Students from various parts of the world seek scholarships for different reasons. It could be because of financial need, disability of any form or whatsoever need they have, the fact is Your questions are answered in this very post.

scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarship money is not required to be repaid.



  • Merit-based: These awards are based on a student’s academic, artistic, athletic or other abilities, and often factor in an applicant’s extracurricular activities and community service record. The most common merit-based scholarships, awarded by either private organisations or directly by a student’s intended college, recognise academic achievement or high scores on standardised tests. Most such merit-based scholarships are paid directly by the institution the student attends, rather than issued directly to the student.
  • Need-based: Some private need-based awards are confusingly called scholarships, and require the results of a FAFSA (the family’s EFC). However, scholarships are often merit-based, while grants tend to be need-based.
  • Student-specific: These are scholarships for which applicants must initially qualify based upon gender, race, religion, family, and medical history, or many other student-specific factors. Minority scholarships are the most common awards in this category. For example, students in Canada may qualify for a number of aboriginal scholarships, whether they study at home or abroad. The Gates Millennium Scholars program is another minority scholarship funded by Bill and Melinda Gates for excellent African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander American and Latino students who enrol in college.
  • Career-specific: These are scholarships a college or university awards to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study. Often, the most generous awards to students who pursue careers in high-need areas such as education or nursing. Many schools in the United States give future nurses full scholarships to enter the field, especially if the student intends to work in a high-need community.
  • College-specific: College-specific scholarships are offered by individual colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships are given on the basis of academic and personal achievement. Some scholarships have a “bond” requirement. Recipients may be required to work for a particular employer for a specified period of time or to work in rural or remote areas; otherwise, they may be required to repay the value of the support they received from the scholarship. This is particularly the case with education and nursing scholarships for people prepared to work in rural and remote areas. The programs offered by the uniformed services of the United States (ArmyNavyMarine CorpsAir ForceCoast GuardNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration commissioned corps, and Public Health Service Commissioned Corps) sometimes resemble such scholarships.
  • Athletic: Awarded to students with exceptional skill in a sport. Often this is so that the student will be available to attend the school or college and play the sport on their team, although in some countries government funded sports scholarships are available, allowing scholarship holders to train for international representation. School-based athletics scholarships can be controversial, as some believe that awarding scholarship money for athletic rather than academic or intellectual purposes is not in the institution’s best interest.
  • Brand Scholarships: These scholarships are sponsored by a brand that is trying to gain attention to their brand, or a cause. Sometimes these scholarships are referred to as branded scholarships. The Miss America beauty pageant is the most famous example of a brand scholarship.
  • Creative Contest Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students based on a creative submission. Contest scholarships are also called mini project based scholarships where students can submit entries based on unique and innovative ideas.
  • There are various other types, but the above stated are the most common to come by. 

Scholarships could also be classified based on the level of funding or costs covered. This way we have Tuition Fees scholarships, Partially funded and Fully Funded scholarships.

  • Tuition Fee Scholarship: This scholarship only covers for the tuition fee while the scholarship holder caters for every other academic and personal needs on his/own.
  • Partially Funded Scholarship: Here, the sponsor may decide to pay for the tuition, housing and academic materials or sometimes may include insurance. Or they could generally decide to sponsor between 40-70 or 80% of the student’s schooling and living. This helps the student a lot as he only has to pay for very few things and still live well.
  • Fully Funded Scholarship: The Fully Funded Scholarships are those ones that sponsor up to 100% of the study costs. Tuition, Housing, Insurance, Academic materials, travels and other miscellaneous expenses.


  • You spend almost nothing and yet get the best quality of education anywhere in the world.
  • You stand a very great chance of getting a job based on your academic performance.
  • You get medical insurance free
  • Your travels and sometimes even wardrobe expenses are covered
  • You may even have extra cash to help your family if you happen to come from a poor background and can manage your finances well.


  • Make sure you have all the required documents,
  • Check eligibility
  • Follow the steps laid down in the How-To-Apply section of the particular scholarship you are applying for correctly.
  • Apply early enough before the deadline.

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