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Dr. Pepper Scholarship 2019

Dr Pepper established his tuition give away in 2008. This scholarship scheme is a form of financial aid to students with legal residency in the United States for their college education.

The award is worth prizes in form of cash to selected candidates.

It involves getting fifty votes online from friends which enables you to submit a video to inspire more fans. Winners are given cash prize.

Runners-up are also awarded and there are furthermore eight consolation prizes. Official scholarship website: www.drpeppertuition.com

Level/Field of Study:

The Scholarship is designed for USA Students within the age bracket of 18-24 years. The Scholarship is given to College Students Field of Study restriction.

Host Nationality:

The Scholarship is hosted in USA

Scholarship Worth:

The scholarship award is worth sixteen grand prizes, (3 184 dollars, 3 241 dollars, 2 999 dollars, and 2 912 dollars) one for each Grand Prize Game and opportunity to compete for:

  • Four awards worth 100 000 dollars for tuition prizes of which one is at each Grand Prize Game.
  • Four runner up prizes worth 20 000 dollars as tuition awards.
  • Eight consolation prizes worth 2 500 dollars as tuition awards.


  • Number of Awards Given

There are 16 awards given for the Dr Pepper Tuition Scholarship. Four winner prizes, four runner-up prizes and eight consolation prizes.


Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicant must hold legal residency permit of the United States of America of an eligible state.
  • Applicant’s age must range between 18 and 24

Disqualification Criteria 

If the applicant or any member of the applicant’s immediate family or household is an employee, officer or director of any Promotion Party, the person is disqualified from applying for the scholarship.

If the applicant or any member of the applicant’s immediate family or household is the owner / operator or the person in charge of purchasing or promotion decisions at retailers of Sponsor products, such an applicant is disqualified from joining the application process.

An applicant must not be active athlete in any division in any sport of NCAA collegiate. The applicant also, must not have played professional, semi – professional or Division I collegiate football at any time. Any person who falls into this category, is automatically disqualified from joining the application for the scholarship.


  • How to Apply for Dr. Pepper Scholarship

The application process for Dr Pepper’s tuition give away is quite as easy as outlined below:

  • First off, the applicant must have an active Facebook account.
  • Make sure that the profile of the applicant is filled out properly indicating the applicant’s current city, university and the major of the applicant. Then, connect to the server and authorize the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway application.
  • The applicant then goes further by creating a goal. This is done by answering the ‘Tell us how you will change the world in 350 characters or less’ question. This goal can be modified until it gets locked.
  • The applicant then needs to invite his friends to vote for his answer. The goal gets locked when the answer has got fifty votes on it. Then, it is no longer open for modification or change.
  • When the applicant’s vote count reaches 50, the applicant is automatically invited to upload and submit a video record of themselves. This video record should contain their demonstration of why they deserve to be Tuition Contestant in the Dr Pepper’s Tuition Giveaway Award program. (NB: please, kindly ensure that the video is submitted before the deadline of Tuition Video Submission Date.)

Requirements for video to be uploaded:

  • The video must be done in English language and must be the original work of the applicant.
  • The videos must be in good quality and suitable for publication.
  • The video must be not more than one minute length.
  • The video must not be more than 50 MB in size.
  • The video must be in one of the following file formats; .mov, .wmv, mpeg, .avi, .mp4, or .mpg.


  • Application Deadline:

The deadline for the application for Dr Pepper Tuition Scholarship is 1st May, 2019.

For more information and to apply for Dr Pepper Tuition Scholarship award, please visit the scholarship website or follow the direct link to be automatically redirected: http://www.drpeppertuition.com/program-details



Academic Scholars Award at Harvard University:

the Academic Scholars are a community of select individuals with curiosity, resourcefulness, originality and initiative, who provide a promising work as a foundation for exceptional careers in major universities or international institutions.

This grant is awarded by Harvard University. The benefactors are appointed for an in-residence, post doctoral fellowship at the Harvard Academy for International and Area studies at the Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and is for two years.

The grant is worth substantial financial and research assistance for undertaking sustained projects of research and / or acquiring accessory training in the chosen field of study of the benefactors.

A distinguished group of senior Harvard University faculty members, known as the Senior Scholars, act as mentors to the Academy Scholars to help them achieve their intellectual potential.

The Selection Committee considers all applicants as one and awards about 4 to 5 applicants each year. The grant is worth $67,000 and is available for a duration of two years for the period of study.

Type of award: available for doctorate degree studies and post doctoral students.

Acceptance: this award is accepted in the United States of America

Eligibility: this award is available for international students regardless of nationality, gender or race who have recent

PhD or an equivalent professional school degree and for doctorate students in the social sciences or law.

Required documents for application: the documents required for application are a Curriculum Vitae or resumé which should include a list of publications,

a cover letter that states the academic field of the applicant,

country or region of specialization and proposed research topic,

a research proposal with a maximum of 2500 words which includes intellectual objectives and planned methodological and disciplinary work,

a copy of the applicant’s PhD program transcript,

three letters of recommendation uploaded through the online application and addressed to the ‘Selection Committee’. T

hese application documents are submitted online as PDF documents and accessed through The Harvard Academy website under the option of ‘Apply Online’.

For further enquiries, please send a mail to [email protected].


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