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The Institution of Engineering and Technology is glad to announce its IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and post graduate engineering students .

IET Awards reward and celebrate excellence and support emerging talent through a programme of undergraduate and postgraduate engineering scholarships.

From launch, the Diamond Jubilee Scholarships have been a big hit and the IET is working hard to ensure this important future talent gets the most from being involved with the IET.

Two million pounds was invested into some of the brightest and best students of their generation to try and address the looming skills shortage and develop future, business and technical leaders for the UK industry.

In 2013, 528 students were awarded a Diamond Jubilee scholarship. They receive £1000 for each year of their university course up to a max of £4000 for a MEng.

How much are the scholarships worth?

  • Three winners will each receive a Charles Belling Diamond Jubilee Scholarship worth £3,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
  • Ten winners will each receive an IET Great Exhibition Scholarship supported by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 worth £1,500 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
  • One winner will receive an IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supported by the Janet Firmin Memorial Fund worth £1,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years)
  • Two winners will each receive an IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supported by Siemens worth £1,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
  • Five winners will each receive an IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supported by Thales worth £1,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
  • Approximately 27 winners will each received an IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship worth £1,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).



The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution. The IET was formed in 2006 from two separate institutions: the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), dating back to 1871, and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE) dating back to 1884. Its worldwide membership is currently in excess of 167,000. The IET’s main offices are in Savoy Place in London, England and at Michael Faraday House in Stevenage, England.


In the United Kingdom, the IET has the authority to establish professional registration for the titles of Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician, and ICT Technician, as a licensed member institution of the Engineering Council.

The IET is registered as a charity in England and Wales, and in Scotland.

The IET is governed by the President, the CEO, and Board of Trustees . The IET Council,  on the other hand, serves as the advisory and consultative body, representing views of the members at large and offering advice to the Board of Trustees. Since founding the IET, several prominent engineers have served as its President .


Coming to the end of your apprenticeship or studies? Upgrade your IET membership for free and start using the designatory letters MIET or TMIET.

Young professionalsOn completion of your apprenticeship or college/university course you are entitled to a free IET membership upgrade, allowing you to add the all-important designatory letters MIET or TMIET to the end of your name.

What you need to do to become MIET or TMIET – for free

When your course finishes, your membership category is automatically transferred to Associate, but by simply filling out a form and sending it in you can become an IET Member with designatory letters (MIET or TMIET) at no extra cost. Alternatively go to and apply to transfer online.

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Supporting your early career

The IET’s stamp of approval can help your CV stand out from the crowd and demonstrate professionalism and commitment to your career development, so be sure to get your free membership upgrade now!

From apprentice to technician

IET apprentices are able to apply for professional registration as an EngTech or ICTTech at the end of their scheme. Once obtained, you’re automatically given TMIET status.

Available to those who’ve completed an apprenticeship within the last four years, Technician Signature is a tailored IET membership package that can help technicians with their professional development and deliver specific support.

Amongst other things, it helps builds essential knowledge, supports professional development and offers members a personal mentoring service. At a reduced IET membership fee of £60 a year, it’s an opportunity young technicians don’t want to miss.

Students – gain the IET Graduate Advantage

Available to final year students and graduates within the first year of graduation, Graduate Advantage is a tailored package of benefits designed by the IET to showcase your achievements, raise your professional profile and deliver specific support – giving you a head start in your career.

Easing your transition from graduation to employment, it builds essential knowledge, provides study tips, CV advice, job searching and introductory materials. At a discounted IET membership fee of £20 a year, it’s an opportunity young engineers don’t want to miss.

WHAT YOU NEED KNOW ABOUT IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Approximately 48 scholarships will be available, of at least £1,000 per year, for up to three years for Bachelors and four years for MEng, to students who are about to start an IET accredited degree course in autumn 2018.


This scholarship is available to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in any field of study.


The scholarship s to be taken in United Kingdom(U.k)


The scholarship is open to U.K nationals and international students ho meets up with the criteria listed below.

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  • Winners will receive free membership of the IET for the duration of their course, if not already received as an IET Academic Partner with their University;
  • Professional Development support;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • A chance to be an ambassador for the IET and inspiring young people to pursue STEM careers.

Who is eligible For The IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships In UK?

The scholarships are for individuals who;

  • Either achieve;
      • 3 ‘A’s at A Level
      • 3 ‘A’ grade Advanced Highers
      • 5 ‘A’ grade Highers
      • International Baccalaureate Diploma at 36 points or above
  • Diamond Jubilee Scholarships are for UK residents only.
  • Must be about to commence studying in Autumn 2018, on an undergraduate degree programme in the UK which has been accredited by the IET.

Before making your application, check the list of CEng and IEng accredited programmes to make sure that your degree course in the UK is accredited by the IET. If your degree course is not accredited by the IET, you will not be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

  • Please do not apply if you intend to study Civil, Chemical or Structural Engineering, unless your degree course is IET accredited.

How to apply for the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships In UK

  • Complete the online application form using the link below.
  • You can apply for a scholarship at any time until 23 August 2018.
  • UCAS results and examination results must be uploaded to applications and fully submitted by 23 August 2018.
  • Changes to your application form can be made at any time up until the deadline.

click here : Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Application Links

Diamond Jubilee Scholarship 2018 Key dates

30 June 2018As much of the application completed as possible.
23 August 2018UCAS and examination results uploaded to applications and fully submitted.
September to October 2018The IET and donors shortlist applicants.
October/November 2018 (TBC)Interviews, if shortlisted for Charles Belling or IET Great Exhibition Scholarships supported by Royal Commission of 1851.
December 2018All applicants informed of decision.
January 2019First payment to successful applicants.


BONUS !!!   

How are the winners chosen?

Your entry will be assessed on the following:

  • The quality of your application;
  • Commitment to engineering;
  • Achievements and academic progress;
  • External activity, for example volunteering, STEM promotion or work experience.


IET Diamond Jubilee scholarships are funded and assessed by the IET, charitable foundations and engineering companies.

Below is a list of donors who are supporting current scholars.

To date Belling Charitable Settlement, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Siemens and Thales have confirmed they are supporting new scholarships for 2018.

Click on the links to find out more:

Please note: If you have a IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supported by an engineering company, you cannot hold another company-sponsored scholarship such as IET Power Academy, E3 Academy, UKESF, GCHQ and BP. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions on a scholarship you hold.




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