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Dorrance Publishing Company was formed in 1920 by Gordon Dorrance as a provider of self-publishing services for authors. Since the demise of Vantage Press in 2012, the company which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can now be regarded as the oldest existing provider of self-publishing services.

Book production, distribution, promotion, as well as ghostwriting are among the services available. On a basic publishing package, the company provides minimal marketing services to its authors. 

As the oldest self-publishing company, Dorrance publishing has built a reputable name for itself. You will find out more about the Dorrance Publishing review in the remaining parts of this article.


Dorrance’s publishing company can be seen as a self-publishing service provider. They are one of the oldest in the industry and you can consider them if you’re looking to publish your book. It was founded by Gordon Dorrance in 1920.

They started off by publishing traditional printed books and they are now into e-books.

Dorrance publishing company also has a bookstore where books published under their umbrella are made available for sale.

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Dorrance publishing company is a self-publishing service provider located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They publish all genres of books like fiction, non-fiction, business, how-to, poetry, children’s literature, etc.

Dorrance publishing company also publishes books under the name of other publishing companies such as Whitmore publishing company, Rose dog books, Proclaim books, and Red Lead Press. They as well provide services such as promotion and distribution.

In publishing, they check for spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammatical blunders and also edit them after corrections. They produce the printed version of the books and design the cover.

They also take care of the corporate registration and assign a library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

In terms of promotion, they notify the bookseller that their book is out for sale. Your book is also submitted to They also submit your book to third-party sellers like Amazon and Google books. 


Their price ranges from $1,000 to $20,000 per package although it can exceed too. They will offer a payment plan but, unless you complete your payments your book will not be released.

Though there are fixed prices like, royalties on printed books are 40% and on e-books are 80%, that is if your books are sold by Dorrance bookstore. But if your book is sold through a third party like Amazon and Google books the royalties are 20% for printed books and 40% for e-books.

Dorrance publishing company will decide the price of your book in retail stores and you will also be on a 2-year contract with them.


Dorrance publishing is a legal company. They have a 4.46/5 rating based on 83 reviews from several websites on the internet, that is to say, that their customers are very comfortable with their services. Although they’ve had clashes with some customers and due to some reasons, people see Dorrance Publishing as a scam.

Asides from that, this company has been in existence for over a century (100years), so it’s definitely legit. Some also feel that they are scams due to too many policies and their high charges as well. Dorrance publishing does not provide their pricing on the website and they do not provide a copy of the contract with them.

The international standard book number details are not available to the public which makes people think that they are scams.

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Dorrance publishing has published different books under different genres and different publishing companies.

These are the books published by Dorrance publishing company:

 Secrets of the untold:

This book was published by Dorrance publishing company and it was written by Carly Robbins. The book is about Katelyn Anthony and her surrogate.

The ISBN number is 978-1-4809-1909-9. It is a book written in the English language with over 300 pages.

Its rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. It was published in February 24, 2015.

The non– conformist:

This book was also published by Dorrance publishing company and it’s written by Paul Hayden. It was published on December 14, 2014, and was written in the English language with over 400 pages.

Told through the eyes of Jonathan as an adult, The Nonconformist crackles with excitement on the waves and heartbreak on the sand.

The best man I can be:

Another book published by Dorrance Publishing Is “the best man I can be”. It was published on December 14, 2014, with over 100 pages.it was written by Leonard Dungey and in the English language and it rates 3.9 out of 5 for customer reviews.

The Best Man I Can Be is the result of Leonard Dungey’s 94 years of experience. It has been written at the urging of family and friends, and a gut instinct on the part of the author to catalog his experiences in the military as an African American and as the best man he can be.

How does one become the best man he can be? Leonard Dungey strives to illustrate this through his own experiences—good and bad, local and abroad. His is a story to be remembered.

Grave matters:

This book is also published by the Dorrance publishing company and was published on December 1, 2014, with over 200 pages. It was written by Carlotta .G. Holton. It was written in the English language with its ISBN as 978-1480911154.

The story is about a mélange of terrifying supernatural tales that will keep you turning page after page. Grave Matters combines legends, curses, and superstitions from the past with a keen contemporary psychological twist. Absolutely riveting!

A must-read for fans of the horror genre. Jack Evans, host of the Jack Evans Show WMBS-CBS, Uniontown, PA Grave Matters is a frightening collection of twenty-four supernatural stories based on ethnic superstitions, legends, and real historical events.

The author s experience abroad, combined with superstitions she was raised with, culminate in these spellbinding narratives, which explore the dark side of the human mind.

Included in these mesmerizing tales are ghosts forever reliving their agony in the eternal city, a macabre ragman who peddles more than the usual wares, a puppeteer who can no longer pull the strings of his malevolent marionettes, and many more characters embroiled in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Grave Matters is a terrifying journey into the psychology of superstitions.

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Beyond reality:

Here is another book published by Dorrance publishing company. It was published on December 15, 2014. It has over 200 pages and was also written in the English language by written by Bruce Ford.

The story is about the life of a family, where there is: Beyond Reality. Bryan – A man of means, who is full of love and compassion for all who surround him.

He’s dedicated to his wife and family and is determined to have the best of everything; he almost loses his life trying to show that he cares. Yolonda The wife that had everything, but was willing to lose it all for what she believed to be true about her husband. Her life of devotion to herself caused her a path of misery.

Carrie is the wife of Bryan’s best friend who was willing to put her marriage and life on the line for a one-night stand. She is demanding and very firm in letting Bryan know of her intentions to sleep with him, despite the close relationship he has with her husband.

Kathryn, the sister-in-law, is a woman of sexual vitality who’s willing to come between two loving brothers in order to fulfill her sex drive. Her determination leads to great pain for her.

Jeanette is a ruthless and heartless woman who will stop at nothing in order to get what she wants. With her desire to have it all, she ends up in deep trouble with the man she loves.

Westly & Timothy Two innocent boys who are caught up in the midst of the fury that causes a nightmare that turns out to be a living hell. They live it daily and can only find consolation in a motto.

You can meet them all including the whole cast of characters as you explore their world in Beyond Reality.

Biker brothers:

This book was published by Dorrance publishing company on December 3, 2014, by Tim Dagostino. It has over 100 pages and is written in the English language.

The story is about The Brothers—Chad the lover, Oscar the optimist, Evan the impassioned songwriter, and Sylvia, “the sister”—are a motorcycle-riding band who fight and sing, lose and wind their way through a challenging round of contests that would knock out any other group.

Whether it’s jousting at the Renaissance Fair, performing onstage before raucous crowds, or facing the soul-touching problems of family, friendship, and love, the Biker Brothers play for it all.

Hit the scale of highs and lows as you travel along with them in this exciting and insightful novel composed to run the keybaanswerlife.

These are a few out of many other books published by Dorrance publishing company and all the stories or books published by them have good customer ratings. 


Traditional publishers do not require advance fees and you may even receive a royalty advance. However, because the publisher controls the rights to your work, you relinquish all creative control to them.

To work with Dorrance, you don’t need to have a finished manuscript.


To start up with Dorrance publishing, you need to fill a simple form after which you will be put into touch with the project coordinator. You will be sharing your book i.e., from the first draft to the final copy with the project coordinator.

Dorrance publishing will also review your manuscript and give you various publishing options with your prices and walk you through the other services that it provides.

The price range per package can go from $1000 to $20,000 or even more. Here are the steps to publish with Dorrance.


The first step in the publication process is to send a complete copy of your book to your personal Publishing Consultant.


Your book will be edited, a cover designed, and the pages of your book will be designed.

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As a Dorrance author, you’ll get a customized promotion campaign for your book.


Our distribution staff ensures that your book may be purchased both online and in shops.


Get your name out there and get people talking about your book! We’ll lend a hand by delivering orders to clients.


The official website for Dorrance publishing company is https://www.dorrancepublishing.com


Does Dorrance Publishing take every manuscript?

​​​​​Dorrance publishing does not review manuscripts to see if they have literary merit or business potential. There are, however, some categories that they don’t accept like hate books, pornography, or racist books. They reject any work that they deem inappropriate for their business.

Will my work be protected?

Dorrance as a respectable and esteemed company will not use any material given to them without the explicit authorization of the author.

Is Dorrance publishing trusted?

Yes. As a company that has been in existence for so many years (more than 100 years), it is not a scam.

Does Dorrance Publishing pay the authors?

Authors at Dorrance receive some percentage of the money for each book sold.

Who founded Dorrance Publishing?

Gordon Dorrance founded the Dorrance Publishing 

 Where is Dorrance Publishing Company located?

​​​​​​​It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


​​​​​​​Dorrance publishing is a publisher that provides services such as book development, promotion, distribution as well as ghostwriting. The books published by Dorrance publishing are made available by the Dorrance bookstore.

Large-scale book vendors such as Google books, Amazon Books, and Barnes & Noble are sources through which these books are sold too.



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