21 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

For your celebration, are you looking for the best  Friendsgiving decor ideas?

Friendsgiving will soon be here as well since Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With these Friendsgiving decor ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Friends gather to celebrate Friendsgiving, which is essentially a second Thanksgiving. Most people gather to commemorate Thanksgiving with a special celebration or supper just before or right after it.

Here are some adorable Friendsgiving decor ideas to make your celebration amazing if you are hosting this year.

All of these Friendsgiving decor ideas are under $25 since we searched Amazon for the best prices, plus the majority of them qualify for free two-day shipping through Amazon Prime!

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving-themed lunch for close friends or for people who cannot spend the holiday with their family and instead choose to spend it with friends.

This group of pals is as diverse in its holiday customs as you’ll find at any house. You are free to establish a brand-new custom of your choosing. 

Even though it seems straightforward, many people still need to figure out what to do and how to go about it. You cook a turkey, right? Only friends are invited, right? Do you wear makeup? Decorate? Pie is there? When is it today? How does it function?

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21 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Here is the best Friendsgiving decor that will give you a memorable celebration.

  • Set expectations with the right invite.
  • Wine cork place card holders to get everybody seated
  • Hang a funny banner.
  • Decorate for your group’s favorite sports team.
  • Raise the stakes of your party games with silly turkey hats.
  • Set up fall decorations to set the mood.’
  • Enjoy your seasonal sips with a Thanksgiving straw.
  • Friendsgiving photo booth props
  • Send your guests home with goodie bags.
  • Escape to somewhere tropical with your decorations.
  • Embrace your inner child with a pinata.
  • Happy Friendsgiving Garland
  • Paper Straws
  • White Pumpkins
  • Friendsgiving Napkins
  • Gold Confetti Balloons
  • Gold Plates and Silverware
  • Friendsgiving Cups
  • Gold Pendants and Wall Garland
  • Turkey Hats
  • Tassel Garland 

1. Set expectations with the right invite.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

We understand that there are times when making plans via your group chat is more convenient, but mailing out party invitations can be a wonderful little souvenir and help set the tone for the event. 

This gold pumpkin Friendsgiving invitation from Zazzle is great if you want something more rustic. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more lighthearted, our “Feast Mode” invitation will ensure that everyone arrives this year ravenous!

2. Wine cork place card holders to get everybody seated

best friendgiving decor. ideas

When it’s time to eat, the last thing you want to see is everyone squabbling for a seat. 

With the help of these adorable wine cork place card holders from Mojo Makery’s Etsy store, you can help your guests find their designated seats at the dinner table. 

Probably because you know them best, it can be advantageous for some of your pals to sit at opposite ends of the table.

3. Hang a funny banner.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

What celebration would be complete without a banner hanging somewhere? Friendsgiving is a chance for some other lighter fun, which typically includes some adult comedy. This implies that some of your Friendsgiving decor ideas can make you giggle!

See the “Let’s Get Basted” banner from Amazon, which will make people laugh. Or perhaps this somewhat more obscene one that will surprise your buddies. They are celebrating getting together with your closest friends in any case.

4. Decorate for your group’s favorite sports team.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

Exactly in the heart of football season is Friendsgiving. A game will probably be playing in the background as you gather for your party. Put up all the banners and shirts you can find to show your team’s support.

If you lack motivation, Peerspace has a large colonial home with a guy cave that would be the highlight of any Friendsgiving feast. See what’s available in your region to locate even more lovely residences and venues like this one!

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5. Raise the stakes of your party games with silly turkey hats.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

Your friends will likely need more motivation to compete while you play your party games. You shouldn’t let that stop you from ordering one of these absurd plush turkey hats from Amazon, though. 

While awards for victors are usually a fantastic idea, losers typically get punished in more entertaining ways. Play your favorite board game to identify the group’s true turkey!

6. Set up fall decorations to set the mood.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

You can cut corners on the decorations this year, and no one will notice. With some simple and practical solutions from Party City, you can be sure that you are well-prepared for all your fall decorations. 

You can bring the cozy glow of the season straight into your living room with this set of 12 artificial gourds, which will only set you back $6.

7. Enjoy your seasonal sips with a Thanksgiving straw.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

There will inevitably be some alcoholic beverages consumed when you get together with pals. Try using these adorable Thanksgiving meal straws from Amazon to transform your drinks into creative Friendsgiving decor ideas. You’ll be helping the environment by using these sweetly embellished paper straws because they are made of paper.

8. Friendsgiving photo booth props

best friendgiving decor. ideas

Having everyone cram into a photo booth is the tried-and-true method for getting everyone to take amusing photos! 

Additionally, you’ll need the appropriate props if you’re hosting a Friendsgiving party. You’ll find everything you need with these adorable Friendsgiving props from Amazon to ensure your pictures turn out perfectly.

Need a photo booth? We don’t either, but Peerspace has many incredible features that do. The 360-degree photo booth is fully set up in this vibrant event bungalow in Atlanta’s West Midtown neighborhood; all you need to do is supply the props and happy guests.

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9. Send your guests home with goodie bags.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

As we get older, it seems like a thing of the past to leave a party with a gift bag. Why not bring back this birthday party custom and give your friends some small gifts to take home? These creative Friendsgiving favor bags are available on Wayfair. 

The high-quality cotton canvas bags contain plenty of space for anything that will stay in your guests’ minds long after they depart and make them remember your celebration.

10. Escape to somewhere tropical with your decorations.

best friendgiving decor. ideas

Why not let your Friendsgiving decor ideas warm you up as the weather starts to get fairly chilly throughout the holiday season? Have your pals dress in their nicest summer attire and enjoy some fruity mixed cocktails since everyone loves a tiki bar party!

Check out what Peerspace has to offer if you don’t want to deal with the effort of setting up your décor. The Atlanta area’s quirky mid-century home tiki bar would make for a very exceptional and unforgettable Friendsgiving.

11. Embrace your inner child with a pinata.

Nothing makes a child happier than slamming a piñata hard and watching sweets fly. Why not throw in a piñata since you always behave like big kids when you get together with your friends? This affordable colorful turkey pinata from Amazon is asking for your Friendsgiving party guests to open it up!

12. Happy Friendsgiving Garland

This burlap Friendsgiving garland will make the ideal wall decoration for your Friendsgiving celebration. (It would also create an excellent backdrop for pictures, similar to the above suggestion for a photo booth!)

13. Paper Straws

Paper Straws

These biodegradable paper straws will provide the perfect festive touch for your Friendsgiving event, which come in various designs in pink and gold foil.

14. White Pumpkins

White Pumpkins

White pumpkins are a stylish substitute for traditional fall decorations and look fantastic as part of a Friendsgiving centerpiece. This collection of six plastic white pumpkins is available on Amazon.

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15. Friendsgiving Napkins

Friendsgiving Napkins

These Friendsgiving napkins (which come in a set of 48) with bronze foil embellishments are fantastic. Such a sweet addition to your place settings for the Friendsgiving dinner.

16. Gold Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are a lot of fun and give a splash of color to your décor, so you’ll truly adore them. For a Friendsgiving party, these metallic gold confetti balloons would be ideal.

17. Gold Plates and Silverware

Here is a disposable dinnerware set with a gold accent that includes 25 plates, salad plates, knives, spoons, and forks in keeping with the metallic gold trend. This is ideal if you want dinnerware that won’t require you to spend hours cleaning the dishes afterward.

18. Friendsgiving Cups

This tableware option for your Friendsgiving gathering is these disposable cups. Happy Friendsgiving is written on one side, and “Friends are the family we choose” is written on the other.

19. Gold Pendants and Wall Garland

A Friendsgiving photo wall would look stunning against these glittering gold wall decorations. You can take some truly gorgeous pictures if you combine them with the gold confetti balloons and the photo accessories from above.

20. Turkey Hats

friendsgiving decor ideas

 If you want to add a humorous touch, these stuffed turkey hats will go over well at your Friendsgiving gathering. They have so many possibilities; for instance, the loser of a game must wear one for the remainder of the evening!

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21. Tassel Garland 

This tassel garland would make a very adorable piece of wall décor and create a nice setting for Friendsgiving pictures. It is ideal for autumn and Thanksgiving because of its orange, brown, and gold coloring.

What are the Best Ways to Be a Good Guest (and Friend) at Friendsgiving?

  • Before you go to the party, prepare your food at home. In other words, the host might have five tasks on their counter and not require a 6th crockpot or item in the oven. Try to keep the number of chefs in the kitchen to a minimum, save for a 10-minute warm-up in the oven (and ALWAYS ask the host if there will be room). 
  • Identify your allergies. Your hosts and perhaps further visitors.
  • Regarding what is offered and what to bring, be adaptable. You can purchase a pie rather than cook. Store-bought desserts are always welcome, but don’t even think about getting quick mashed potatoes! 
  • Don’t be an animal; bring a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider if you don’t drink). The host usually appreciates special drinks for special occasions!
  • If you show up there and nothing is quite ready, offer to help with setup or fill the ice bucket. Before you jump in, make sure everything is okay. It’s possible that the host has specific instructions.
  • When it comes to games and activities, take the host’s lead. Ask the host before setting out the board game you’ve been carrying under your arm. You could have a fantastic idea for a party game, but it’s different from your party.
  • If the host wishes to give a blessing over the meal, whether you choose to pray or not, just be nice. 
  • Offer to leave the host any leftovers (the host should also do the same for visitors). If you want to avoid leaving your preferred bowl, bring an extra container.
  • Assist with cleanup and dishwashing. It takes a lot of time and effort to host, but it’s also a lot of fun and fulfilling. Having helped to tidy up and not have a mound of dishes is highly appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Friendsgiving” mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, the name “Friendsgiving” was first used in a tweet in 2007. Still, other people attribute the idea of celebrating the holiday with friends to the popular television program Friends. 

What are the Friendsgiving rules?

No regulations exist.
Friendsgiving differs from conventional Thanksgiving in that there are no demands for a spectacular feast or impeccable place settings. It can be a takeout meal, a picnic in the park, a board game night with your closest friends, or a drink and hors d’oeuvre occasion.

How early should Friendsgiving begin?

We’ve discovered that a decent time to start is at 4:00 or 5:00 pm. This way, everyone may finish their cooking responsibilities and, if necessary, arrive with hot food. Then, dinner may be a protracted event punctuated by amusing conversations and trips back for seconds. 

When should a Friendsgiving be held?

Unlike Thanksgiving, which has a set date, Friendsgiving doesn’t. On the other hand, many people decide to host Friendsgiving in November. This enables friends who are returning home for the holidays to rejoice.

For Friendsgiving, who should you invite?

It’s okay only to invite a select group of close pals. But if you’re imagining something bigger, including one or two visitors who will help with the hosting could be helpful. These are the friends who are always the life of the party and can chat with everyone. 

Are you a gift-giver for Friendsgiving?

Gift Ideas to Make Any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host Happy. The politest way to express gratitude to a friend or member of your family for their hospitality is with a host or hostess gift. Even if it’s a potluck-style meal, you should always bring a present.


Friendsgiving, a custom of gathering with friends who are like family, is almost approaching. Even though Thanksgiving tends to be regarded as a laid-back holiday, you may still decorate your home artistically and create a joyful atmosphere. 

Need some suggestions for what to use? Check out these Friendsgiving decor ideas that are provided above and as creative and hip as your unique group of pals.

Check out some of the Peerspace listings we’ve supplied for some real inspiration, then picture what you could accomplish with a brand-new location for your vacation.



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