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  1. Sharifa says

    Hellow I want to study bachelor in marketing and business management,,I have passed with good grades can you pls help me get I full funded scholarship pls in any country.

  2. Olojede Abisola says

    My name is Olojede Abisola from Nigeria,i just completed my education in high school and i have the great urge to further,please how do i go about it?

  3. SINNA Wend-Kuni Hyacinthe says

    J suis un étudiant burkinabé ayant obtenu une bonne moyenne en licence 1 et je desire poursuivre mes études à l’extérieur

  4. Redwan Gali says

    Here foundation iam really exited with the opportunity to have fully funded scholarship if its possible and the chance realised now iam studying economics at one of public university in ethiopia then please give me the opportunity to study more at your country home

  5. Benjamin says

    je suis un jeune Gabonais orphelin de père et une mère sans emploi, dans une famille de neufs enfants je suis le huitième et le seul qui a obtenu son Baccalauréat, 2015 je suis à la recherche d’une bourse d’ étude dans l’optique d’aider ma famille dans un futur proche.
    je vous prie de bien vouloir m’ aider.

  6. Abduliah A.Fahnbulleh says

    I am Abduliah A.Fahnbulleh from Liberia, I want to get high education but I don’t have money to sponsored myself someone please help me get a scholarship.

  7. Emmanuel S Smith Jr says

    Is this fully founded scholarship really real??? Reason why I’m asking because I have received a lot of things and they are not real…

  8. Ojong Lawrence says

    I am a srcond year student of the university of buea,Cameroon.I am 23years of age and i study curriculum studies ant teaching in history

  9. Ojong Lawrence says

    I wish to apply for a scholarship opportunity to study in de US..I am a second year student of the university of buea,cameroon..

  10. Mukagasana zahra says

    My name is mukagasana zahara im 24 years old I live in Rwanda I did mathematics economic and geography in high school I didn’t get opportunity to keep studying due to my family issue of financial so I would like to get full scholarship in economic University thank you

  11. Amenu Miressa says

    Firstly,I would like to thank you for your generosity.And I’m highly interested in learning.So,I’m looking forward to you to help me for joining this education opportunity.

  12. Charles Tembo says

    It’s my pleasure to have this chance, firstly im a very strong African person with a fighting spirit to change the world.ever since I lost my father in 2003 filed gardens were overtaken from us by the family members and mum did had nothing to put on the table life seemed to be tough for us but with passion, commitment and hard work I’m now in my fourth year last semister’ as a self sponsored student i have always have a desire to make the difference especially the country were I live. I greatly promise if you can offer me a full scholarship God will surely bless for you are going to educated the nation. Your positive responce will be highly appreciated.

  13. Onu Priscillia Kenechukwu says

    How can I apply am studing Mathematics in one of the Nigeria University I really need money to pursue my academic activities.

  14. Inviolata Ropi Manyonga says

    I would like a scholarship anywhere in the world but i prefer one that enables me to work and learn at the same time earning something as i learn.

  15. evelyn chikaya says

    i would like to apply for a full undergraduate scholarship program in the faculty of commerce.

    regards appreciated.


  16. Mcinziba Julia. says

    I would like to know is there anything available for 2017, I am completing my honours in Leadership and management in education.


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