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Dorot Fellowship for Israel Students 2017

The Dorot Fellowship is designed to assemble and empower a network of young Jewish lay leaders to enliven the American Jewish landscape.

Each year, 12 Dorot Fellows are chosen to live in Israel, where they sharpen the characteristics and skills, acquire the experience, and broaden the networks required for Jewish leadership in the 21st Century.

The Fellowship enhances their ability to observe where change is needed, to assess and interpret the actions needed to bring about change, and then to act upon that knowledge by intervening and becoming active players in the social change process.

The Dorot Fellowship encompasses both individual and communal learning experiences. Each Fellow devises a Personal Learning Program, comprised of formal and experiential learning and volunteer activities.

In addition, Dorot Fellows and Educators exist in a Collaborative Learning Community in which all members take responsibility for developing and executing a communal learning agenda throughout the year. Through travel, study, and dialogue (among themselves and with others), the Dorot Learning Community seeks to assist Fellows with their personal learning goals, so as to develop a sophisticated understanding of Israeli society, and to address both the breadth and depth of issues critical to Jewish communal leadership.

Upon their return from Israel, Fellows participate in the Dorot Fellowship Network, an ever-growing cadre of innovators, reformers, creative artists, organizers and activists who are working together to enliven the American Jewish landscape.


The DFI values a variety of models of leadership (reform, innovation, and [cultural] creation) and seeks candidates who are active in conventional, as well as unconventional, forms of civic and Jewish engagement.

The DFI seeks candidates who are committed to improving their capacity to exercise the leadership required to create new forms, and reinvigorate existing forms, of Jewish expression. Though a deep understanding of Judaism and Israel is critical for effective North American Jewish Leadership and indeed is a central goal of the Fellowship, the DFI is not best suited to those who are primarily seeking to explore their relationship to either. Those who are interested in primarily learning about Judaism and/or Israel should visit http://www.masaisrael.org/find-program.


The DFI is open to American/Canadian Jews between the ages of 22-29. (To be eligible, one must be 22, but not yet 30 prior to August 1st of the fellowship year.) Successful candidates exhibit the maturity and life experience to be able to make the best use of the Fellowship to refine, rather than construct, their individual identity. Please note that the DFI will not make exceptions to this or other eligibility requirements.


Non-American/Non-Canadian citizens may be eligible for the DFI — with prior approval of the DFI Director. Candidates must be/have been residents of the US, having graduated from an American high school, and must intend to reside permanently in the US. Non-American/Non-Canadian citizens interested in receiving approval for application should contact stevej@dorot.org.


The DFI is designed for the future Jewish lay leader, one who has neither received nor intends to receive formal training in any other Jewish professional preparatory program (e.g., rabbinical school, Jewish communal service programs).


As the purpose of the Dorot Fellowship relates to the American Jewish landscape, candidates who do not intend to reside in North America are not eligible.


The Fellowship does not require that candidates have previous experience in Israel, knowledge of Hebrew, or a particular affiliation with any denomination or movement.


You can start a new application or work on your existing application at dorot.fluidreview.com.

To learn more about the application process, visit the DFI Application Process page.

To see a summary of the questions asked on the application, visit the DFI Application Summary page.

Due to technical difficulties with FluidReview, the DFI application deadline has been extended to January 22, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. If you submit your application after the deadline, the Foundation does not guarantee that your application will be considered. 

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