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Studying in Lebanon can be an interesting experience for students as they seek for openings to study abroad tuition free due to the various challenging problems that besieged that nation since the 1980s.

Scholarships for Lebanese students to study abroad can offer unlimited opportunities for them.

Education in Lebanon

The Lebanese, along with the Palestinians, had one of the highest literacy rates in the Arab world. The rate was estimated at nearly to 80 percent in the mid-1980s, but like most other spheres of Lebanese life, communal and regional disparities existed. In general, Christians had a literacy rate twice that of Muslims.

Druzes followed with a literacy rate just above that of Sunnis. Shias had the lowest literacy rate among the religious communities.

The war adversely affected educational standards. Many private and public school buildings were occupied by displaced families and the state was unable to conduct official examinations on several occasions because of intense fighting.

Furthermore, the departure of most foreign teachers and professors, especially after 1984, contributed to the decline in the standards of academic institutions.

Admissions of unqualified students became a standard practice as a result of pressures brought by various militias on academic institutions.

More important, armed students reportedly often intimidated–and even killed–faculty members over disputes demanding undeserved higher grades.

Tuition fee in Lebanon

Tuition costs in Lebanon are on a per credit basis. Typically, students will pay $8,000 to $12,000 per academic year so as to acquire a minimum of 24 credits.

Below are the exhaustive list of Lebanon Scholarships which could provide you with profitable prospects that will help you support and achieve your academic pursuits in the country.

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In our site, many Lebanon scholarships at various levels are available for you and we invite you to explore this opportunities and fulfill your dreams


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