Cranfield School of Management Alumni Scholarship for Outstanding New Zealand MBA Students


The New Zealand alumni of Cranfield School of Management, in conjunction with the School,  is inviting application for Cranfield New Zealand Alumni Scholarship for outstanding New Zealand MBA candidates.

The Cranfield New Zealand Alumni Scholarship is open to New Zealand students both at home in New Zealand or living in any part of the world, and international students with permanent residency in New Zealand.

– The award is open to any New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
– Applicants of any academic work or background are welcome to apply as long as they meet the requirements for entry onto the Cranfield MBA course.
– New Zealanders currently based overseas are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
There is no age limit: the average age of participants on the current MBA programme is 31, although ages range from 25 to 44.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
The successful scholar will be required to return to New Zealand within a ‘reasonable’ period after completion of the MBA.
This does not necessarily mean immediate, although the intention is that the scholar’s future plans will include sharing the benefit of his/her MBA study in New Zealand.

Eligible Groups: All citizens of New Zealand can apply
Study Institution: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Fields of Study: Full time masters level study in Business Administration (MBA) courses
Number of Awards: Varies per year. Not specified by the provider
Sponsorship Duration: This scholarship will last the whole duration of the masters program – one Year

Additional scholarship for Maori:
As well as the full-fee scholarship open to everyone, there are two addtional part-fee scholarships reserved exclusively for Maori.

Scholarship Benefits:
The scholarship is worth approximately NZD$75,000 and covers full tuition fees, travel costs, and a $10,000 contribution towards living expenses.

How To Apply:
There is a parallel application process – application for entry onto the MBA course and application for the scholarship. For application onto the MBA, candidates will need to take GMAT or the Cranfield Admission Tests. Candidates intending to, or who have already taken GMAT, will need to submit their MBA application via the Cranfield MBA website. Therefore, applicants must first apply for entry onto the Cranfield MBA course and, once accepted, can then apply for the scholarship.

All applicants for the scholarship will need to submit a separate application by 29 May 2017.

For further information about the scholarship application process, visit the Official Website. Protection Status



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