EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP) | 2019


There are numerous gifted and determined, low income students in Nigeria who just need funds and full access to quality Information to enhance their future.

For its 11th year, the United States Embassy, Nigeria attempts to spot qualified and extremely motivated, low-income students in Nigeria with the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP).

OFP’s assignment is to aid talented and ascertained, low-income students that are good applicants for financial assistance from U.S. schools and colleges however lack the funding to pay for their Admission and entry fees .

OFP works closely together with students during regularly scheduled seminars and meetings to aid them through the duration of the application process to procure scholarships and admissions to attend schools and colleges in the USA.

OFP takes care the total cost of this Procedures, including enrollment prices for required standardized assessments and supplies free membership into the U.S. EducationUSA Advising Center because of the Students participants.

OFP anticipates a true dedication by the students to present their power and time into this app in order they might reach their fantasies of study at the USA.

Eligible Candidates are welcome from all of the countries in Nigeria. But, students have to find a way to Locate the offices at Abuja or Lagos to monthly basis throughout this whole Application excercise for full involvement.

Participants works together with all our EducationUSA Advisors in June 2019 — August 20-20 to attempt to procure financial and places aid to start study at the U.S. at August 20-20.

Selection Criteria

The collection of finalists for OFP is extremely competitive, given limited financing. We search for candidates :

  • Strong academic record/ transcript
  • Robust involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Involvement in leadership functions
  • Exemplary community support involvement
  • Financial Need

NOTE: Undergraduate Students — In case WAEC result details aren’t available; the student needs to be now in SS3. In case WAEC result details can be obtained, they have to be from May/June WAEC.

Students who’ve already begun a University instruction are perhaps not permitted employ.


  • Complete Application Form
  • Academic Results:
    Undergraduate Applicants– Attach a copy of your WAEC “O” Level results (from WAEC website).  Include Cambridge A’Level or IGSCE results if applicable or available.
    Graduate Applicants– Attach a copy of your Final year results and degree results (if available) First Class only (STEM majors preferred).
  • Letters of recommendation:
    Undergraduate ApplicantsRequest a teacher or your school principal to complete a letter of recommendation form, attesting to your character, talent and skills.  Please do not include a basic testimonial that does not talk about you as an individual.
    Graduate Applicants: Provide the details of a lecturer, professor, or Head of Department (HOD) that we can contact to find out more about you.
  • Transcript:
    Undergraduate Applicants: Send a scanned copy of your transcript from JS1 to SS3 including your mock and first term results, if possible.
    Graduate Applicants– Send a scanned copy of your transcripts that show a GPA of 4.5 or above on a 5.0 scale. 
  • Essays:
    Write two essays, one from Group A and one from Group B, each of about 250– 300 words. The essay topics will be on the application form you receive. (Essay topics will be found on the form)

How to APPLY

Undergraduate applicants Click here
Graduate applicants Click here
For inquiries send a message to [email protected]


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