Mathematics and General Paper.

Please note that the result of this internal exam would be published at th Police Notice Board.

Medical Examination

The Gambia Police Force recruits only individuals with no chronic health conditions and as such, applicants who are successful at the academic examination would be subjected to s compulsory health/medical examinations.

Applicants would have to undergo the following check-ups; HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell, Blood Test among other necessary tests.


Applicants who pass the medical examination would be invited to take part in the last recruitment exercise. This stage involves physical activities where applicants would be made to undergo several physical drillings in order to prepare them for the task ahead.

The training usually lasts for a period of 4 months but in some cases, the training period may last for up 12 months.

Apart from physical training, recruits are also trained in various area of policing. They are taught the core values of the Gambia Police Force in the following training modules;

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Law of Evidence
  • Force Standing Orders
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Traffic Management
  • Map Reading
  • Professional Policing Ethics
  • Communication skills and English Language
  • Basic Fitness Training (Physical Training and Drill)
  • Community Policing
  • Weapon Training (Musketry)
  • Practical Police Duties (PPD)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • French Language
  • Defence and Safety Skills (in First Aid)
  • Excursion for Practical Experience
  • Client Care

The training is the last stage of the recruitment process of the Gambia Police Force. Applicants who successfully complete the training process would be absorbed into the police force to begin their national duties.

How to Apply for Gambia Police Force Recruitment 2021


Interested candidates who meet the recruitment requirement as stated above are to visit the official website of the Gambia Police Force to complete an application form online.

Application for 2021/2022 is currently ongoing. Apply now

Visit: http://police.gov.gm/content/join-gambia-police


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