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Coins Grand Challenge 2019

Could your idea improve the construction industry or the built environment? The COINS Grand Challenge 2019 offers the opportunity to earn financial support, business support and more. Start your career with the construction industry solutions ltd challenge – win cash prizes, scholarships and more.

construction industry solutions ltd challenge

The aim of the construction industry solutions ltd challenge is to make the planet a better place by discovering entrepreneurs and innovative leaders with ideas that can improve the built environment. There are two categories: open competition and competition for students.

For those who are interested in open competition, you should have a realistic idea of ​​using new or emerging technologies to dramatically reduce costs, increase efficiency, or increase durability, quality, or conformity during construction or during construction of the year to improve. Life cycle built.

For those interested in the undergraduate competition, write an essay or video on the question, “Which new and emerging technologies will most impact companies over the coming years, and how could these technologies work?” be applied to the built environment? Whether during the construction or during the entire life cycle of the building? ¨

About the Sponsor: Construction Industry Solutions Ltd. (COINS)

Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) has been providing construction management software and services to the construction, engineering, home building and service sectors for more than 30 years. Our global team has accumulated over 4,000 man-years of unrivaled, incremental industry knowledge that we put at the service of our clients.

It offers commercial and engineering contractors with an integrated construction software platform to manage the project lifecycle; and solutions for speculative house builders and property developers.

More About the Coins Grand Challenge 2019

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Level/ Field of Study

The competitions focus on areas that address global challenges facing the construction industry.

  • Challenge 1 – New and Emerging Technologies
  • Challenge 2 – Leadership

Host Nationality

This global competition is organized by Construction Industry Solutions Ltd. (COINS) to support innovation in the construction sector.

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Eligible Nationality

Open to anyone with ideas for building improvement: cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved durability, safety, quality or compliance throughout the building cycle.

Aside from the Coins Grand Challenge 2019, there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Coins Grand Challenge Worth

For open competition: £5000 cash prizes, research and development finance, investment in your business and engagement with influential executives;

For the undergraduate competition: £3000 Win prizes and starts some of the biggest players in the industry.

Eligibility for the Coins Grand Challenge 2019

  • The candidate must clearly state how his idea will address the subject of the competition.
  • speak fluent English.
  • Be at least 18 years old on 1 September 2018.
  • Be able to attend the Grand Final in Manchester (United Kingdom) on 12 June 2019 necessarily can be applied to the construction industry.

How to Apply for Coins Grand Challenge 2019

  • For candidates in open competition: Describe your idea and its potential impact by answering a short set of detailed questions using the official online application form.
  • For undergraduate students: Submit your 800-word essay or 3-to-10-minute video using our online application form.


Further information can be found on the official website.

Coins Grand Challenge 2019 Application Deadline

Closing date is April 12, 2019

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APPLY NOW | Coins Grand Challenge 2019-2020 [UPDATED]

Could your idea improve the construction industry or the built environment? The COINS Grand Challenge 2019 offers the opportunity to earn financial support, business support and more.

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