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Looking for short courses scholarships that can help beef up your C.V? well, The world scholarship forum team have gone round to put together these list of short courses scholarships to be able to help you finance your study to any level. Majorly these scholarships are fully funded and well, some of them are partially funded.

What are Short Courses?

What are short courses? Short courses is a great way to acquire new skills or to enhance (or refresh) your existing skills.
The course material is designed in such a way as to incorporate the theory behind the skill and the reasons why you need the skill. Courses are presented in such a way that students are easily able to relate to the content. The course content also contains numerous examples of how to apply the relevant skills in a practical environment.

What are Short Courses?

How long does a short course take?

The study duration of a short course does not usually exceed a few months. This should come as a great relief, especially to those who are nervous about studying. It is quite natural to be afraid of the unknown. Short courses, however, are not scary or daunting at all. The aim of this type, of course, is to transfer skills in an accessible and convenient manner – hence all the practical examples. There are no examinations to study for, and students will usually not be required to submit more than a few assignments.

What is the difference between a short course and a diploma?

There are a number of differences between short courses and diplomas. A diploma usually takes between one and three years to complete. Diploma courses are made up of various subjects or modules and may include components that do not interest you. You will generally be required to write examinations in order to obtain a diploma.

A short course, however, requires a less long-term commitment, as it should only take you a few months to complete. You will generally not be required to write any examinations.
There are various types of short courses on offer. Some are designed to assist you in your current job, whilst others are industry-specific and are aimed at people who would like to change careers or enter into new industries.
You can enroll for both short courses and diplomas through distance learning.

Where can I study?

Gone are the days where you were geographically limited to studying courses at institutions in your current town or city. You can study a short course from anywhere in the world. You do not need physical access to a school or college anymore.
You can now study via distance learning from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you struggle with the course material or need a little encouragement, friendly tutors and counselors will only be a phone call or e-mail away.

To view, a list of short courses offered by some renowned online schools. click on the links below.

more so, if you are scared of the fees, below are some short course scholarships available for you.

Why should I study a short course?

There are many reasons for choosing to study a short course:

  • You can become a better employee by acquiring new skills.
  • You can update or enhance your existing skills.
  • You can acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to change careers.
  • You can improve your CV by obtaining formal recognition for skills that you have gained through practical experience.
  • You can start with a short course in a particular subject to find out whether you have the aptitude for pursuing further studies in that field.

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