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Canada Undergrad Full Scholarship at McGill University for Gabonese Students

Scholarship Overview
  • The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program provides academically talented yet economically disadvantaged young people from Africa with access to quality university education. McGill is proud to be among the select group of global MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program partners selected based on academic excellence, nurturing environments, and programs relevant to growth sectors in Africa.

Host School

  • Study at McGill University
  • As Canada’s leading research-intensive University with more than 37,500 students from 150 countries in a bilingual, cosmopolitan city, McGill is an ideal partner of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.

Field(s) of Study

  • All undergrad programs
What does the scholarship cover?
The Scholarship will cover
  • tuition,
  • room and board,
  • books and supplies,
  • requisite travel and
  • stipends.

In addition, a specialized academic mentoring program will offer MasterCard Foundation Scholars academic support and ensure that a cohesive learning community is established.

How many scholarships are given?
  • The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill will welcome 13 students from Africa in its inaugural year in 2013-2014.
  • Over the next ten years, McGill will welcome 67 MasterCard Foundation Scholars at the undergraduate level and another 24 at the Master’s level, for a total of 91.
  • Unique to McGill, some of the Scholars will be from French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries and as such, will benefit from enhanced English as a Second Language instruction.
Which countries are targeted?
  • African Countries
  • A unique element of the McGill program is its accommodation of Francophone students. McGill will admit up to 45 per cent of undergraduate-level MasterCard Foundation Scholars from Francophone Africa; these Scholars will be supported by a specialized, in-depth program of English as a Second Language (ESL) training.
Am I Eligible to Apply?
  • You must qualify academically for admission to McGill University; please see Admissions Guide 2014-2015.
  • You must be a first-time applicant to university (transfer applicants are not eligible).
  • You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country. French-speaking applicants are welcome.
  • You must have an exceptional record of service and activity in your school and/or community.
  • You must have the potential for meaningful future service to your community as a leader engaged in dynamic local and global social change.
  • Your financial status must be in the lowest two quintiles of your country.
How do I Apply – Next Steps
If you are ready to apply, please follow the steps below and ensure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements detailed in the checklist.
  • START HERE – Application for Admission to McGill University – Special Procedure
  • Because applicants to The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program do not have to pay the $100 application fee, you must follow a special application procedure
  • The online application can be found at
  • Additional Documents for Application to The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program
  • Checklist of Documents and Forms for your Application
Closing Date:
  • The deadline for your application for admission to McGill University December 10 and all supporting documents must be received by December 10th. Protection Status



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