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Cheapest Student Accommodation in Galway 2021 | How To Get One Quickly

The National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) is one of the best universities in Ireland. Because of its location, large numbers of students migrate yearly to study in this beautiful city. Thereby seeking cheap and affordable student accommodation.

This city has a total of four universities. Thus, making it difficult to get cheap student accommodation without the right guide.

Many students have to search for long periods of time before they see one. Even university residences receive more applications than they can handle. Hence, they place students on waiting lists prior to when there will be a room for them.

As a newbie, becoming stranded in a new city is not a fun ordeal. We have the resource to eliminate this threat and give you a smooth sail from home to another home.

Carefully read through this guide for practical ways to get a cheap student accommodation in Galway quickly.

How Easy Is it to get Student Accommodation in Galway?

Finding cheap student accommodation in Galway is relatively easy if you know the right way. However, thousands of students move to college without any idea on how to get accommodation in school.

Because they lack the right guide, they are left with the option to seek off-campus accommodation.

To crown it up, increasing demand skyrockets the price of the available off-campus accommodation.

So, if you are wondering if it is easy to get student accommodation in Galway, the answer is yes, it is easy to get accommodation following the tips we will list below.

Tips to Get Accommodation in Galway

Before we move on to the tips and procedures note this. Applying to the wrong real estate agents will only elongate your search. It is easy to get student accommodation when you search right.

Now, here are the tips to get student accommodation in Galway.

#1. Start Early

One of the reasons students often experience housing difficulties is because they start the search late.

As soon as you are writing your middle school final exams, start the search for accommodation.

Consequently, one would ask: how am I sure to be given admission? The answer is simple. You cannot be sure to get admission but you can start making efforts to get accommodation.

Start contacting final year college students who are also writing their final exams to retain their rooms after they graduate. This way, you have a secured room but don’t pay yet, in case you are denied admission.

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#2. Check College Accommodation

Most colleges have accomodation offices. Visit these offices to learn about the accommodations provided by the colleges.

Similarly, some also have advice to students searching for private rented accommodation.

For example, NUI’s accommodation and welfare office have a system of support and advice.

Equally, it is very common for first-year students to seek accommodation in school-owned housing facilities. Truth is, they are cheaper than the dedicated houses.

#3. Individual Sites

Platforms like daft, rent are very good when it comes to giving students information on available dedicated houses available. In the same vein, they show the price of the room and its type.

#4. Rent from Graduating Students

The easiest way to get cheap student accommodation in Galway is to rent a room from a graduating student.

The students will repay their rent after graduating. Afterwards, they accommodate a new student who will occupy their room when they are gone.

Although this may be illegal with many property owners, students usually maneouver since it is easy to get student accommodation this way.

#5. Consider Proximity

Galway is a fairly large city with thousands in population. It is necesssary to choose a residential location close to your school of study.

An area may have a relatively low cost but is very distant from your college or university.

This is one of the very important issues to sort out before renting either expensive or cheap student accommodation.

How Much is Student Accommodation in Galway?

The cost of student accommodation is dependent on the kind of accommodation the student seeks.

Firstly, the cost of on-campus student accommodation in Galway is around €5555 to €6945 per year. This is for a single, en-suite room.

Secondly, the cost of an off-campus may be slightly higher depending on the location and facilities available.

Types of Galway Student Accommodation

There are different types of student accommodations. They are student flats, apartments, studios, as well as a shared and en-suite room.

Actually, there is a shared room/apartment type.

This is where 2 or more students share a single room, washroom, kitchen, and other communal spaces.

Next is private or en-suite rooms. Every occupant gets to have a private bedroom and bathroom while the kitchen and living areas are shared.

Also, the studio apartment type. This is a self-contained unit with a bedroom and cooking space along with a private washroom. Two students may book a single studio together, subject to the policies of the accommodation provider.

Real Estate Agents that offer Cheap Student Accommodation

The following agencies provide affordable and cheap student accommodations. Any type of student accommodation that you desire in Galway, they will offer. They are listed below;

  • Costello Co
  • Shantalla Co
  • Terryland Co
  • Newcastle Co
  • Galway City Co 
  • Claddagh Co
  • Headford Road Co

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List of the Cheapest Student Accommodations in Galway Ireland

Below are the very cheapest student accommodation in Galway you can get here in Ireland. Check them out;

  • Amhra House
  • Glasan Student Village
  • Ros Geal University Residence
  • Goldcrest Village
  • Corrib Village
  • Cuirt na Rasai
  • Gort Na Coribe Holiday Village
  • Dunaras Self Catering Apartments
  • Kinlay Hostel

Let us talk about some of them.

#1 Kinlay Hostel

Located in Eyre Square, Galway has had over 20 years of experience in granting cheap and comfortable student accommodation.

Here are the services you stand to gain; free breakfast, wifi, iMacs, safety deposit boxes. Similarly, there is a large self-catering kitchen. It is also located within a walking distance from NUIG.

As a result, this cheap student studio accommodation in Galway costs from €100 upwards per week.

#2 Goldcrest Village and Corrib Village

These are student residencies owned by NUIG.

Hence, to live in this home away from home, you have to apply and pay before September. Remember that your accommodation period is from September to May.

Corrib has bed space for 764 students whereas Goldcrest has 429-bed space. There is 247 security. Also, there is a 247 wifi sponsored by a third party.

In Corrib, there are 3/4 bedroom apartments. They contain 4 or 5 students. Similarly, there is a 4 bedroom apartment with en-suite bedrooms. This accommodates 4 students.

The ensuite rooms are fully furnished.

Goldcrest has 4,5 and 6 bedroom apartments. These accommodate 4,5 and 6 students respectively.

#3 Amhra House

Amhra House is located in the heart of the city and is only 10 minutes walk to the university. It was built for students attending university in NUI.

In this residence, only 3 students share an apartment. All the students have their own dedicated study area and desk with a strong and high-speed internet connection.

In addition, you get facilities like washer and dryer machine for every apartment and a muti channel TV.

Lastly, the yearly rent for a single room is €4,875.00. While for twin rooms is €3,744.00.

#4 15 Newcastle rd Galway

A single bedroom ensuite is for €520 monthly. The occupants are females. In addition, the house will be available for 9 months.

The facilities available are; central heating, dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, and internet. It is an en-Suite Student Accommodation.

In summary, it is a propert rented by Newcastle, Co.

#5 Waterhouse Bowling Green, Galway City, Co.

This double bedroom apartment goes for €700 monthly.

It is strategically located near the famous Galway market place and a 10-minute walk from NUIG.

It has an inbuilt wardrobe, interiors already installed, dining/kitchen, electric heating. In addition, there is a microwave, washing machine, internet.

However, the wifi bills, electricity and bins are not included in this rent.

Scholarships for Housing in Galway

These are popular scholarships for Ireland students. They can otherwise be used to offset your rent. See them below;

FAQs on Student Accommodation

What is the best student accommodation in Galway?

Some of the best student accommodation in Galway are;

Amhra House NUI Galway Student Accommodation
Glasan Student Village
Ros Geal University Residence
Goldcrest Village
Corrib Village
Cuirt na Rasai
Gort Na Coribe Holiday Village
Dunaras Self Catering Apartments

How many universities are in Galway?

There are four universities in Galway. Students who seek accommodations attend either of the four.


We noticed that student accommodation had become an almost impossible task in Galway, Ireland, hence this post.

Read carefully the tips on how to get accommodation quickly and follow through. Likewise, affordability is key.

Therefore, check through our list of cheap student accommodation in Galway and make a choice. In summary, remember, you will need money for many activities in college, don’t spend all your budget on housing.


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