14 Dorm Headboard Ideas That Will Make Your Bed Look Way Better

Dorm Headboard

A headboard can significantly impact your dorm’s decor, regardless of size. It can emphasize and fill the space in a large dorm room. In a small dorm, it makes the sleeping area feel extra special without taking up valuable square footage.

We understand you want a good amount of free space in your room—we all do. That’s why we have written this article to help you.

In this article, we’ve gathered 15 incredible dorm headboard ideas that will instantly elevate the look of your bed and make your dorm room the envy of your classmates.

What Is A Headboard?

A headboard is a piece of furniture attached to a bed’s head. It is positioned vertically against the wall or the back of the bed frame and serves both functional and decorative purposes.

The main function of a headboard is to provide support, stability, and a barrier between the bed and the wall. It helps prevent pillows from slipping behind the bed and provides a comfortable surface for leaning against while sitting in bed.

Headboards come in various styles, materials, and sizes to suit aesthetic preferences and bed designs. They can be made from wood, metal, upholstered fabric, leather, or a combination of materials. Some headboards are simple and minimalist, while others feature intricate designs, carvings, or decorative elements such as buttons or tufting.

In addition to their functional role, headboards also serve as a focal point in bedroom decor, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall style and ambience of the room.

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Why Do I Need Headboards For My Dorm?

A headboard has many practical uses as well as personal ones. It will protect your wall from wear and tear — which is especially important in college because universities typically bill students if they damage their dorm room in any way. A headboard will protect your wall and keep this from happening.

A headboard will keep your pillow in place and prevent it from falling off the bed at night. It will also make sitting up in bed more comfortable, as you will have a comfortable backrest instead of drywall.

Here are six reasons why using a headboard in your dorm may benefit you:

1. It provides head and back support

You don’t merely sleep in your bed. Most students read in bed, complete tasks, check social media, etc. If this describes you, a headboard might be useful to make it easier to sit comfortably in bed for extended periods. Your spine will appreciate it.

2. Can Keep the Cold Away

A headboard will keep your room warmer if you get the chills at night by adding insulation between you and the wall. Headboards were once used to keep people warm as they slept.

Your dorm room’s temperature plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep, with the ideal sleeping temperature being between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If your bed is close to a wall with poor insulation, a headboard can provide the extra insulation to keep the cold away. 

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3. Can Prevent Wall Damage

If you put your bed against a wall on move-out day, you can be in for a nasty surprise. As you turn and toss, the corners and sides of your bed may scrape against the wall, peeling paint. Your body’s oil and sweat can also come into contact with the wall, causing the finish to become dusty and stained.

A headboard will be a barrier to avoid any harm from the touch between your bed and the wall.

4. Can Keep Pillows Secure

If you don’t have a headboard, you might be familiar with waking up in the middle of the night to discover that your pillow has vanished. A headboard would have helped prevent the pillow from falling between your bed and the wall.

Along with having a headboard, picking the ideal pillow for your bed might help you avoid this problem and have a better night’s sleep.

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5. Elevates Your Bedroom Decor

A headboard can be a central piece of your dorm room’s decor. Headboards come in many different materials and designs, and the right one can create a lovely backdrop — making your bed stand out from your wall in more ways than one. 

When selecting a headboard, remember that certain hues might improve or impair your sleep. For instance, beige can be cosy and tranquil, whereas blue might encourage quiet and serenity.

14 Dorm Headboard Ideas That Will Make Your Bed Look Better

Here are 14 dorm headboard ideas to make your bed look much better;

  • Rustic Multi-Colored Wood Headboard
  • Simple Grey Fabric Headboard
  • White Tufted Headboard
  • Square White Headboard
  • Faux Headboard Tapestry
  • Customized Wooden Headboard
  • Bookshelf Headboard
  • Navy Headboard
  • Boho Headboard
  • Velvet Tufted Headboard
  • Pink Velvet Headboard
  • Glam White Headboard
  • Cheetah Print Headboard
  • Opal Tufted Metallic Cushioned Headboard

1. Rustic Multi-Colored Wood Headboard

dorm headboard diy

A multi-colored rustic headboard will look amazing in your dorm. To achieve this, gather some wood panels from Home Depot or Lowes, stain them, nail them together, and have a super cute rustic headboard from your dorm!

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2. Simple Grey Fabric Headboard

dorm headboard ideas

A simple grey fabric headboard is a great way to decorate your dorm. These are relatively cheap and will make your room look beautiful.

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3. White Tufted Headboard

dorm headboard

This one is for all the elegant ladies out there… A white tufted headboard is a masterpiece and looks good in any dorm. This will also match any dorm decor you desire.

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4. Square White Headboard

This headboard resembles the white tufted headboard since it may be used with any other decor. However, the smooth square cloth gives it a more classy and refined look.

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5. Faux Headboard Tapestry

Bed in a modern bedroom in brown and blue tones

This brilliant tapestry gives you just what you need in a fun, kitschy way if you want the appearance of a headboard. It is the most straightforward update for a dorm room—hang it behind your bed.

6. Customized Wooden Headboard

You can consider making a wooden headboard for your bed. After crafting the wooden headboard, you can add a cute letter for a customized element to your dorm.

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7. Bookshelf Headboard

dorm headboard

A headboard with shelves creates greater storage space and allows for more decorations. Make your dorm bed feel more comfortable by adding delightful baskets to your shelf for storing little objects.

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8. Navy Headboard

dorm headboard

A navy headboard can be a stylish and versatile choice for your bedroom decor. The deep blue hue adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room, while also providing a bold pop of color. Navy is a classic color that pairs well with a variety of other colors, making it easy to coordinate with different bedding and decor styles.

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9. Boho Headboard

This headboard is ideal for your dorm room if you want to give it a more bohemian feel. It combines simplicity and elegance.

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10. Velvet Tufted Headboard

A velvet headboard will be comfy and add texture to your dorm room.

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11. Pink Velvet Headboard

This is the ideal headboard for your dorm room if you desire the coziness of velvet but also want to add some color!

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12. Glam White Headboard

dorm headboards

White headboards will bring together any dorm room, and this one adds a little extra sparkle that will surely look great in your dorm!

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13. Cheetah Print Headboard

Cheetah headboards are a little less common than all the rest, but this will make your dorm room stand out! This headboard would be perfect for an abstract retro-style dorm. 

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14. Opal Tufted Metallic Cushioned Headboard

The Opal Tufted Metallic Cushioned Headboard is a stylish and luxurious addition to any bedroom. The tufted design adds a touch of elegance, while the metallic finish gives it a modern and sophisticated look. Not only does it provide a comfortable backrest for reading or watching TV in bed, but it also adds a touch of glamour to your bedroom decor.

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Can I Make My Headboard?

Whether you enjoy simple craft projects or have construction expertise, you can make your unique headboard. Don’t be alarmed by the name.

Some DIY headboards don’t even have any boards. Without carpentry skills, a headboard-like effect can be achieved with wall art, room dividers, fabric wall hangings, and even wall decals.

Have we yet motivated you to create a DIY headboard that results in an incredibly cozy bedroom? Search the internet for DIY headboard ideas, look over the instructions, and pick the one that best suits your dorm room’s style, size, and ability level (or guest bedroom). Everyone can find something here.

FAQs On Headboard Ideas

What is a headboard?

A headboard is a decorative panel or board positioned at the head of a bed. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, it provides a barrier between the bed and the wall, preventing pillows from falling off and providing support while sitting up.

Can I make my headboard?

Absolutely! Making your headboard can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. You can use various materials such as reclaimed wood, fabric, or even repurposed items like old doors or shutters.

How can I make a small bedroom appear larger with a headboard?

If you have a small bedroom and want to create the illusion of more space, there are a few tricks you can try with your headboard. Opt for a lighter color headboard to make the room feel brighter and more open. Choose a minimalist design that doesn’t overpower the space visually.


The dorm headboard is not just a piece of furniture but a versatile and functional addition to any college student’s living space. It offers both style and practicality, serving as a comfortable spot for studying, relaxing, or simply adding a touch of personality to the room.

With various design options available, students can easily find a headboard that suits their taste and budget. Again, I can tell you that by investing in a dorm headboard, you can transform your drab dorm rooms into cozy and inviting spaces that feel like home.


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