Comprehensive Guide to Get a Master’s Degree At Stockholm University, Sweden


Comprehensive Guide to Get a Master’s Degree At Stockholm University, Sweden

Founded in 1878, Stockholm University is one of the largest universities in Sweden and arguably the largest University located in the capital.

It is one of the most popular destinations for international students for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

1. Equality and diversity is an important part of Swedish society no matter your country of origin

2. Almost everybody in Sweden in bilingual; though Swedish is the national language, English is also spoken by the citizens.

As a result, all courses in the university are taught in English. However, if you wish, you can take time to learn to local language.

3. Stockholm is clean and safe with a high standard of living

4. International students are allowed to work without any limit to the number of hours.

Student cost of living in Stockholm

The cost of living for students of Stockholm University depends largely on lifestyle. The location is not really a factor as the University is based close to the city center.

The Swedish currency is known as the Krona (SEK). About 8.5 SEK would get you 1 USD.

On the average, a monthly budget of about SEK 8,000 would be enough for the average student. Below is the cost of some specific items:

  • Food:                                                                  SEK 2,000
  • Accommodation:                                             SEK 3,750
  • Local travel:                                                      SEK 560
  • Telephone/internet:                                        SEK 300
  • Insurance, medical care and hygiene:         SEK 300
  • Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous:                     SEK 1,100

Courses and Programs

Stockholm University has 75 masters degree programs in the arts, sciences, humanities and technology fields in four faculties.

The programs are structured to meet the high standards of the Bologna process.

Admission requirements for master’s degree program

To gain admission to study  a Master’s program in Stockholm University, international students have to pass two eligibility requirements. These are:

General eligibility – this requirement applies to all masters program. Intending students must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher institution that is equivalent to at least 180 credits of the European credit transfer system.

Specific requirement – these are requirements that are specific to your program. It varies according to programs and departments.

English Requirements

Most programs require that a proof of English proficiency that is equivalent to English proficiency levels of Swedish upper secondary schools.

The accepted English tests are

IELTS – intending students must score an overall mark of 6.5. They must not score below 5.5 in any of the sections.

Scan an original copy of the IELTS score and send to Sweden’s University admissions web portal.

TOEFL iBT- note that TOEFL ITP is not accepted. A total score of at least 90 is needed to be eligible for admission. The written test score should be at least 20.

Your TOEFL test score should be sent directly from ETS, the organizers of the test

Final year bachelor’s degree students

In some cases, Stockholm University allows application from students who are yet to obtain a bachelor’s degree but are in the final year of their bachelor’s program.

To be considered for admission in such cases, you must be able to

  •  Present academic transcripts from your second year
  • Official letter from your university confirming you are likely to be awarded a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be obtained before the start of the Master’s program in Sweden.

How to apply and cost

All study abroad students coming to Stockholm University must apply online through the country’s central admission website.

After determining which program you wish to study and you meet the entry requirements, you can then head to the online admission portal fill the forms.

All the required documents to accompany your admission application should he submitted to the central admissions body. Stockholm University does not process admissions for international students directly.


Follow the instructions carefully and note what documents to submit and how to submit them.

If you have to submit additional documents outside those required by the country’s admission body, the department you applied to would give that information to you.

So, it is best to contact your department to see if there are additional documents needed.

Application fee

Students from EU countries, EEA, and Exchange students from all countries are not expected to pay any application fee.

Outside of those three categories, other students are expected to pay an application fee of SEK 900 per semester. This must be paid before the deadline indicated on the online application form.

Tuition fees

International students coming to Stockholm University are expected to pay tuition. However, students from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland are exempted from paying tuition.

That said, the tuition fee is dependent on the program you applied for. This information can be obtained from the department.

Generally though, tuition fees per year for international students are as follows

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law                          SEK90,000
  • Science                                                                                  SEK 140,000
  • Special courses                                                                    SEK 90,000 — SEK 140,000

Student Visa

Students from countries outside of the EU and EEA region planning to study for more than 3 months would need to apply for a residence permit to study at Stockholm University.

Since the application process is rather long, you must apply immediately you receive your admission letter.


The following are the requirements for a visa

  • Proof of enough funds to stay in Sweden. The minus about
    required is SEK 80,100 to cover ten months of stay
  • Letter of admission
  • Passport
  • Evidence of payment of tuition
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Online application fee of SEK 1,000

You can apply online or at the Swedish Embassy close to you. If your application is not successful your application fee would be returned to you. Protection Status



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