First Generation Scholarships for United state citizens


First Generation Scholarships for United state citizens

Yearly, a number of First Generation Scholarships are available for students attending college or university in the United States. All of the First Generation Scholarships is open to the citizens of the United States only. In order to be considered to the First Generation Scholarships students must be defined as a first-generation college student as mentioned below

Eligible students for the First Generation Scholarships:

  • Neither parent has obtained a Bachelor’s degree or a more advanced degree
  • Next, neither parent has obtained an Associate’s degree or a more advanced degree
  • Neither parent has obtained a college degree or certificate
  • Neither parent nor a sibling has ever enrolled in or attended college

Next, there are several types of the First Generation Scholarships as listed below:

Please learn the details information of these First Generation Scholarships, including description, eligibility requirement, criteria, award value application procedure and submission deadline by visiting each link of the scholarships above.

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In addition to these first generation scholarships above, a number of college also provides scholarships for first-generation college students attending the colleges. Examples include the Benjamin and Patricia Allen Scholarship for first-generation college students at Iowa State University, the First Generation Grant at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Frederik Meijer First Generation Honors Scholarship at Grand Valley State University, the Ingrid Saunders Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund at Michigan State University, the Fannie & Sam Constantino First Generation Scholarship at St. John Fisher College, Student Support Services Scholars Academy (SSS) and the George A. Miller Scholars Program at UC Berkeley and the Regents’ Scholarship at Texas A&M University. Protection Status



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