CBEFAA awards $55,850 in scholarships to Class of 2017


Of Recent, the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association (CBEFAA) held its annual “Celebrating Success” scholarship recognition reception, honoring 16 graduating seniors with $55,850 in scholarship awards.

Following is a listing of the students who received this year’s scholarships.

Danny Nanini Memorial Scholarship: Wylie Novak $300 and Katrina Sandoval $300

Somont Oil Scholarship:Laura LaTray $500, Seth Omsberg $500 and Tracer Walter $500

H.C. Davis Memorial Scholarship: Peter Hamilton Jr. $500

Miller Family Foundation Scholarship: Ashley McLean $500 and Katrina Sandoval $500

Gene Losing Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Thies $500

Lillian Larson Memorial Scholarship: Peter Hamilton Jr. $500

Dennis and Dixie RoseleipFamily EntreLeadership Scholarship: Jordan Whitford $500

Ken and Ruth Sammons Memorial Scholarship: David Taylor $500

CBEFAA Senior Scholar-ships– $500 each: Elizabeth Atkinson, Peter Hamilton Jr., Ashley McLean, Emma Pyette, Ashlyn Taylor, Katrina Sandoval, David Taylor, Sarah Thies, Marissa VandenBos, Jordan Whitford

CBEFAA Senior Scholar-ships –$250 each: Anyssa Roush, Reid Berkram, Macy Curtiss, Blaine Jansen, Laura LaTray, Wylie Novak, Seth Omsberg, Tracer Walter

Lucille Anderson Mem- orial Scholarship: Elizabeth Atkinson $1,000, Katrina Sandoval $1,000 and Ashlyn Taylor $1,000

Mary Catherine Burke Memorial Scholarship ($14,000 over five years and recipient must go to Carroll College): Emma Pyette

Elma and David Epstein Memorial: Reid Berkram $1,000 and Sarah Thies $1,000

Ray Maier Memorial Community Service Scholarship: Elizabeth Atkinson $1,000 and Marissa VandenBos $1,000

Barb Coen Cain Memorial Excellence and Loyalty Scholarship: Wylie Novak $500

J.V. Montalban Memorial Scholarship: Tracer Walter $500

Golden Triangle Racing Association Scholarship: Anyssa Roush $500

Jack and Margaret Tweedy Memorial Scholarship: Ashley McLean $1,000, David Taylor $1,000 and Jordan Whitford $1,000

R. Paul Kleinsmith Memorial Community Service Scholarship: Emma Pyette $1,000 and Ashlyn Taylor $1,000

Cut Bank Masonic Foundation Scholarship: Reid Berkram $500, Ashley McLean $500, Seth Omsberg $500, Tracer Walter $500

Cut Bank Masonic Foundation Scholarship: Emma Pyette $1,000 and Macy Curtiss $1,000

Cut Bank Masonic Foundation Scholarship: Marissa VandenBos $3,000 and Sarah Thies $3,000

ACT Scholarship (22-27)–$250 each: Elizabeth Atkinson, Macy Curtiss, Peter Hamilton Jr.,Wylie Novak, Emma Pyette, Katrina Sandoval, Marissa VandenBos

ACT Scholarship (28 and Above)– $500 each: Ashley McLean, David Taylor, Sarah Thies, Jordan Whitford and Ashlyn Taylor

Charles and Gladys Billman Memorial Scholarship: David Taylor $1,500

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