Free Tuition: Scholarship to study law in Germany (UPDATED)



Scholarship to study law in Germany (UPDATED)

Germany attracts lots of international students, for students who are interested in studying law in Germany; they can take advantage of tuition-free scholarship. While there are different aspects of law courses that include exam curricula, rules and trainings that have been modified to train students adequately, there are notable institutions that offer Bachelor degree in law courses. It is important to know that obtaining these degrees doesn’t mean one has access into administrative positions.

Legal Study Structure

Law is offered in a few institutions as a major discipline. This course contains phases that are divided to be taught in about four semesters, it culminates in an intermediary exam. After this students are prepared for the major study phase where they are prepared right after the first state exams. In order to attain the requirements, intending students must take part in specialized, technical training for a couple of years which is recorded under the second state exams. Students must study core subjects in civil, public, criminal and procedural law. Furthermore, students can take part in more specialized modules in mandatory fields. Students can either apply for internship within Germany or outside the country.


Bachelor’s Degree:

Anyone that has interest in studying law in Germany should be prepared for an integrated course. In order to qualify for admission students will be required to produce a school leaving certificate which must be equivalent to the German leaving school certificate. Intending students must excel in the Test for Academic Studies or TesTAS , in the case where more requirement is necessary, students can opt for an introductory course that will later evolve into an assessment test in the field of choice.

Tuition Fees

Local and international students alike are not charged a fee as tuition. Living expenses must however be planned for, it is important for students to plan for expenses like food, health insurance, accommodation expenses and personal effects. A budget of 1,000 euros a year is adequate for these expenses.

Part time job

Students can get jobs to work while studying. International students are permitted to work for a maximum of 90 days per academic calendar.


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