Eztv Unblocked for College Students in 2023

The EZtv unblocked for college students in 2023 is a fantastic demonstration of the adaptability of the internet and gadgets available to college students today. 

College students can now remotely access the shows they miss because of the proliferation of smartphones and the inability to watch their shows while they are in school.

In addition, students can also use the program to look for older torrents that are posted on EZtv. They may start, stop, pause, or check the status of their current downloads without being close to their computer by using the app as a remote interface. Of course, this only functions for those who have access to EZtv unblocked.

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about the EZtv unblocked for college students in 2023. Let’s dive in!

About EZtv Unblocked

EZtv was a TV torrent distribution company that was established in May 2005 and shut down in April 2015 as a result of “EZCLOUD LIMITED” acquiring their domains and brand in an aggressive manner. It immediately rose to the top spot for TV show torrents in terms of traffic.

It was established in reaction to the lawsuit-induced forced closure of TVTorrents.tv and btefnet. With a loose coalition of volunteers, NovaKing formed the organization, which had no official ties to its forerunners.

The BitTorrent community saw the necessity for a site that controlled its material after TVTorrents and btefnet were shut down. 

The two groups had a reputation for never posting any fraudulent links, which was a problem that used to be rather common on open BitTorrent sites before recent advancements in community-powered filtering. 

In order to fill this gap in the public BitTorrent landscape, a group of volunteers came together in the IRC channel #EZtv on the EFnet IRC network to start a TV torrent group from scratch.

The goal of EZtv was to establish a team that would carry on the work of its two predecessors while avoiding what they saw as the “weak spots” that had caused them to fail. 

This meant that EZtv should never host its own torrent files, that its leadership structure should be fluid and ambiguous to prevent creating any clear-cut targets for legal action, and that the organization should never host or manage its own tracker.

Additionally, it was decided that EZtv should be a wholly non-profit organization by never requesting payment of any type from its users and by never running adverts in order to avoid legal action for “profiting from piracy.” This indicates that EZtv was fully staffed by volunteers. 

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How Does EZtv Proxy Work?

Your device and the EZtv website are connected through a proxy server, which serves as a middleman. When you utilize a proxy, your requests are first routed through the proxy server to the EZtv proxy site, where they are then fulfilled.

The content is retrieved from the website via the proxy and sent back to you. Through this method, you can access the website without directly violating any limits or security measures that might be in place.

If you utilize an EZtv proxy site, your browser’s internet request is forwarded through the proxy server to the mirror site.

Thus, it assists the user in unblocking the EZtv Torrent website while maintaining an extra layer of protection and avoiding detection.

What is the EZtv Proxy Sites List For 2023 To Unblock EZtv for College Students?

These are a few of the top EZtv torrent proxy sites that will quickly enable EZtv for you.

Additionally, our staff tested these proxy sites and found that they are not blocked in the majority of nations, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.

These proxy websites were active and functioning properly at the time this article was being written.

  • https://EZtv.re
  • https://EZtv1.xyz
  • https://EZtv.tf
  • https://EZtv.yt
  • https://EZtv.wf
  • https://EZtv.work
  • https://EZtvtorrent.co
  • https://EZtv.unblockit.nz  NEW
  • https://EZtv.unblockit.bio
  • https://EZtv.unblockninja.com
  • https://EZtv.unblockproject.lol 

To visit these EZtv mirror sites, simply copy and paste these URLs into the search field.

All torrent files and magnet links, including those for movies, TV shows, and series, are hosted by these websites.

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How To Unblock EZtv?

It’s time to unblock them using these tried-and-true techniques when even these EZtv proxies are blocked in your areas.


To unblock the torrent website, put the EZtv proxy site link in the enter Url box and click GO. You can choose from a variety of servers in Europe and the USA to access the site, albeit doing so is optional.



EZtv may be unblocked using UltraSurf without the need for a specific domain or EZtv proxy by simply running the app. available as a Chrome browser extension, as well as for Windows, iOS, and Android. When the app is launched, a proxy connection is established. EZtv will then work without being blocked for you.



You can use the Tor browser if you frequently visit EZtv. When it first starts, it will connect to a Tor proxy server, allowing you to quickly unblock EZtv proxy and download torrents.



You might benefit from using a free VPN service like ProtonVPN. Install the program first, log in, and then start using the VPN to access EZtv without any restrictions.


How Does EZtv Proxy Work?

Your device and the EZtv website are connected through a proxy server, which serves as a middleman. When you utilize a proxy, your requests are first routed through the proxy server to the EZtv proxy site, where they are then fulfilled.

The content is retrieved from the website via the proxy and sent back to you. Through this method, you can access the website without directly violating any limits or security measures that might be in place.

If you utilize an EZtv proxy site, your browser’s internet request is forwarded through the proxy server to the mirror site.

Thus, it assists the user in unblocking the EZtv Torrent website while maintaining an extra layer of protection and avoiding detection.

How To Use A VPN To Unblock EZtv?

ISPs in Italy and the UK are currently blocking EZtv and its RSS website ezRSS at the request of MPA and FACT.

Furthermore, EZtv has been outlawed in numerous nations and areas, including Ireland, Australia, the United States, Canada, India, and Argentina.

You can, however, use VPN services to unblock EZtv in these nations. 

It’s crucial to utilize a VPN service to access EZtv proxy sites since some countries, including the USA and Australia, prohibit access to torrent download sites.

However, if you want to avoid using a VPN and are looking for the top EZtv proxy websites,

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What are the Best EZtv Alternatives?

You may download movies and TV shows from a variety of reliable torrent websites in addition to EZtv.

These are the top five EZtv alternatives, in no particular order, that you should give a look.

1. YTS.mx

Yify/YTS is the top contender for the title of greatest EZtv substitute. This BitTorrent tracker website will undoubtedly impress you if you frequently use torrents to download movies.

The most recent games on YTS.mx are accessible in 4K quality, and the website has an easy-to-use layout. One of the best websites for downloading movies is YTS, often known as Yify.

Use.torrent files to download movie torrents from this site. There are no magnet files available. Actors in several movies use hard-to-understand dialects or languages when speaking. The subtitles are accessible.

Visit site 

2. 1337X

1337X, which debuted in 2007, is the next-best EZtv substitute. The foundation of this torrenting website is essentially a community where users exchange the best torrent files for no cost download. From 1337X, you may quickly download anime, films, music, TV episodes, games, and software.

Due to its community-driven strategy, where users freely exchange reliable torrent files for download, 1337X has emerged as a major torrent website. It is a well-liked substitute for EZtv because it combines large databases from numerous torrent sites.

The huge databases from several torrent websites, including torrentz and torrentdb, have been indexed by 1337x, making it a well-liked location for TV episodes and movies. The website receives more than 50 million page views per month.

They have a list of active 1337x mirror domains on their About Us page. The website address is 1337x.to. For the convenience of users, 1337x also offers torrent information on its pages.

Visit site 

3. GloTorrents

GloTorrents is another reliable EZtv substitute. Although GloTorrents is a new torrent website, it is worth checking out after Zooqle went offline.

You may easily search for and download your preferred magnet links or torrent files with this website. GloTorrents offers a variety of content, from simple Android games to full-length Blu-ray movies.

By including inactive torrents and even filtering categories, you can hone your search. Use the “+” sign to add specific words to your search, and the “-” sign to remove certain words from the search results.

GloTorrents has an enormous library of more than 1.5 million torrents. Check the reputation points of the contributor before downloading anything from GloTorrents.

Visit site 

4. Torlock

Only verified torrents are available on Torlock, an alternative to EZtv torrents. You can utilize Torlock2.com to access it because it is often prohibited in all regions.

Like EZtv, this website contains over 9 million verified torrents spread across 12 different categories. The initial area of the webpage features the most recent and well-liked torrents. When utilizing specific proxies to access the torrent website, the search bar is hidden here.

You won’t find torrent files here, in contrast to EZtv. The only method for downloading torrent files is through magnet links, some of which have problems opening when accessed through proxies.

Visit site 


RARBG was introduced a few years after The Pirate Bay and has been around for a while. They currently have more than a million torrents in different categories.

On the file listing, you can find magnet links and torrent files. Subtitles for movies are offered in a zip file and come in a variety of languages.

Additionally, you can view the ratings for movies, TV shows, and other video content on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

Visit site 

What are the Best Mirror Sites for EZtv?


For most of the biggest torrent sites, including EZtv, 1337x, and The Pirate Bay, Unblocked.is offers proxy and mirror sites. To get over ISP limitations on torrent sites, the site’s scripts function as a go-between for the browser and the torrent site.

The main EZtv page is kept ad-free by EZtv1.unblocked.is, but popups are inserted into user requests.  When utilizing the search bar or clicking torrent links, the majority of users will encounter popup windows; nonetheless, links to torrent files and magnet files are clearly shown without deceptive links.

A reliable EZtv proxy for experienced torrents is EZtv1.unblocked.is.  Ads may make the search and browsing process difficult for beginners.


Unblocked.Lol hosts a number of scripts that serve as a go-between for users and the websites they want to access.  If the ISP blocks access to EZtv, these scripts serve as a proxy service.  The website presently has a high uptime and is accessible from all countries, however, if ISPs decide to prohibit proxy services, this could change.

Through EZtv1.unblocked, you may access every torrent on EZtv.The user requests are modified by this proxy, and banner advertising is injected.  

It’s possible for users to end up on another website unrelated to EZtv after their second or third click on a torrent.  

With EZtv1.unblocked, banner adverts for gambling, VPN services, and popups when typing search terms into the search bar are typical.


In order to get around ISP restrictions, Unblocked.llc hosts proxy scripts that route user requests to EZtv mirrors. 

Unblocked.llc gives users access to all of the torrents that are currently offered on the primary EZtv website, much like other torrent proxy services.  

It is a responsive proxy that reacts promptly to user queries, and it does not yet appear to be blocked in any significant cities.

EZtv.unblocked.llc does not currently appear to inject any banner adverts or popup windows into user requests, in contrast to other proxy services. 

A seamless gateway to EZtv is provided via clearly stated torrent and magnet URLs without any deceptive connections.


A backup site for the main EZtv domains is EZtv.pro2web.space, which serves as an EZtv mirror site.  Because it is a quick mirror, torrents that are available on the main EZtv sites can be accessed almost immediately.

The website adds a somewhat subtle banner ad for VPN services to the original EZtv interface, but it also seems to add a number of adverts to some user searches.  

Pop-up advertisements are brought up when you click on the search bar or certain website features like photos.  Magnet and torrent links seem to be simple to access without bringing up extra advertisements or deceptive links.

We can only advise utilizing EZtv.pro2web.space if other mirrors are unavailable due to hidden links and pop-up ads.


In order to get around ISP restrictions, Unblockall.org runs an EZtv proxy service with scripts that send user requests to an EZtv mirror.  

This proxy site uses the authentic, clear EZtv interface and doesn’t contain any hidden banner adverts or deceptive links. 

Accessible torrent and magnet links may be found here, and unlike other mirrors, no popup windows will appear when you enter a search term.

The website appears to be reachable from locations across the world and experiences consistent uptime.  Users in Australia and Asia, however, can have brief lag times of up to 3 seconds while opening links or looking for torrents.

Due to the absence of popups, hidden links, and other unscrupulous practices, the unblockall.org EZtv mirror is a fantastic option for all users.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is EZtv legal?

The question, “Is Torrenting Legal?” is one of the most frequently asked in relation to downloading torrent content from websites like EZtv.
In theory, it is. However, downloading copyrighted content and redistributing it is against the law.
In fact, the owner of the copyright may even file a lawsuit against you. This is considered to be pirated content.
But torrenting is entirely lawful if you are distributing non-copyrighted material.

How Can Torrent Files Be Downloaded?

Open the torrent file in a torrent client after downloading it from any torrent website or search engine to start downloading files.
For a fast download, it is advised to use torrent files with a lot of peers and seeds.
Both Windows and Mac have torrent applications available.

Does EZtv still exist?

Several clones, proxies, and mirror sites that seemed to take their place are still used to access EZtv.

Why should I use EZtv? 

In a nutshell, you can utilize EZtv by going to the website, searching for the torrent file you want to download, choosing it, and then clicking “Download.” Make a note of the file’s location and open it in your preferred torrent client.


EZtv is a streaming service where you can watch and download a sizable variety of HD movies and TV shows. 

The content library includes genres like action, humor, history, horror, thriller, sports, and more. Every day, new movies, including those that users have requested, are uploaded to keep viewers up to date on the hottest movies and TV shows playing in cinemas and on small screens. 

There are no pop-up advertisements, and you may view and download more than 9,000 titles without logging in or registering.


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