Fully-funded Educational Pathways International Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Ghana 2017/2018


The Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) is delighted to invite applications for the Fully-funded Educational Pathways International Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Ghana 2017/2018,eligible persons will  be considered for this program.

EPI only accepts applications from students accepted and registered at the University of Ghana, Accra or Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. Prospective candidates are required to visit the Student Aid office at one of these universities at the start of the fall semester to see if they qualify.
Type: Undergraduate
Institution: University of Ghana, Accra or Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.

Value of Scholarship: The Scholarship will cover tuition, books, as well as room and board, and a little extra and will be awarded for four years as long as excellent academic standards of at least a B CGPA (3.0 GPA) continue to be met.

Eligible Countries: Ghana

Eligibility: EPI recruits highly motivated, talented and deserving students, all of whom have overcome extraordinary challenges to complete secondary school. The characteristics EPI seeks in scholarship recipients include:

  • are a Level 100 student.
  • reside in an impoverished part of the country.
  • attended a less endowed school (GES approved)
  • are able to demonstrate limited family income and/or insufficient funds to cover most or all educational related expenses.
  • have the will to succeed (determination, perseverance and success in other pursuits).
  • obtained an aggregate of 11 or better at the WASSCE.
  • are a Level 200 continuing student with CGPA of 3.5 (limited slot) or
  • female Level 300 or above continuing student with CGPA of 3.7 (limited slot)
  • confirm that you are not currently receiving support through any other scholarship program and pledge not to accept any other scholarship while in the EPI program.
  • are upon graduation, willing to work for a minimum of two years in Ghana.
  • will during non-school periods, work in a company as an internship or do community service within Ghana
  • are a gifted child


How to Apply: Submit a completed SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and the required essays and

  • High School Transcripts (Terminal Reports)
  • West African Senior School Certificate Exam Results (WASSCE)
  • University Acceptance Letter
  • Records regarding achievement tests, academic awards, honors, and substantive assessments by teachers, including letters of recommendation.
  • Documents to substantiate your need

Application Deadline: 21st September, 2017

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: Education Pathways International

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  1. this is very interesting opportunity specially for us for the developing country students which they lacked in the their country because of many reasons(like political instability ,or financial) even though still there is limitation to use the given chances the difficulty of application it is not easy to apply, so please make it easy accessible in every where! thank you a lot!

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