Erasmus+ Scholarships for International Students at in Portugal, 2017



The MOBILE+3 project in conjunction with the Erasmus + is delighted to invite applications for 144 scholarships for pursuing undergraduate, master and doctoral programme. The Scholarship is designed for student/staff from the institution which is a part of the Erasmus+ project’s Consortium.

The MOBILE+3 project, coordinated by the University of Porto in the framework of the European Programme Erasmus +  aimed at student mobility at various levels as well as academic and administrative staff, in both directions, IN and OUT, and includes institutions from more than 14 countries from outside Europe.

Level: Undergraduate, master and doctoral programme.

Subject: All fields in the  university.

Scholarship Benefits: Benefits include the following:

  • Monthly allowance (the amount per month will depend on the Mobility’s direction);
  • Round trip plane ticket between the grant holder’s home city and the host country;
  • Health, accident and travel insurance valid during the entire mobility period

Host Nationality: Portugal

Eligible Nationality: Students from Partner Institutions of Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Russian Federation, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United States and Uzbekistan.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • In order to be eligible for an Erasmus + scholarship under this project, you must be a student/staff from the institution which are a part of the project’s Consortium.
  • The MOBILE+3 project offers grants for exchange mobility. As so, all the students must be registered in a HEI and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree or another recognized tertiary level qualification.
  • For Undergraduate studies: Students must be enrolled at least in the second year of higher education studies in order to be eligible to undertake an exchange period abroad.
  • For Master studies: Students must have completed at least one semester at the home institution before undertaking an exchange period.
  • For Doctorate studies: Students must have completed at least one year of studies and have already a research project.
  • For academic and administrative staff: Must work (full-time) at a partner institution of the project in order to be eligible to apply for a grant.
  • Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have previous degree.

English Language Requirement: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply:

To fill in the Application Form, the following steps must be considered:

  • The applicants should have a valid e-mail address and an internet connection.
  • As a way to access the form, the applicants should create a new login in the “Apply” section, selecting the type of scholarship they want to apply to (ex: undergraduate exchange).
  • The form will open with a set of questions regarding general eligibility criteria;
  • The applicants must answer truthfully to all questions so as to ensure the fulfilment to all general eligibility criteria. In case one eligibility criteria is not fulfilled, the system will immediately inform the applicant through the following message: “Please verify the eligibility criteria.”
  • The applicants should then fill in the online Application Form available on the project’s website. The system will save a draft of the application every time the “Save” button is pressed, allowing it to be revised, edited and completed.
  • The applicants should carefully prepare and revise the application before pressing the “Submit” button. After selecting the “Submit” button, it is not possible to make any additional change to the already submitted proposal. Accordingly, if you would like to make any valid changes, you must create a new register and fill in another application form.

Application Deadline: The application deadline is September 15, 2017.

Application Form  

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