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Offers are currently available for the Balmoral Residential Fellowships for International Visual Artists in Germany, and the application period is open for  2018 fellowships and runs up to and including June 30, 2017 .Applications are therefore called for ,from interested Applicants  who have shown passionate interest for this fellowship program to be held in Germany Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral offers residential fellowships for visual artists for a period of three or nine months. Applicants’ artistic work should focus on or have some connection with or make reference to Dada, the artistic movement which will have its centenary in the following year 2018. The fellowships are endowed with 1,400 € a month. Balmoral fellowship are awarded for visual artists of any age from Germany and around the world. Full details:

School(Institutions/ Country): |Germany

Level: three or nine months fellowship available for visual artists.

Field(s): For the residencies for 2018, applicants’ artistic work should focus on or have some connection with or make reference to Dada, the artistic movement which will have its centenary in the following year 2018

Deadline: june 30th 2017

Funded By: Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral

Beneficiaries(Target Groups):  Balmoral Residential Fellowships are targeted for Both German and international artists can apply for these residential fellowships.

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

Award No:  the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral is awarding two 3-month residential fellowships and four 9-month residential fellowships.

Scholarship Duration: Two fellowships are awarded for the period of three months and four fellowships are awarded for the period of nine months.



Scholarship covers:  Balmoral Residential Fellowships are residential fellowships; continuous presence is obligatory. The fellowships are endowed with 1,400 € a month. The fellowship holders are provided with a furnished living/bedroom with shower/WC and a studio including electricity, water and heating. Running costs (electricity, water and heating) will be paid by the Künstlerhaus.
Each apartment is equipped with an individual telephone and internet access. If required, the room is also wired up for radio and television. The lounge, the dining room and the kitchen are for joint use. Due to the historic nature of the building, the apartments and studios in terms of their size and equipment are normally only suitable for one single person. Pets are not admitted. The fellows may use free of charge the in-house wood workshop and a  library containing approx. 5,500 books, mainly on modern and contemporary art, and the major art magazines.


‣ Artists’ residence Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral in Bad Ems was founded in 1995 and is a place of reflection, artistic production, discussion and meeting.

‣ It supports visual artists from all over the world by awarding artists in 2016 Balmoral Residential Fellowships

‣ The Künstlerhaus is publicly presented through lectures, concerts and exhibitions.

‣ Works by the fellows are regularly shown in ‘Made in Balmoral’, the Künstlerhaus’s exhibition space in the Bad Ems city centre.

‣ Schloss Balmoral sees itself as an interface between artistic

‣ Balmoral intends to build a bridge between the artists’ present and their future.



‣ Eligible to apply for Balmoral Residential Fellowships are visual artists of any age from Germany and around the world.

‣ The preconditions for applicants for the residential fellowships for visual artists are a completed course of study in art (M.F.A. or comparable) and three years of continuous artistic work after the conclusion of studies until the beginning of the fellowship.

‣ Applications are also possible for autodidacts distinguished by special artistic achievements, as documented by exhibitions and prizes.

‣ Knowledge of German or English is expected.

Selection Criteria for  Balmoral Residential Fellowships

‣ The decision on the award of the 2015 Balmoral Residential Fellowships is made by a  jury of experts taking into special consideration the potential of the artistic work for development.

‣ The members of the jury make their choice according to the quality of the work samples applicants have to hand in together with their application.

The selection committee normally consists of one chairperson and seven members of the jury who are expert representatives of the following professional groups:

an art critic;

‣ a museum director or curator;

‣ a representative of the studies of Fine Arts from a university or an art academy;

‣ a member of the artists associations in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate

-a visual artist;

the artistic director of the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral;

‣ a former fellow;

‣ the desk officer of the Ministry of Education, Science, Further Education and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz.

Notification for  Balmoral Residential Fellowships

‣ The applicants will not receive any reasons in writing for the decision made on the awarding of the fellowships, but will be informed of the result; preferable by e-mail.

Scholarship Application Method

‣ Applications should be submitted via post. Applications without a filled application form will not be accepted. Applications by e-mail will not be accepted.

Scholarship Application Due Date : The application period for 2018 fellowships runs up to and including June 30th 2017

Application documents (no originals!)
1. Two-sided application form
2. CV including your artistic career history and previous grants
3. Explanations to the artistic work and aims during the stay (altogether max. 300 words)
4. At most 10 photos or other images of the artistic work (no slides, no photo CDs, no Mac data CDs)

– At most one exhibition catalogue; no collective catalogues
– At most one CD or DVD, no longer than 15 min.

The application materials must not exceed A4 size and a total weight of 2 kg incl. packing. The Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral is not responsible for submitted application material.

Application form
An application form is available for download during the application period for each fellowship and must be completed and submitted with the application. Applications without a filled application form will not be accepted.

Residential fellowships in the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral in Bad Ems are awarded to international visual artists. Furthermore a curator fellowship is awarded to a junior academic graduate.

For international visual artists
– Two 3-month Balmoral residential fellowships
– Four 9-month Balmoral residential fellowships

The topic for the Balmoral residential fellowships 2018 is
‘Shaping the future. How do we want to live, love and work?’


For international fellows in the humanities
– One 9-month Balmoral residential fellowship for a curator

For the curator fellowship, mastery of the German language spoken and in writing as well as good knowledge of English is essential.
Visual artists with relation to Rhineland-Palatinate have the possibility to apply for further fellowships. Further information you find here.

Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

– See more at: http://www.scholarshipsbar.com/balmoral-residential-fellowships.html#sthash.QQ544dsg.dpuf

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