Funded Kennisontwikkelings programm NFP Scholarships for study in the Netherlands 2018


Applicants are been invited to submit their applications for the Funded Kennisontwikkelings programma NFP Scholarships for study in the Netherlands 2018, Only eligible persons will be considered for this program.

On 1 July 2017 the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) entered a new phase as a new programme under the name Kennisontwikkelings programma (KOP). KOP aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions in higher and vocational education

Type:short courses/workshop
Country: Netherlands
Eligibile Countries: International
  • KOP NFP fellowship is intended to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive during the study period in the Netherlands. The allowance is a contribution towards your costs of living, the costs of tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research. If applicable, the fellowship holder is expected to cover the difference between the actual costs and the amount of the personal KOP NFP allowances.
Eligibility criteria:
▪ One must be a professional and a national of, and working and living in one of the countries on the KOP Country list valid at the time of application;
▪ One must have a current employer’s statement that complies with the formal Nuffic has provided. All information must be provided and all commitments that are included in the formal must be endorsed in the statement;
▪ One must not be employed by an organisation which can be expected to have their own funds for staff development, e.g.: a multinational corporation (e.g. Shell,Unilever, Microsoft) a large national and/or a large commercial organisation; a bilateral donor organisation (e.g. USAID, DFID, Danida, Sida, Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs, FinAid, AusAid, ADC, SwissAid);
a multilateral donor organisation (e.g. a UN organisation, the World Bank, the IMF, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, IADB); an international NGO (e.g. Oxfam, Plan, Care).
▪ One must have a current employer’s statement which complies with the format Nuffic has provided. All information must be provided and all commitments, which are included in the format, must be endorsed in the statement;
▪ One must have a government statement that meets the requirements of the country in which the employer is established (if applicable);
▪ One must have an official passport valid at least three months after the submission date of the registration form by the candidate

How to apply for a short course scholarship

If you want to apply for a KOP scholarship for a short course in the Netherlands, you need to first find a course that is eligible for the scholarship. You can find the eligible courses in our study programmes database, specifying in the search criteria: ‘NFP qualified – Yes’.

Once you have selected an eligible short course, please contact the Dutch higher education institution offering that course. They can tell you how to apply and inform you about the eligibility criteria and the application and selection procedures.

General documents

Obligations for KOP fellowship holders November 2017(144 kB)

KOP NFP Information for applicants(115 kB)

Application Deadline: Varying by Institutions

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Kennisontwikkelings programma (KOP) NFP Scholarships 2018 Protection Status



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