Elisabeth & Amelie Grants for Students from Developing Countries 2018



The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund by the King Baudouin Foundation is pleased to award Grants to students from developing countries studying in Belgium, this program is has its aim as investigating  a new form of support for sustainable water management in developing countries by financing on-the-spot internships for students from developing countries who are studying in Belgium.Hurry and apply now as only eligible persons will be considered.

About the Award: Here, the Elisabeth & Amelie Fund takes into consideration an integrated approach to water management that includes technical and/or sociological aspects.

The internship will take place in a developing country (the student’s country of origin or another country). It will be tied to a master’s thesis or an equivalent) and under the responsibility of the Belgian academic institution where the student is studying.

Application Deadline: 23rd October, 2017

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: Students from a developing country studying in Belgium

To be taken at (country): A developing country (Candidate’s home country)

Eligible Field of Study: Master’s level degree (master’s, specialisation master’s or a second bachelor’s degree) that is linked to water management.


Type: Grants

Selection Criteria: 

  • Objective. The internship is linked to the access to water or its management in developing countries and must be clearly part of the subject of the candidate’s end of year project.
  • Pertinence. The work undertaken by the candidate at local level and the results that emanate from this deal with important local issues.
  • Capabilities. The budget requested must match the candidate’s needs. He/She must have sufficient resources to complete the internship under the required conditions.
  • Innovation. The approach that the candidate chooses for his/her internship or the framework within which he/she intends to work is different from the usual approaches or frameworks.
  • Impact. The expected results should bring sustainable change for the people concerned at local level.

Number of Awardees: 10

Value of Scholarship: The grant will cover the expenses inherent to the internship, up to a maximum of €5.000.

Duration of Scholarship: The internship, which should last 1 to 2 months, must take place between December 2017 and the end of August 2018.

How to Apply: Complete your Application Form online

  • Download the annex(es) that have to be completed for your application form

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: King Baudouin Foundation


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