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With the wave of agriculture taking over the globe, Animal agriculturists/scientists are the ones that are in hot demand. A degree in the field will make you a specialist and so will you find a lucrative career in the ever expanding domain.

A lot of social, academic, research institutions and NGOs are making available these scholarships at various levels for nutrition students from all over the world.

Know about Animal Science

Animal science also referred to as Animal Agriculture is a branch of agriculture that provides basic training in the science and art of raising certain species of domesticated and non-domesticated animals for human consumption.

It involves the application of many aspects of biological Science, behavioral science, physical science, environmental science and agricultural engineering to produce food and companion animals that meet man nutritional, social, companionship and to some extent labor requirements.

Its knowledge encompasses animal breeding, feeding, care and management, and the processing of animals and their byproducts as gained through practical experience and research methods.

Professional education in animal science prepares students for career opportunities in areas such as animal breeding, food and fiber production, nutrition, animal agribusiness, animal behavior and welfare.

Courses in a typical Animal Science program may include genetics, microbiology, animal behavior, nutrition, physiology, and reproduction.

Courses in support areas, such as genetics, soils, agricultural economics and marketing, legal aspects, and the environment also are offered.

Constructively, a number of scholarships are stated here to help you pay for your education. Scholarships for Animal science majors are offered to the students of all countries at the levels of undergraduate, postgraduate and many more.

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Scholarships for Animal science students who are searching for scholarships in Animal science need to have a significant background in biology, Agricultural science chemistry, so that they will considered for the scholarship.

Individuals in the career of Animal science are well-paid depending on their area of specialization and it has lots of opportunities to work in that field.

In our site, many Animal science scholarships at various levels are available for you and we invite you to explore this opportunities and fulfill your dreams