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Want to study in Earth’s largest and most populous continent, Asia? Whether you’re a student from the western world’ looking for somewhere different, or from an Asian country yourself, the region offers something for everyone.

The world scholarship forum team have gone round to put together these list of scholarships to be able to help you finance your study to any level. Majorly these scholarships are fully funded and some of them are partially funded.

With so many possibilities, you may be wondering which study destination is the right one for you.

study abroad scholarships Asia

A growing number of international students, both from within the region and further afield, are choosing to study in Asia. The continent’s economic and population booms have been accompanied by rapid growth in the higher education sector, leading to ever-more attractive options for prospective students.

Established education powerhouses like Japan and Hong Kong are seeing strong competition from more recently formed university hubs such as Singapore and South Korea – alongside, of course, the ever-increasing might of China. More top universities in Asia are to be found in Taiwan, Malaysia, and India, with further opportunities in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and beyond.

Start your own journey to study in Asia with our student-focused destination guides, listed below.

Here, you will find opportunities that will help finance study in Asia.

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