Full list of low tuition universities in Austria, Belarus, Russia and Poland



Full list of low tuition universities in Austria, Belarus, Russia and Poland

Tuition fees in most European universities are quite low and affordable. They usually range from $2500 to $5000 for international students. So if money is your problem, do not allow it stop you from from pursuing your studies in Europe. I’m going to provide a list of these low tuition universities in Europe for those that may want to study there. Cost of living in these countries are also affordable. For example, the estimated cost of living in Russia Poland and Belarus is put at $300 to $400 while that of Austria is slightly  high with an estimation of 500 to 600 Euros. Note that this cost of living includes cost of accommodation, food, travels in and around the city, books etc. Please find below full list of low tuition universities in Austria, Belarus, Poland and Russia. You can contact the schools directly to get more information.

Low tuition Universities in Austria

  • Ø University of Graz
  • Ø University of Innsbruck
  • Ø University of Klagenfurt
  • Ø University of Linz
  • Ø University of Salzburg
  • Ø University of Vienna
  • Ø IMADEC University
  • Ø Johannes Kepler University Of Linz
  • Ø Salzburg College
  • Ø Wels College of Engineering(WCE)
  • Ø University of Applied Sciences  `


Low Tuition Universities in Belarus

  • Ø Belarussian State Technological University
  • Ø Belarussian State University
  • Ø Brest State Technical University
  • Ø Brest State University
  • Ø European Humanities University
  • Ø Gomel State Medical Institute
  • Ø Grodno State Medical Institute
  • Ø Minsk State Linguistic University
  • Ø Polatsk State University
  • Ø Belarussian State Agricultural Academy


Low tuition universities in Poland

  • Ø Academy of Economics in Wroclaw
  • Ø Agricultural University of Cracow
  • Ø College of Science, Warsaw
  • Ø European Academy of Arts in Warsaw
  • Ø Gdansk Management College
  • Ø Gdansk Medical Academy
  • Ø Jagiellonian University Cracow
  • Ø Polish Open University in Warsaw
  • Ø Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw
  • Ø School of Banking and Management in Cracow
  • Ø Technical University of Warsaw
  • Ø University of Lodz
  • Ø University of Silesia
  • Ø University of Wroclaw
  • Ø University of Warsaw


Low tuition universities in Russia

  • Ø Altai State Technical University
  • Ø Baltic State Technical University
  • Ø Bauman State Technical University
  • Ø European University at St.Petersburg
  • Ø High School of Economics
  • Ø International University of Engineering, Moscow
  • Ø Ivano State Academy of Medicine
  • Ø Jewish University of Moscow
  • Ø Kazan State University
  • Ø Kazan State University of Technology
  • Ø Kuban State University of Technology
  • Ø Kursk State Medical University
  • Ø Moscow State University
  • Ø St. Petersburg State University
  • Ø Surgut State University
  • Ø Tambov State Technical University
  • Ø Tomsk State University
  • Ø Ural State Technical University

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