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The European Transport Innovation Challenge is sorted out to reward transport pioneers with thoughts for a cleaner and more proficient future in transport. The EU is focused on cutting carbon di oxide discharges by no less than 40% by 2030 and by 80% by 2050. With transportation representing one fourth of CO2 emanations, there is a need to profoundly change the way individuals and merchandise is done. This Challenge will help move the EU along the way of decarbonisation and manageable development. To partake, you simply require a smart thought for an item or administration that will add to one of the accompanying key European objectives for transport: better versatility, better access to portability, less contamination, less blockage, or more wellbeing and security.

The targets of the test are:

The Commission needs to give a stage to new thoughts in transport, and perceive the ability and engagement of transport pioneers to encouraging practical and savvy transport in Europe. The Commission is searching for novel ways to deal with (i) better portability, (ii) better access to versatility, (iii) less contamination, (iv) less clog (v) more wellbeing and security;

The 2017 Challenge is entitled “European Transport Innovation Challenge” and will encourage entrepreneurial thoughts that show imaginative, problematic answers for transport challenges, especially those that add to the decarbonisation and effectiveness of the European Transport System. These thoughts can be for new items and administrations, and for noteworthy enhancements of existing items and administrations.

The Challenge expects to animate transport trend-setters’ capability to give answers for the vehicle division by perceiving the ability and engagement of transport pioneers to encouraging economical and savvy transport in Europe. The Challenge will specifically advance thoughts best representing that potential.

The Challenge means to give advantages, for example, perceivability to the thoughts and systems administration openings. It will empower finalists to interface with an extensive variety of transport development speculators, specialists, associations and systems.


The 12 victors of the Challenge will get a free excursion to Strasbourg (France) on 19, 20 and 21 June 2017 to take after the ITS Congress, Europe’s greatest social affair of experts working in wise transport frameworks. The prize incorporates: transportation, settlement and free access to the gathering; a devoted workshop to meet speculators and EU arrangement creators and get individual drilling; and an appearance in front of an audience to pitch the triumphant thought to the gathering group of onlookers.


The thought can originate from a man, a group, an organization (given it is a SME) or whatever other kind of lawful element anyplace in the European Union;

Keeping in mind the end goal to support youthful pioneers, the individual who goes to the ITS European Congress must be under 35.

Due date: May 7, 2017

Application Process

Finish the application frame. If you don’t mind answer all inquiries in English.

For more data, read FAQ or visit European Transport Innovation Challenge.


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