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Free Tuition: Scholarship To Study Law In Germany (UPDATED)

The quality and affordability of education in Germany attracts lots of international students. Students who are interested in studying law in Germany can take advantage of the tuition-free scholarship.

This article compiles the legal structure, tuition fees, requirements, and scholarship to study law in Germany.

While there are different aspects of law courses that include exam curricula, rules, and training modified to train students adequately, there are notable institutions that offer Bachelor’s degrees in law courses.

Law is offered in a few institutions as a major discipline. This course contains stages that are divided to be taught in about four semesters, it culminates in an intermediary exam. After this, students are prepared for the major study phase where they are prepared right after the first state exams.

In order to attain the requirements, intending students must take part in specialized, technical training for a couple of years which is recorded under the second state exams. Students must study core subjects in civil, public, criminal, and procedural law.

Furthermore, students can take part in more specialized modules in mandatory fields. Students can either apply for an internship within Germany or outside the country.

Is law school free in Germany?

Many public universities in Germany offer quality education to citizens and international students free. So, if you enroll in a law program in public law school in Germany, you can study law for free in Germany.  

How many years does it take to study law in Germany?

It takes about 11 years to complete studies and be admitted into a bar in Germany. Basically, you need you must earn a degree in law. Afterward, you must complete a two-year legal training best described as an “apprenticeship” model before being eligible to take the German bar exam.

What are the Requirements to Study Law in Germany?

Anyone that has an interest in studying law in Germany should be prepared for an integrated course. In order to qualify for admission students will be required to produce a school-leaving certificate which must be equivalent to the German leaving school certificate.

Intending students must excel in the Test for Academic Studies or TesTAS, in the case where more requirement is necessary, students can opt for an introductory course that will later evolve into an assessment test in the field of choice.

Tuition Fees to Study Law in Germany

Local and international students alike are not charged a fee as tuition. Living expenses must, however, be planned for, it is important for students to plan for expenses like food, health insurance, accommodation expenses, and personal effects. A budget of 1,000 euros a year is adequate for these expenses.

Part-time Job

Students can get jobs to work while studying. International students are permitted to work for a maximum of 90 days per academic calendar.

Are there Law Scholarships In Germany?

Yes, there are law scholarships in Germany. Basically, if you attend a public school in Germany; then, you can study law for free.

But, if you decide to attend a private German university, the scholarships below can aid pacify the cost of study.

#1. Hertie School Law Scholarship Program in Germany

The Hertie School of Governance is glad to announce an international law scholarship. It is one of the scholarships to study law in Germany.

Level: All law graduates who wish to combine their legal knowledge with a degree in public policy or international affairs to be ideally prepared for the complex challenges facing tomorrow’s leaders in public administration.

Eligible Nationality: This scholarship is open to international students.

Scholarship Worth: Full tuition waivers for the MPP and MIA programs, each worth 32,500 EUR.

Deadline: There is no separate deadline for this scholarship. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted on a rolling basis and interviewed by a faculty member of the Hertie School…READ MORE

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#2. DAAD Master in Law Award in Germany, 2022

The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is excited to announce the grants to pursue a master’s degree program (LL.M.) and specialize in European Law at selected German higher education institutions.

Scholarship Worth: Monthly award of 750 euros (graduate students), health fees, flight rates, and other allowances

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#3. Germany Scholarships 

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business program is able to award a limited number of Deutschlandstipendien (“Germany Scholarships”) to offer financial support to students with outstanding academic records and talent based on their level of social engagement and financial need.

Scholarship Worth: The Deutschlandstipendiumcomprises €300 per month.

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Scholarship to study law in Germany FAQs

Can you study law in English in Germany?

Yes, many universities in Germany offer study programs taught in English.

Which university in Germany is free?

Most public universities in Germany are free.

How can I get full scholarship in Germany?

To get full scholarship in Germany, you should complete a bachelor’s degree in not more than 6 years. Also, you should have at least two years of proven work experience.


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