Deadline Extended: The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security 2017. US$50,000


The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security 2017. US$50,000

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Applications for the 2nd edition of the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security are invited from  research projects in plant science, soil science, nutritional science, agricultural sciences or other field of scientific research impacting food security, focused on any part of the agricultural supply chain.


Eligible Fields: Research projects in plant science, soil science, nutritional science, agricultural sciences or other field of scientific research impacting food security will be considered for the Prize.

About the Award: In 2014, the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security was launched in partnership with international scientific organisation, Agropolis Fondation.

The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security w ill be made to a research project in recognition of an outstanding innovation for its achieved or potential impact on food security. Olam defines food security as the 4 As: the Availability, Affordability, Accessibility and Adequacy of food. The Prize is intended to help take existing research project to the next phase of development or to scale up innovations with a practical application that will enhance global food security.

The Olam Prize is judged and awarded in conjunction with Agropolis Fondation’s Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Agriculture and Food, which recognises individuals for their contribution to research, development and capacity building to improve sustainability of food and agricultural systems, food security and poverty reduction.

Type: Contest


  • Application is open to all stakeholders from an academic or research organization (private or public), a civil society organization (e.g., NGOs, farmers organizations), or the private sector (e.g., small/medium enterprises).
  • The research can be based anywhere in the world, and can be focussed on innovation for food security in developed and/or developing countries.
  • The research project must be ongoing, and have enough evidence of achieved or potential impact to fulfil the judging criteria
  • Research into the genetic modification of organisms is not eligible for the Prize.
  • Olam employees are not eligible for the Prize.

Application Deadline: 12th January 2017

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: All

Selection Criteria: 

The jury for the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security will also be judging the Agropolis – Louis Malassis Prizes.
The Chairman of the Board of Agropolis Fondation appoints jury members. The independent jury is composed of internationally recognised individuals acclaimed for their contribution to agriculture and food as well as knowledge of international issues confronting the sector.
The Applications are judged on merit against the evaluation criteria provided, and there will be no positive or negative discrimination based on gender, race, background or nationality.
The jury deliberates and collaboratively selects the winner of each category. It has no obligation to justify or defend its choice. Its decision is final and irrevocable.
Members of the jury and all persons with access to the submitted Application Forms commit themselves in keeping any information provided confidential.
Members of the jury agree not to disclose the results of their deliberation prior to the announcement of the winners.
Marketing and communications for winning and shortlisted projects
By entering the Olam Prize, you agree to being included in marketing and communications materials should you reach the short list.
Shortlisted projects will have the opportunity to write a short blog to be featured on the Olam website and media partner’s site, subject to editorial review.
The winner of the Prize is required to provide a quote for inclusion in a press release, and may be asked to speak to the media about their project and the Olam Prize
The winner is required to submit a progress report of their research project 12 months after receiving the award, a summary of which may be published on Olam’s website (confidential details will be excluded and the copy will be approved by the winner).
Conditions and payment of the Prize
The Prize will be made in one payment on acceptance of the Prize to the institution overseeing the research project, as specified on the Application Form.
A representative of the winning research project is required to accept the Prize in person at the Award Ceremony. The organisers will c over the costs of transport and accommodation for one representative to attend the Award Ceremony.
The organisers reserve the right to not award the Prize if it is deemed by the jury that there are no suitable applications of a high enough standard.

Value of Contest: The winner of the Prize will receive US$50,000 (including VAT where applicable) which is to be spent unrestrictedly on furthering the research project and/or scaling up its impact.

How to Apply: Apply here

Please check further eligibility criteria (in link below) before submitting a proposal.

Visit Contest Webpage for details

Award Provider: Olam Protection Status



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