How You Can Avoid Getting Deported While Studying Abroad


How You Can Avoid Getting Deported While Studying Abroad

Getting deported while studying abroad can be a scary experience. I personally haven’t been in such rut but hearing tales of students and tourist left behind dark cells because their visa wasn’t valid have always cause me to shiver. You’re not a drug dealer quite alright, but the treatments usually received will make you look like one. The worst nightmare ever is getting a deported stamp on your visa but funny enough, people get deported everyday over an overlooked minor issue.

Let’s explore these minor issues that can get you deported while studying abroad.

  1. Pay attention to your immigration documents – one of the major reasons why people get deported on a daily bases is when they are in possession of the wrong documents. Check out for work permit, study permit and visa. Be sure they are still valid and be ready to renew or get back to your country when the validation date expires.


  1. Country’s pedestrian laws – It will be hilarious to tell your friends back home that you got deported simply because you don’t know how to cross the road. The pedestrian law in your country might be different from your host country and thats why you must acquaint yourself early with the needed informations.


  1. You HIV status – Ousp! Sorry. Your heart just skipped. Probably because you’re yet to know your status or the virus is already in you. Some countries are so strict when deporting HIV+ foreigners. Why do they do that? Is their entire populace free from the virus that they need no contamination? Anyway, be weary of countries like Israel, Taiwan, Egypt etc they are nightmares to HIV victims.


  1. Violation of immigration laws – Violating the immigration laws like dealing on hard drugs, participating in a fraudulent marriage or helping smuggle an individual illegal into the country might trigger your deportation. Abiding by the laws means, keeping yourself free from headaches.


  1. Firearm conviction – You can be deported for conviction of domestic violence, child abuse, stalking or child abandonment. Getting into fights and other forms of violence is enough to inscribe a deport stamp on your visa.


  1. For being to handsome – This is going to be hilarious indeed. Three gentlemen from UAE were ejected from the jenadrivah heritage and culture and sent back home simply because they are too handsome and female visitors could easily fall for them. So, when traveling to a country that’s easily intimidated by your physical beauty, try and disguise yourself to be the ugliest.


  1. For speeding – 1,258 expats were deported from Kuwait for traffic offences within one month. Using the road without a licence, ignoring the red light more than once or breaking the speed limit for more than 25 miles per hour is an enough reason to get deported.

Deportation is a nightmare many pray not to encounter. Is very embarrassing to get sent home over some minor issue that could have been prevented. Pay more attention to your host country and immigration laws to avoid violation of any law that gets you sent home.

Author: Excel Ajah

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